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Longing for Tax Freedom Day

By Tom Purcell
“I can’t believe it. The wife and I owe the IRS again!” “You mean you aren’t getting a refund this year like millions of working Americans?” “Refund? The wife and I run a small business. We are crushed by taxes. …

Privacy? Surely you jest!

By Tom Purcell
Ring. Ring. “Hello, this is Tom.” “We know who you are, Tom. In the digital age, you will be shocked by what we know about you.” “Who is this? The National Security Agency? I thought President Obama issued orders to …

Obama confesses

By Tom Purcell
“Pope Francis, I have never been to Catholic confession before, but I have a few things I have to get off my chest.” “Go on, Barack.” “Between you and me, pontiff, I can’t believe I am president. There I was, …

Presidential dialogue

By Tom Purcell
“You have been warned, Vladimir. If you don’t reverse your impending annexation of Crimea, you’re going to pay a steep price.” “Steep price, Obama? More silly personal sanctions placed on a handful of individuals, rather than sanctions on my energy …

Goverment advice on affording ObamaCare

By Tom Purcell
“Look, if you want ObamaCare, you are just going to have to make some better budgeting decisions.” “Budgeting decisions? I make $36,000 a year. The best deal I could find on ObamaCare, with subsidies, is $350 a month. That is …

Naming babies, then & now

By Tom Purcell
Get this: Old-fashioned baby names are beginning to make a comeback. That was the finding of BabyCenter, a digital resource for parenting and pregnancy, which released the top 100 baby names for 2013. Some of the names at the top …

Men, your love life needs a pickup (truck)

By Tom Purcell
There’s a reason why American men drive big pickup trucks: Women dig them. According to The Washington Free Beacon, a new poll by Insure, an independent consumer insurance website, found that women think attractive men are most likely to be …

A dieting cookie addict’s plea

By Tom Purcell
We must stop them. We must stop the millions of Girl Scouts who are, right this moment, preying on a helpless public, making us buy and consume calories we don’t need — at the rate of one or two rows …

Losing ourselves in snow & cold

By Tom Purcell
Let’s keep it together, people. I speak of the way we are responding to record snow and cold sweeping across vast regions of the country. People are cussing at snowplow drivers and each other. Panicked shoppers are fighting over toilet …

Discouraging work

By Tom Purcell
Get this: The government is incentivizing people to not work. So said the head of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office last week. CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf told lawmakers that millions of workers could either cut back their work hours or …

Wanted: Smaller, cozier houses

By Tom Purcell
Get this: Americans are getting sick of McMansions. So says The Wall Street Journal in a recent report. Americans are favoring more historic designs, such as the arts-and-crafts houses their grandparents once lived in, over gargantuan suburban houses. A new …

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