Jeter, Walker-Kimbrough named Tribune-Review basketball players of the year

| Sunday, April 8, 2012, 3:37 p.m.



How has the recruiting process been now that it's almost over?

Last year, it was something fun to say you were being recruited. This year, it's serious because I have to start cutting schools out. At times, it can be fun; at times, it can be nerve-wracking. Right now, it's a little nerve-wracking.

What is the most memorable play in your career?

The dunk that started my legend, against Aliquippa, my sophomore year. It was a routine play like in practice, but Devin Cook got a rebound and started pushing it and I started coming up the sideline. He threw a bounce pass to me, the defender stepped up, and it was like I just jumped over him.

What is most important to you off the court?

My little brother (seventh-grader Donovan). Since he was born, I've been the protective one. I've watched him grow up, and he's almost as tall as me now. Now that my career is done, I want to get him ready. ... Honestly, people sometimes go ‘Oh, your brother is going to be better than you,' and I hope he is.

Can you describe winning the WPIAL title?

It was a lot of emotions. When we were on the court and looking like we were going to win, it was like ‘Yeah, this is nice, but we're still going.' But then when they handed me the trophy, it was like ‘Aw, man. This is something I'm going to remember.'



Could you have imagined having a better WPIAL championship game?

I wanted to win in any kind of way, because my past experience wasn't so good (losing as a freshman). But I never would have thought that.

As a standout in volleyball and track and field as a jumper, which sport do you prefer?

They're probably about even. Each season, I try to be the best; I work hard to be the best in all of it.

How do those sports help in basketball?

Jumping is involved in both, and working out for the triple jump, we do a lot of squats, which helps going into my AAU season. They also help me to stay active and not take those long breaks between seasons.

What are your interests outside of sports?

I'm part of National Honor Society at school. We help with kindergarten registration at schools, and we work with Special Olympics and other things.

Any goals for your senior basketball season?

We set goals in the beginning of the year — winning section, WPIALs and beyond. We have the majority of our team back, so I think we're going to be pretty good again. I just hope people don't underestimate us.

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