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Salena Zito is a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review staff writer, a Trib editorial page columnist and host of Off Road Politics on TribLIVE radio. Salena Zito can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7879

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Supreme Court voids overall contribution limits to political candidates

By Salena Zito
Citing a right to participate in democracy, the Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down limits in federal law on aggregate campaign contributions that individual donors …

Wolf expects business acumen to give him edge with Pa. voters

By Salena Zito
History and prosperity play a part in Tom Wolf’s bid to govern Pennsylvania. A former Department of Revenue secretary and one of five Democrats seeking …

Congressional races set for Pennsylvania

By Salena Zito
Anti-Washington sentiment in national polls won’t hurt Pennsylvania’s members of Congress this election year, experts say. “None of the Democrat or Republican congressional members in the region are facing strong opposition in their primaries or general elections,” said Dave Wasserman, …

Democratic governor candidate Wagner remains confident amid skepticism

By Salena Zito
Jack Wagner knows he has trouble winning some Democratic primary races, but he says if voters give him a chance, he’s confident he could beat …

Toomey, Congressional task force raise awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease

By Salena Zito  and Chris Togneri
Since his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a little more than a year ago, U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey appreciates even simple conversations. “We have …

‘6-year itch’ could fortify GOP grip in the U.S. House

By Salena Zito
Republicans are likely to keep — and maybe even expand — their majority in the U.S. House in the midterm elections, experts say. President Obama’s …

Gerlach says he won’t seek re-election

By Salena Zito
Western Pennsylvania native Jim Gerlach said on Monday he won’t seek a seventh term as a Republican congressman for suburban Philadelphia, a decision that surprised …

Midterm bout: Obamacare vs. Tea Party

By Salena Zito
Two emerging voting blocs could shape congressional elections in 2014: those who consider Tea Party members extremists and obstructionists, and those who point to the …

Want bipartisanship? Just say Yes!

By Salena Zito
All it takes is a little Yes, apparently, for a Democrat and a Republican to agree on something. That would be the popular progressive rock …

Florida’s Sen. Rubio targets foreign policy, decries divisive Obama

By Salena Zito
WASHINGTON — Marco Rubio says President Obama’s divisive politics have weakened U.S. foreign policy, factored into Congress’ inability to reform immigration policy and added to …

Casey, Toomey expect to maintain cooperation in midst of filibuster upheaval

By Salena Zito
Pennsylvania’s U.S. senators won’t let a little thing like a disagreement over the filibuster break up their working relationship. The Senate made history Thursday when …

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