July 3, 1932 — July 4, 2014

(1932 — 2014)

Remembering Richard M. Scaife

Speakers at Scaife memorial herald his generosity, unwavering commitment

Dedicated journalist. Generous donor. Committed friend. Speakers remembered Trib Total Media owner Dick Scaife as those and more during a memorial held on Sunday at Rolling Rock Club in Ligonier. Scaife, owner of the Tribune-Review and its associated daily and weekly newspapers, died on July 4, a day after his 82nd birthday. The 200 guests …

Clinton praises Trib publisher’s fight ‘for what he believed’

An unlikely friendship drew former President Bill Clinton to a sunny hilltop in the Laurel Highlands on Saturday, where he paid tribute to the late Tribune-Review owner Richard Mellon Scaife. “If someone had asked me the day I left the White House what’s the single most unlikely thing I would ever do, this would rank …

A life well lived: Dick Scaife was a true newsman and patriot

One measure of a life is what people say when it’s over. We journalists spend no small portion of our careers writing about the dead. We cover them as tragic stories or as obituaries, often urging those who knew them to tell us the bad as well as the good. The bad is livelier reading, …

Dick Scaife’s philanthropy made region, country a better place

Dick Scaife will be long-remembered for his leadership in the world of philanthropy. He focused on ideas that he believed were good for America while supporting Western Pennsylvania’s quality of life through the arts, education, medical research, civic and neighborhood development, conservation, and historic preservation.  Scaife was involved in philanthropy for essentially all of his …

Two gifts from Dick Scaife

In 2004, a majestically sized painting by Pittsburgh artist Otto Kuhler was discovered in New England by Bob Gilliland, who brought it to his art gallery in Ligonier. It is one of Kuhler’s most ambitious scenes, showing Pittsburgh in its steel-making heyday and its smoke-laden daytime work mode, in deep umbers and sullen beiges. I …

Dick Scaife helped nurture the region he so dearly loved

From his office on the 39th floor of a Pittsburgh skyscraper, Dick Scaife liked to tell people about the impressive view. “They tell me you can see for 17 miles,” he once told a visitor, pointing up the Allegheny River toward Verona, where his great grandfather, Jeffrey Scaife, put down roots in 1802 with a …

Dick Scaife found peace in the beauty of his childhood home, Penguin Court

No matter how distant the locales he traveled, Dick Scaife kept returning to the comfort of his tranquil childhood surroundings. Nestled in the heart of the Ligonier Valley, Penguin Court wasn’t just the place where Scaife was raised. To him, it was the place with the irresistible pull, the place where his hands could work …

Scaife’s impact praised

Civic and political leaders across the country remembered Pittsburgh Tribune-Review publisher Dick Scaife as a complex figure committed to America’s great public conversation, following news of his death on July 4. Lauded by Republicans for underwriting conservative causes, and vilified by some for his role in promoting investigations of Democratic President Bill Clinton, whom he …

Allegheny County Council honors Scaife for contributions to region, country

Praising his contributions to Western Pennsylvania and the country, members of Allegheny County Council on Tuesday honored late Tribune-Review owner and philanthropist Richard M. Scaife. “The arts, historic preservation, universities and community programs both large and small, throughout Western Pennsylvania and nationally, were among the many endeavors benefiting from Mr. Scaife’s generosity,” Councilwoman Sue Means …

Dick Scaife’s most important legacy

I first got the chance to meet Dick Scaife when I was a young candidate for the state’s 35th Senatorial District in 1980. He supported my candidacy then, and over the course of the following decades we developed a strong friendship that endured until his recent passing. In the years that followed my state Senate race, he continued his support of both me and the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. His financial support, editorial support and many suggestions were incredibly helpful to the state party. The Republican Party of Pennsylvania’s great successes in 2010, including winning the race for governor, U.S. senator and five congressional seats, were due in part to his unwavering support of our many candidates across the commonwealth. Although Dick’s financial support was welcome, his advice on politics and business was even more valuable. Our meetings were always informative and interesting. His breadth of knowledge on most any …

Scaife donates art to Brandywine, Westmoreland art museums

The wealth, land and art collections of Richard Mellon Scaife, the late owner of the Tribune-Review, will be distributed among two foundations, a trust, an art museum and a conservancy, according to his will. The will does not specify any individuals as benefactors, and lists only one sum, $15 million, which will go to the …

Scaife’s friends, family say final farewell to ‘a rock, a pillar’

Trib Total Media publisher Dick Scaife was remembered as a man of “very strong convictions” during a memorial service on Saturday at Allegheny Cemetery in Lawrenceville. Cardinal Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, officiated. More than 40 friends, relatives, employees and colleagues from the business and foundation communities attended. Scaife died on July 4, a day …

Clinton on their unlikely friendship

Trib Obituary

Richard M. Scaife
Richard Scaife, conservative champion, newsman & philanthropist, dies

Tribune-Review owner and philanthropist Richard Mellon Scaife, whose vision and funding reinvigorated conservative politics in America, died Friday, July 4, in his home. His death early Friday, a day after his 82nd birthday, coincided with Independence Day — fittingly auspicious for a man widely recognized for his deep-rooted patriotism.

Read his columns

Dick Scaife: What matters most
Nothing gives perspective to life so much as death. Recently, doctors told me I have an untreatable form of cancer. Some who dislike me may rejoice at this news. Naturally, I can't share their enthusiasm. The diagnosis has prompted me to consider my life, the city and region I call home, the country I love, and the many people I have known — especially those who are friends, or whose lives and achievements I respect.
Dick Scaife: In a dangerous world, appeasement never succeeds
Last weekend, I had the unique privilege of again meeting with John Bolton, who was United Nations ambassador under President George W. Bush. John is one of Washington's brightest minds, a man with equally sharp wit and insight. I always enjoy his company, but much of what he said this time scared the hell out of me.
Dick Scaife: 'Art can ... inspire us to live better lives'
The 20th anniversary of Pittsburgh's Andy Warhol Museum reminded me of the day I met the artist. It was in 1981 at Warhol's Manhattan studio, "The Factory." Over takeout sandwiches, he agreed to paint a portrait of another Pittsburgh icon — industrialist-philanthropist Andrew Carnegie — that I would donate to Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum of Art.
Dick Scaife: On Hillary Clinton's visit
"Walking into our conference room, not knowing what to expect (or even, perhaps, expecting the worst), took courage and confidence. Not many politicians have political or personal courage today, so it was refreshing to see her exhibit both."

Reminiscing with Trib columnists

Colin McNickle

Colin McNickle
Dick Scaife's greatest pleasure
"Colin, Dick Scaife!" For nearly 20 years, that's how the Trib's owner and publisher would greet me in his frequent telephone calls to discuss this issue or that, relay a tidbit he thought might interest me (or get a hoot out of) or pick my brain for what people, ally or "axis," so to speak, might be thinking.

Eric Heyl

Eric Heyl
Scaife, Trib defy skeptics
I can't claim to have known Dick Scaife well, but his love of newspapers enabled me to travel a remarkable journey.During an era in which most newspapers dramatically downsized or even folded, Scaife essentially built one from scratch.

Nafari Vanaski

Nafari Vanaski
It's about the mark we leave
If it weren't for Richard Mellon Scaife, I wouldn't be in Western Pennsylvania. I don't know where I'd be, but it wouldn't be here. I also might not be at a newspaper doing the thing I've always wanted to do.

Luis Fábregas

Luis Fábregas
Scaife's values will live on
When Hillary Clinton stepped into the Trib's offices in March 2008, Dick Scaife shook her hand firmly and smiled. I watched in awe because I intuitively recognized the significance of the moment. He was a conservative fireball, she a bastion of liberalism.