Arnold, New Ken problems

| Monday, July 7, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

I agree with Jim's Russell's assessment of the conditions on Constitution Boulevard (“Parking on sidewalks,” June 24). This is a long-standing issue.

Handicapped people should not have to use the street. Sidewalks are for — Duh! — walking.

He's correct that New Kensington and Arnold have ordinances against blocking sidewalks. Residents have garages, but there's so much junk in them there's no room for a car. Or the garages are dilapidated and owners don't rebuild or tear them down.

That would free up the streets. Has the code enforcement officer looked at these garages?

I see a lot of homes in Arnold with uncut grass and bushes. People buy houses, but don't do outside maintenance because they're lazy.

Lots of people maintain their properties because they want a nice neighborhood and a thriving community. But until more people want a good community, it will never happen.

We have many good landlords, but a lot don't screen tenants or are absentee landlords. Both cities have ordinances requiring landlords live within 10 miles or have a manager. Is there enforcement?

Also, re. the Rev. Steve Gabor's letter “Stop trashing Arnold” (June 20), about children getting an after-school snack at the Lighthouse Mission, but leaving and throwing away the wrappers on the streets: The kids need to sit down and eat, then throw their garbage away at the mission.

This is the parents' fault. These are lessons learned at home, but nobody is teaching these kids respect for other people or their property.

Melissa Charlton


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