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The jobs picture, unfiltered & grim

By Ralph R. Reiland
Joe Biden last Tuesday declared that America’s jobs picture is outstanding. “Businesses are hiring at historic rates, with 52 consecutive months of net private sector job growth,” he stated. But Biden’s upbeat assessment isn’t backed up by the facts or …

‘Burrito’ logic at the border

By Ralph R. Reiland
Here’s a recent and supposedly racist message from the labor union that represents U.S. Border Patrol agents, as posted by the National Border Patrol Council: “New annual job rating areas: Babysitting, Diaper Changing, Burrito Wrapping, Cleaning cells. Law Enforcement? What’s …

A misfire in New Kensington

By Ralph R. Reiland
Regarding a recent incident in Westmoreland County, here’s the June 6 headline at Reason magazine’s blog: “First-Grader Finds Toy Gun, Turns It In, Gets Suspension.” Reason staff writer Robby Soave provided the details: “Pennsylvania first-grader Darin Simak brought a different …

Poor, poor Hillary

By Ralph R. Reiland
The shenanigans in our political establishment have been especially bizarre and devious in recent weeks, even more dysfunctional than the usual ineptness and self-serving crookedness that we’ve become accustomed to seeing in the nation’s three-ring government circus. Flailing around in …

Obama’s economic dogmatism

By Ralph R. Reiland 9:00 p.m.
In Commentary magazine, Peter Wehner, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, quotes Walter Russell Mead, a professor of humanities and foreign affairs at Bard College and the editor-at-large of The American Interest magazine, who provides a stinging …

Censorship & tyranny

By Ralph R. Reiland
“Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media,” warned MIT professor Noam Chomsky. Succinctly, and perhaps unintentionally, Joseph Stalin disclosed the danger to liberty of a subservient media. “Print,” he said, “is the sharpest and strongest …

Why Obamanomics earns an ‘F’

By Ralph R. Reiland
What’s President Obama’s record regarding economic growth during his five years in office, compared with the average growth rate in economic recoveries from U.S. recessions since the 1960s? Answer: GDP growth in the Obama recovery is half the growth rate …

Doctors caught in Leviathan’s maw

By Ralph R. Reiland
A surgeon declared war against health care’s central planners last week in The Wall Street Journal. “So when do we say damn the mandates and requirements from bureaucrats who are not in the healing profession?” asked Dr. Daniel F. Craviotto …

Affirmative action’s flawed logic

By Ralph R. Reiland
I always thought affirmative action programs should be based on income, not on ethnicity, gender or race. Maybe it’s because I’m an economist by trade, but it seems obvious to me that the most fair, effective and efficient way for …

Lever A-1: Pot-infused brownies

By Ralph R. Reiland
There’s a test run of a new vending machine in Colorado, designed to dole out marijuana. As the story was headlined in the April 15 Washington Post: “Pot vending machines come to Colorado.” On the same morning, ironically, an Associated …

A closer look at ‘Paycheck Fairness’

By Ralph R. Reiland
Here’s a headline from last week: “Senate Republicans vote to block Paycheck Fairness Act.” The quick and incorrect assumption is that Republicans are opposed to women getting equal pay for equal work. That’s exactly the type of interpretation sought by …

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