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Salena Zito is a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review staff writer, a Trib editorial page columnist and host of Off Road Politics on TribLIVE radio. Salena Zito can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7879

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Gardner part of new conservative generation

By Salena Zito
WASHINGTON Cory Gardner is undeniably shaped by his family’s deep roots in Colorado’s Great Plains. Hundred-year-old photographs of the family business in the small town ...

Some in D.C. heedless of effect on others

By Salena Zito
WASHINGTON A homemade poster was attached to a crowded bulletin board in the Russell Senate Office Building: “For Sale, pre-owned 14K yellow gold solitaire, 1 carat marquise diamond with 6-prong setting ... .” It stood out not just because of ...

Extreme-left Dems pushing Middle America away

By Salena Zito
The unofficial death of the moderate American Democrat went largely unnoticed last week. Tim Ryan — a once-strident champion of the Rust Belt city of Youngstown, filled with moderate Catholic Democrats whose issues are still firmly pocketbook-based — penned an ...

Moderate Dem Manchin has decision to make

By Salena Zito
Joe Manchin is torn. The popular West Virginia Democrat, sitting in the U.S. Senate since 2010, said he genuinely wants to stay there — but only if real legislating can get done between majority Republicans and minority Democrats. If not, he ...

Iowa Dems waiting for Hillary

By Salena Zito
A brisk 18-minute walk down Locust Street to Woodland Avenue in Des Moines separated Tom Henderson this weekend from close to every size, shape, color and gender of Republican weighing a run for their party’s 2016 presidential nomination. The Iowa Freedom ...

Palmetto State no lock for any 2016 GOP hopeful

By Salena Zito
South Carolina has been where underdog Republican presidential candidacies die and front-runners begin to look toward November. The only asterisk to its 32-year streak of picking the eventual GOP nominee came in the whack-a-mole 2012 contest that placed former House ...

Webster brought unwanted divisiveness

By Salena Zito
WASHINGTON A young boy wearing a red polka-dot tie, his crisp blue shirt escaping his belted trousers from constant activity, found his way to the ...

Distrust fuels populist movement

By Salena Zito
The Washington political classes do not understand you. If you are a Democrat, they assume you’re a pure progressive. They take for granted that you consider climate change a religion, think immigration should be a free pass for everyone, support ...

Elizabeth Warren is no ‘populist’

By Salena Zito
Democrat Elizabeth Warren’s claim to being a Main Street populist is an abuse of the American populist narrative, not unlike the hijacking of the tea party following the 2010 elections. Yet that hasn’t stopped the freshman U.S. senator from Massachusetts ...

Love of history started friendship with Dick Scaife

By Salena Zito
I still miss him every day. Five months after holding his hand at his bedside on his birthday, hours before he died, Richard Mellon Scaife — Dick, as he insisted I call him — fills my thoughts. He always was more ...

Hardworking, small-town American exceptionalism

By Salena Zito
BEDFORD — Michael Corle’s exhausting work ethic, coupled with devotion to family and heritage, unites the edgy energy of the young with the values and traditions of rural ancestors. He’s a throwback to our entrepreneurial past, with a vision that ...

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