New in equipment: WeatherFX stations

| Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007

If you're hunting, fishing or camping and want to know what's coming weather-wise, you can now do that in the field using Bushnell 's new WeatherFX stations. The stations -- the FX3, FX5 and FX7 -- provide current weather conditions and three-, five- and seven-day weather forecasts from AccuWeather. They're powered by two AA batteries. The FX3 features a 3-inch screen and sells for $99.99. The FX5 has a 4-inch screen, provides severe weather alerts, and has a color-changing backlight that indicates temperatures. Suggested retail price is $149.99. The FX7 has a 6-inch screen and adds high-pollen, high-UV index and low-air quality alerts to its menu of data. It retails for $199.99. For information: write Bushnell Corp., 9200 Cody, Overland Park, KS 66214-1734; call 1-800-423-3537.

Lure of the week

Timber Doodle

Company : Mepps

Lure type : Weedless spoon

Sizes and colors : Available in two sizes, a 14-ounce model with a size #2/0 hook, and a 12-ounce model with a size #4/0 hook, in four color combinations: silver/white, gold/pumpkin pepper, hot firetiger/chartreuse, and frog/watermelon.

Target species : Bass, northern pike, panfish and walleyes.

Technique : This spoon is designed to be weedless, so cast it directly into the thickest weeds, grass and lilly pads and then retrieve it.

Sugg. retail price : $3.89 to $4.19, depending on size.

Notable : To make the lure even more attractive to bigger fish, remove the Mister Twister split tail -- each lure body comes with three -- and add a 6-inch worm instead.

Tip of the week

You can successfully hunt rabbits, even without a dog, if you are willing to work with a partner. Post one hunter on stand at likely-looking spots, such as the intersection of two fence rows, where a thicket necks down into a tree line, or at any other type of brushy bottleneck. The other hunter then walks the cover toward his posted partner. Rabbits will often try to escape by running out ahead, offering opportunities for the hunter on stand to shoot. The hunter who is walking should be sure to jump on any brush piles he encounters, too, as rabbits often hide inside them.

Recipe of the week

Dutch oven squirrel


• 4 to 6 dressed squirrels, cut in pieces

14 cup soy sauce

14 cup water

14 cup firmly packed brown sugar

• 3 tablespoon lemon

14 teaspoon garlic powder

14 teaspoon ground ginger

14 teaspoon sage

• one onion

• 2 to 3 stalks celery

• 6 to 7 small carrots

• 1 teaspoon sugar


Add all ingredients to a large pot or dutch oven. Cover it all with water and cook it on low heat for three hours. Remove squirrels. Blend the vegetables to thicken the gravy. Add squirrels and gravy back to the pot. Simmer for two to three minutes.

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