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Nafari Vanaski is the news editor for the Bridgeville Area News, Signal Item and the South Hills Record. Her columns appear each Thursday in the Tribune-Review. Nafari Vanaski can be reached via e-mail or at 412-856-7400 x8669

Vanaski: City looks to leave ‘Gatsby’ days behind

By Nafari Vanaski
This one movie has been stuck in my head this week. It’s called, “Man of the Century.” It’s a comedy about a guy who is living in modern-day America (which is 1999 in this case), but he dresses and acts …

Vanaski: A question with no easy reply

By Nafari Vanaski
It wasn’t easy to find people who wanted to talk about immigration the other day. One conversation went a bit like this: I explained to a woman that I was trying to get a sense of how people feel …

Vanaski: Rocco deserves same respect human officer would receive

By Nafari Vanaski
In the battle of Toms for governor,incumbent Republican Tom Corbett’s stances on issues such as education reform, Marcellus shale drilling and taxes have made his first term something of a bumpy ride. In fact, Democratic challenger Tom Wolf is leading …

Vanaski: Stone wall up in South Fayette

By Nafari Vanaski
When it comes to the details of expanding school buildings, most of us are novices. But when it’s happening in your school district, you’d likely be interested in finding out what school board members have in mind, right? You’d probably …

Vanaski: PETA’s lettuce offered to aid city

By Nafari Vanaski
Of all the cities in this country, Pittsburgh would be one of the most difficult for PETA to gain a foothold. After its sports teams, Pittsburgh is known for Primanti’s. But at least give them credit for trying. People for …

Vanaski: It’s about the mark we leave

By Nafari Vanaski
This week, I’ve been thinking about how people you don’t know — or barely know — can affect your life in major ways. If it weren’t for Steve Jobs, I’d never have taken up running or most any other exercise, …

Vanaski: (The real) high point in city likes it low-key

By Nafari Vanaski
There aren’t any fancy restaurants up here.  No incline embedded into the hillside, either. There are none of those silver viewfinder machines that you find at scenic overlooks that cost a quarter. That’s probably good, though, because those things are …

Vanaski: Hold on to loved ones as vacation fun slips

By Nafari Vanaski
A vacation is supposed to be a time of mindless fun, a time to kick back and forget about work and all your troubles. Not this one. No, this one was heavy on life lessons. Here are three of the …

Vanaski: School lunches’ healthy food habit unlearned

By Nafari Vanaski
When I was pregnant with my second child, things kinda got a little out of control, appetite-wise. I was making clandestine stops at fast-food joints just because I got hungry on the way home. (Full disclosure: It was a five-minute …

Vanaski: August Wilson Center becomes money pit

By Nafari Vanaski
In the space of just four years, the August Wilson Center for African American Culture in Downtown Pittsburgh now owes various entities and people about $10 million. Oh, wait — tack an extra $78,215 on that. That would be the …

Vanaski: Pa. marriage license delay only slows some gay couples

By Nafari Vanaski
Lately, each time gay marriage becomes legal somewhere, you see couples on the court steps exchanging vows almost instantly on the news. That didn’t happen too much in Pennsylvania. That’s because gay couples trying to marry had to do something …

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