Obama's VA

| Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

Without a strong military throughout our history, another country would have conquered the United States. But look at how our president has treated our military and our veterans.

What better way to set us up for a takeover than to weaken the military, which has kept us safe? Downsize, says Obama. Ruin the trust of those Americans who served this once-great country. That will occur by lowering the pensions of those who made the military their career and by letting veterans who need care die before seeing a VA doctor.

We've opened our borders wider for millions of illegal aliens to come here, keeping our border security so busy that terrorists and drugs enter undetected. Obama released five Taliban terrorists to again wreak havoc.

How many more Americans must pay the ultimate price? It was bad enough that Obama refused to protect our people in Benghazi, but now he's sending killers back into battle. Let's pray no Americans are killed by Obama's freed terrorists.

What has happened to Congress? After people get elected to Congress, they must have surgery to remove their guts after they arrive in Washington.

Why do we pay for a Congress that refuses to rein in this tyrant who does what he wants when he wants? We give billions to other countries, but don't do enough for the American people, especially our veterans.

I am still a proud American and a disabled veteran, but my trust and faith in Obama and Congress are sinking fast. God help us because he's all we have left? Am I still allowed to say God? Ask the tyrant.

Calvin Fatchet


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