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Heavy Boston snow lightens Kerry’s wallet

By Tribune-Review
John Kerry has no trouble flying to Kiev for a diplomatic mission, but he apparently can’t make it to Kmart to buy a snow shovel. With his home city of Boston enduring historic snow accumulations this winter, the secretary of State ...

Book it! Rick’s back in town Feb. 12

By Tribune-Review
Consider it a homecoming of sorts. Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum , who once claimed to live in Penn Hills while actually residing in a $600,000 ...

What can you bring to Wolf’s inauguration? Not much

By Tribune-Review
If you’re going to Harrisburg for Tom Wolf’s inauguration as governor Tuesday, kindly leave your umbrella and incendiary devices at home. Bumbershoots and explosives are on ...

On card, Santa’s aim is true

By Tribune-Review
Don’t worry, baby Jesus. Santa Claus won’t let the terrorist get you. That’s the message of the original Christmas card sent this year by John M. ...

Never been to Argentina? No problem, Mr. Ambassador

By Tribune-Review
A career diplomat, he isn’t. But having helped raise $500,000 for President Obama ’s 2012 re-election campaign apparently was enough to get Noah Mamet an ambassadorship ...

‘Sleep in his own bed’ cost taxpayers $295K

By Tribune-Review
Taxpayers might not have chipped in for a gift for the happy couple, but they paid quite a bit for President Obama to attend a wedding in late August. According to documents released by Judicial Watch, a Washington, D.C.-based watchdog organization, ...

McConnell 1, Tinseltown 0

By Tribune-Review
It was a devastating loss for Hollywood. Though few movie stars or studio executives live in Kentucky, plenty of them donated money to Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes e_SSRq bid to unseat Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell. Led by DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey ...

Next time, Mr. Secretary,  use wife’s ‘pickle plane’

By Tribune-Review
If he wanted to get home quickly and conveniently, John Kerry should have just summoned Heiress Force One. The secretary of State drew headlines recently when he had to take a commercial flight home from Vienna because mechanical problems grounded ...

Luke tweets shot at mayor

By Tribune-Review
It’s disappointing that former Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl failed to follow up on his recent amusing indictment of current Mayor Bill Peduto on Twitter. As the Pirates were ending their season with a stomping ...

Pa. tops for campaign TV spending

By Tribune-Review
Weary of seeing campaign commercials every time you turn on the TV? You should be. Pennsylvania has the dubious distinction of leading the nation in spending on TV ads for candidates for state offices, the Center for Public Integrity reported. ...

Lights, Camera, action!

By Tribune-Review
The link between Pennsylvania politics and Grade-B horror movies is greater than first thought. Democrat gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf took heat last week for employing an ...

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