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Millennials, buy into homeownership

By Tom Purcell
Young Americans continue to put off homeownership, and that isn’t good for anyone. According to USA Today, homeownership for Americans age 35 and under declined to 36.2 percent in the first quarter of 2014, down from 36.8 percent in 2013. The ...

Needed: A better sense of humor

By Tom Purcell
Boy, does the world need a better sense of humor right about now. Humor, says Merriam-Webster, is “the ability to be funny or to be amused by things that are funny.” Humans are at their best when they are amused. Few things ...

Slippery slope indeed

By Tom Purcell
Ah, winter has arrived in all its glory, which means one thing: more sledding bans! According to The Associated Press, Dubuque, Iowa, has banned sledding at 48 of its 50 municipal parks. The reason: costly lawsuits. In one case, a 5-year-old girl ...

In praise of big families

By Tribune-Review
Pope Francis recently praised the benefits of big families — that a big family teaches children selflessness and sharing, which benefits the whole of society — and I couldn’t agree more. I was raised as an only boy with five sisters, ...

Thanks, North Korea

By Tom Purcell
Thank you, North Korea. Your alleged cyber attack on Sony has, I hope, awakened the American people. America is not doing so well, you see. Sure, we are No. 1 in self-esteem — we are No. 1 at being indignant about a ...

Healthy performance review

By Tom Purcell
“You’ve worked for us for 10 years, Johnson, but I’m not sure how to grade you during this year’s performance review.” “What are you talking about, boss? I doubled sales over the year before.” “Impressive, Johnson. But how often do you go ...

The downsides of living alone

By Tom Purcell
The number of Americans who choose to live alone continues to grow. So finds a recent Current Population Survey by the U.S. Census Bureau. According to The Washington Post, the survey found that “the proportion of Americans who live alone has ...

A 2014 ‘Gift of the Magi’

By Tom Purcell
A giant Manhattan penthouse and a summer home in the Hamptons. That was all. There was nothing Sabrina could do but plop onto her designer couch and cry. Christmas was a week away, but Sabrina didn’t have enough money to buy ...

TV’s Christmas miracle

By Tom Purcell
It’s amazing that the show almost was not broadcast. I speak of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” — a show that, for reasons I don’t understand, holds more power over me with every passing year. The show has a very simple premise: Too ...

Merci, America!

By Tom Purcell
Bonjour, America! Have you heard the good news? Under President Obama, the U.S. ranking for personal freedom has slipped below that of France! According to The Washington Examiner, the Legatum Institute just released its sixth edition of its Prosperity Index. It ...

I’ve been stupid, but not THAT stupid

By Tom Purcell
I’ve done my fair share of stupid things over my life. When I was 5, my father told me to stop jumping around the bathtub, but I ignored him. I slipped and hit my head on a ceramic soap dish, which ...

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