Gateway tops Plum in Section 3-AAA swimming contests

Michael Love
| Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013, 9:00 p.m.

The Plum varsity swim teams came up short in their quests to take down Gateway in the team's annual Section 3-AAA meeting last week at the natatorium at Gateway's Furrie Sports Complex.

“Gateway has a lot of kids, a lot of quality and a lot of depth,” Plum head coach Shawn Haupt said.

The girls team suffered a 97-86 loss, and diving turned out to be the difference.

The Gateway girls have several divers, and Plum does not have a diving team.

Plum won the swimming portion by two points.

“I couldn't be happier for the girls team,” Haupt said. “We really went in here with no expectations, and we fought back. We have no diving, and I tell the kids if we can close the gap from diving, it's a win. In our minds, we won by two.”

Plum won the 200-yard medley relay (Katie Gore, Mia Pietropola, Channing Nolan and Hannah Adamski) and the 200 free relay (Adamski, Gore, Nolan and Pietropola).

The Mustangs also won all but one of the individual events.

Pietropola (200 free, 100 breast), Gore (200 IM, 500 free) and Adamski (50 free, 100 free) were double winners, while Nolan captured the 100 fly.

The Plum boys were not able to overcome Gateway in a 101-73 loss.

“For the boys, it was a little disappointing,” Haupt said. “We came out a little flat.”

Plum won three events against the Gators.

The Mustangs' 200 medley relay of Brendan Sante, Nick Figurelli, Berty Ruan and Dan Szurley were victorious in a time of 1:49.17.

Figurelli won the 100 free (52.94). He placed third in the 100 breast, but his time met the WPIAL qualifying standard for that event.

“We were waiting for that, and we expected him to do it here. We put him in there to be pushed,” Haupt said. “We're really happy for him.”

Luke Frederick won the 50 free, and he swam to a personal best (5:02.59) in the 500 free and placed second. Gateway's Alex Caprara took first (4:58.54).

Plum hosts section rival Penn Hills on Thursday, and it will be senior night at Plum High School's natatorium.

Seniors to be honored are Frederick, Pietropola, Nolan, Ruan and Szurley, along with Katie Byers, Lyndi Gareis and Kelly Reddington.

The Mustangs travel to Kiski Area on Monday for a nonsection meet and close out section action at Fox Chapel on Feb. 14.

Section 3-AAA


Gateway 97, Plum 86

200-yard medley relay: 1. Plum (Katie Gore, Mia Pietropola, Channing Nolan, Hannah Adamski), 1:59.87; 2. Gateway; 3. Gateway; 4. Plum; 5. Gateway; 6. Plum.

200-yard free: 1. Mia Pietropola (P), 2:07.03; 2. Sarah Sheldon (G); 3. Rachael Adamski (P); 4. Rachel Slobodnyak (G); 5. Samantha Mears (G); 6. Bethany Lewis (G).

200-yard IM: 1. Katie Gore (P), 2:24.57; 2. Channing Nolan (P); 3. Erin Rozeck (G); 4. Cayti Neff (G); 5. Melissa Pugliano (G); 6. Sylvia Edwards (G).

50-yard free: 1. Hannah Adamski (P), 25.46; 2. Sydney Mandella (G); 3. Kylie Hagerich (G); 4. Abbey Kimicata (G); 5. Roxy Worms (G); 6. Nicole Thompson (P).

100-yard butterfly: 1. Channing Nolan (P), 1:02.05; 2. Erin Rozeck (G); 3. Victoria Metz (P); 4. Val Pascoe (G); 5. Nicole Thompson (P); 6. Roxy Worms (G).

100-yard free: 1. Hannah Adamski (P), 56.15; 2. Sydney Mandella (G); 3. Abbey Kimicata (G); 4. Samantha Mears (G); 5. Molly Baran (G); 6. Kelly Reddington (P).

500-yard free: 1. Katie Gore (P), 5:50.87; 2. Rachael Adamski (P); 3. Rachel Slobodnyak (G); 4. Alyssa Freiland (P); 5. Jenna Leix (G); 6. Melissa Pugliano (G).

200-yard free relay: 1. Plum (Hannah Adamski, Katie Gore, Channing Nolan, Mia Pietropola), 1:45.66; 2. Gateway; 3. Gateway; 4. Gateway; 5. Plum; 6. Gateway.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Sarah Sheldon (G), 1:06. 28; 2. Kylie Hagerich (G); 3. Bethany Lewis (G); 4. Lyndi Gareis (P); 5. Shannon Greco (P); 6. Alyssa Freiland (P).

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Mia Pietropola (P), 1:11.57; 2. Victoria Metz (P); 3. Val Pascoe (G); 4. Cayti Neff (G); 5. Alison Perry (G); 6. Kelly Reddington.

400-yard free relay: 1. Gateway (Abbey Kimicata, Sarah Sheldon, Erin Rozeck, Sydney Mandella), 3:58.28; 2. Gateway; 3. Plum; 4. Gateway; 5. Plum; 6. Gateway.

Diving: 1. Alison Perry (G), 179.65; 2. A.J. Denne (G); 3. Ana Soder.


Gateway 101, Plum 73

200-yard medley relay: 1. Plum (Brendan Sante, Nick Figurelli, Berty Ruan, Dan Szurley), 1:49.17; 2. Gateway; 3. Gateway; 4. Gateway; 5. Plum.

200-yard free: 1. Alex Caprara (G), 1:51.94; 2. Alex Bolen (G); 3. Will Starr (P); 4. Bryan Patrick Farren (G); 5. Jake Passalinqua (G); 6. Garrett Montgomery (P).

200-yard IM: 1. Drew Nosbisch (G), 2:03.48; 2. Jake Beley (G); 3. Lucas Cerchiaro (P); 4. Shane Ging (P); 5. Ian Kirkpatrick (G); 6. Noah Smith (G).

50-yard free: 1. Luke Frederick (P), 22.84; 2. Kenny Stevens (G); 3. Zach Turi (G); 4. Will Starr (P); 5. Ray Doerfler (G); 6. John Malinowski (P).

100-yard butterfly: 1. Jake Beley (G), 54.88; 2. Berty Ruan (P); 3. Sean O'Donnell (G); 4. Jake Passalinqua (G); 5. Ray Doerfler (G); 6. John Malinowski (P).

100-yard free: 1. Nick Figurelli (P), 52.94; 2. Shane Ging (P); 3. Zach Turi (G); 4. Brad Vitt (G); 5. Alex Coutsoumbis (G); 6. Ben Sheldon (G).

500-yard free: 1. Alex Caprara (G), 4:58.54; 2. Luke Frederick (P); 3. Bryan Patrick Farren (G); 4. Lucas Cerchiaro (P); 5. Ben Sheldon (G); 6. Brad Vitt (G).

200-yard free relay: 1. Gateway (Drew Nosbisch, Alex Caprara, Jake Beley, Alex Bolen), 1:33.95); 2. Plum; 3. Gateway; 4. Plum; 5. Gateway; 6. Gateway.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Alex Bolen (G), 1:00.20; 2. Brendan Sante (P); 3. Matt Limbacher (G); 4. Mack Lewis (P); 5. Dan Szurley (P); 6. Alec Davis (G).

100-yard breast: 1. Drew Nosbisch (G), 1:01.69; 2. Kenny Stevens (G); 3. Nick Figurelli (P); 4. Mitchel Wolfarth (G); 5. Ian Kirkpatrick (G); 6. Noah Frederick (P).

400-yard free relay: 1. Gateway (Drew Nosbisch, Alex Caprara, Jake Beley, Alex Bolen), 3:27.55; 2. Plum; 3. Plum; 4. Gateway; 5. Gateway; 6. Gateway.

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