Obama worthy of other titles

| Friday, Aug. 1, 2014, 8:57 p.m.

For some reason, many people fawn over what they say are the amazing things the Obama Administration has done. This, of course, disregards the Benghazi fiasco, the IRS scandal, the Fast and Furious gun deal, the lack of VA oversight or punishment for VA miscreants, the illegal immigration hemorrhage, the false promises regarding our health providers or premiums under ObamaCare, and other underwhelming “achievements.”

I think it only fitting we offer him more titles. How about “The Great Panderer,” who gives bread-and-circus handouts to the masses? (Approximately 52 percent of us pay taxes; close to Mitt Romney's 47 percent who don't.)

Or maybe “Fundraiser-in-Chief,“ who conducts political junkets while Ukraine and the Middle East are in turmoil? (He's done twice as many fundraisers as Bush.)

Maybe we should just call him “Nerobama,” combining him with the other leader who fiddled while the country burned.

Our European allies are lukewarm, we're alienating Israel, we have knee-jerk reactions to every crisis instead of being proactive, and foreign thugs — from Russian President Vladimir Putin to the ISIS terrorists — realize this administration is a paper tiger.

If this is the best that we can get, then I'll stay in the “Party of No” and the Democrat Kool-Aid drinkers can keep The Party of 0 (or is that, “zer-O?”)

Mark Fassio

Pendleton, Ky.

The writer is a former Leechburg resident.

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