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Weak recovery has ‘staycations’ here to stay

By Tom Purcell
“I wanted to go to the beach, but the wife tells me we barely have the funds to go miniature golfing!” “Ah, yes, you speak of a common experience for many Americans in recent summers. According to a 2014 Google Trends ...

Americana on a bun

By Tom Purcell
It’s July, and we know what that means: time to celebrate the American hot dog. July is National Hot Dog Month, you see, a glorious month when the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council tells us about the history of the ...

How to rack up debt

By Tom Purcell
“Did you see that the federal government raked in record tax revenues so far this fiscal year? The country must be doing great!” “Ah, yes, you speak of the Monthly Treasury Statement which was recently released. It says that the federal ...

The consequences of short attention spans

By Tom Purcell
Get this: The average human being now has a shorter attention span than a goldfish. According to a new study from Microsoft Corp., reports Time, average people lose concentration after about 8 seconds, whereas the average goldfish doesn’t begin losing interest ...

Free-range parenting getting costly

By Tom Purcell
Ah, summer. We all know what that means for young children. If your kids are seen walking without adult supervision, somebody will call the cops, Child Protective Services will conduct an investigation and charges will be filed. That is what happened recently ...

Independence Day’s importance

By Tom Purcell 7:41 p.m.
“Beer, family gatherings and fireworks! Gosh, I love the Fourth of July!” “Ah, yes, you unwittingly illustrate a growing challenge with Independence Day: too many Americans are unaware of the holiday’s real importance.” “That there are also terrific mattress sales?” “A few years ...

Hairy women, hairless men

By Tom Purcell 7:41 p.m.
It’s a fashion trend that I don’t think I’ll ever get used to: More American women are letting their armpit hair grow. According to The Associated Press, “Women are proudly showing off their growth on Instagram and YouTube, and it’s not ...

Defaulting on personal responsibility

By Tom Purcell
Boy, was I dumb to pay back my college loans. That is the conclusion of writer Lee Siegel, who explained in a New York Times op-ed why he never paid back his. Siegel’s parents had limited means, you see, so, at 17, ...

The power of plain language

By Tom Purcell
“ObamaCare is being challenged at the Supreme Court again? What now?” “Ah, yes, you speak of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which the then-Democrat-controlled Congress passed on a party-line vote back in 2009. It’s been the subject of lots ...

Why conservatives’ graduation speeches are better

By Tom Purcell
Get this: Conservatives give better graduation speeches than their more liberal-minded counterparts. After reviewing two commencement-speech anthologies — “The World is Waiting For You,” which features 18 speeches by liberals, and “Remembering Who We Are,” which showcases 30 conservative speeches — ...

Journalism’s sorry state

By Tom Purcell
I don’t know why everyone is so up in arms that alleged newsman George Stephanopoulos donated $75,000 to a private foundation co-owned and operated by a woman who hopes to be president. Georgie has been a partisan pit-chihuahua his entire career. The ...

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