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Salena Zito is a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review staff writer, a Trib editorial page columnist and host of Off Road Politics on TribLIVE radio. Salena Zito can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7879

Off Road Politics connects Washington with Main Street hosted by Salena Zito and Lara Brown PhD. Exclusive radio show on @TribLIVE

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Team in place for possible Santorum run for White House

By Salena Zito
Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum may be inching closer to another run for president. Longtime adviser John Brabender said a team is in place if Santorum, ...

Approach race one person at a time

By Salena Zito
Carnisa Chatman still refers to her tomato sauce as “gravy,” never douses pasta with it (instead, she respects the Old World tradition of keeping the ...

Reflecting frustration, Webb eyes presidency

By Salena Zito
In late November 2005, legendary Democrat strategist Steve Jarding sat down with Jim Webb — author, filmmaker, decorated Vietnam veteran and former U.S. Navy secretary — to discuss a possible run for a U.S. Senate seat in Virginia against a ...

Former Va. Sen. Webb launches presidential exploratory committee

By Salena Zito
Former U.S. Sen. Jim Webb, a Virginia Democrat, became the potential presidential contender on Wednesday by announcing he would form an exploratory committee. Webb, 68, launched ...

Virginia results pose puzzle for parties

By Salena Zito
Election results are like the tiny pieces of a vast, intricate jigsaw puzzle depicting America’s landscape, complete with rolling farms, a railroad crossing, blocks of industry, homes and people — lots and lots of different people. Only the incredibly patient, ...

Wisconsin becomes 2016’s Ohio

By Salena Zito
In late summer, as national media reported that Republican Scott Walker would “finally” lose the Wisconsin governor’s mansion in November, a man and two women paraded through the state capital campus with homemade pro-union signs, warning Walker’s days in power ...

Republicans wrest control of United States Senate from Democrats

By Salena Zito and Tom Fontaine
CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Republicans seized control of the U.S. Senate for the first time in eight years, starting with a win Tuesday in West Virginia ...

Republican National Committee Chair Priebus praises GOP progress

By Salena Zito
The Nov. 4 election could test the work the Republican Party has done to change party culture and the mechanics of reaching out to voters ...

Pa. Congressional candidates hear about wide range of issues, concerns

By Salena Zito
People in Western Pennsylvania are talking to congressional candidates about national security, the economy and the politics of Obamacare as the November election draws near, ...

‘Soldier’s soldier’ Army Gen. Austin leads war on ISIS terrorists

By Salena Zito
For Army Gen. Lloyd Austin III, re-engaging terrorists in Iraq now hits close to home. One of the first military leaders into Iraq in 2003, ...

GOP leadership rooted in Badger State

By Salena Zito
SOMERS, Wis. They are Badgers, Brewers and Packers fans. More comfortable in jeans and boots than suits and ties, they love their state with a passion only a local could comprehend, grew up in middle-class families and speak plainly about ...

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