Beware this Wolf I

| Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014, 9:00 p.m.

Does Pennsylvania need another redistributionist governor? According to The Associated Press new story “Wolf: Wealthy should pay more to cut school taxes” , Tom Wolf, Democrat candidate for governor, is that man.

He would increase the state income tax rate on the wealthy, whom he depicts as households with taxable incomes greater than $90,000, and exclude households with taxable incomes less than $70,000 — this to help the state assume 50 percent of the cost of the public school system vs. the current 33 percent. He would make mandatory a dollar-for-dollar reduction in property taxes for any increase in state funding.

Beware the Trojan Wolf; there may be unspoken consequences. As the state's percentage of funding the public school system grows, we can expect the state's role in the education of our children to expand. Local school boards would have less say.

Wolf also would impose higher taxes on the natural gas industry to help collect more money for the public schools. Before he curtails this job-creating industry, shouldn't he be looking for ways to reduce the cost of public education? Progressives' first thought always is to throw more money at a problem rather than seeking ways to reduce costs.

In the end, Wolf will advocate for a new flat percentage tax that will be higher than the current 3.07-percent income tax rate. As he stated, “I think people like me should pay more. I think people who are starting out, building a business, starting a family, should pay less.” I'm wondering: If he really believes he should pay more — is he?

Tim McGuire


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