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Wars & the opioid epidemic

By Ralph R. Reiland
U.S. fatalities totaled 4,489 in Iraq, 2003 through 2014, an average of 408 fatalities per year. U.S. fatalities totaled 2,354 in Afghanistan, 2001 through 2014, an average of 181 fatalities per year. That’s a total of 6,843 U.S. deaths — 69 ...

Beyond the ‘glossy veneer’

By Ralph R. Reiland
Joan Didion is “possibly the best living American essayist and probably the most influential,” wrote New York magazine columnist Boris Kacha in his 2011 column on Didion’s work. “Reading Joan Didion on any subject is like tiptoeing across a just-frozen ...

Ferguson in black & white

By Ralph R. Reiland
The debate about the shooting of Michael Brown by police Officer Darren Wilson got heated on the Nov. 23 broadcast of NBC’s “Meet the Press” in an exchange between former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Michael Eric Dyson, ...

It’s still about the economy

By Ralph R. Reiland
“Job Growth, but No Raises” was the editorial headline in The New York Times on Nov. 8, four days after the midterm elections. For many voters, “No Raises” was a good-enough reason to take President Obama down a peg and ...

Yes, he is a Richman

By Ralph R. Reiland
Richie Richman is a name that perfectly describes the well-heeled financial position of Mr. Richman. It’s like the name that fit Tom Crapper, the man whom many credit with inventing the modern toilet. In fact, Mr. Crapper was a plumber ...

Boots in the face

By Ralph R. Reiland
What’s the perfect way for a government to indict itself, to show that people are being governed by a tyrannical regime that’s establishing the nightmarish society depicted in George Orwell’s “1984” — a nation where individualism and free thought ...

There she goes again

By Ralph R. Reiland
People are still debating the old riddle: “Does it make a sound if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it?” To settle that question, why not just put some dynamite at the base ...

Hackers, pot brownies & Putin

By Ralph R. Reiland
Not once in my life have I ever said to anyone, “You wanna smoke a bowl?” Still, I get information via emails on my computer about water bongs, vaporizers, smoking pipes and scales. With edibles, I get emails about pot brownies ...

A sinking sense of ‘security’

By Ralph R. Reiland
Rarely have we witnessed such a barrage of organizational failures that threaten the fundamental security of the United States. From Secret Service blunders to the botching of effective responses to the spread of Ebola and to the military advances of ...

What Obama didn’t say about the economy

By Ralph R. Reiland
In his speech the day before the federal government reported U.S. job growth was 248,000 in September, President Obama painted a picture that made the current state of the American economy look like the grand fireworks finale on the Fourth ...

The ‘fun’ in dysfunctional

By Ralph R. Reiland
Crazy can be funny. Oscar Levant was like that — nuts and comical — in a series of television appearances with Jack Paar. Jon Winokur, editor of “The Portable Curmudgeon,” says he became a connoisseur of curmudgeons in the early ’60s ...

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