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Joe is a freelance sports columnist for the Tribune-Review. Joe Starkey can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7848

Starkey: Hockey hypocrites, unite

By Joe Starkey
Welcome to the Hockey Hypocrites Club. My name is Joe. I’ll be showing you around today. Our motto: “Crave offense, preach defense.” Privately, we lust for pinball hockey. We like it when goal judges pass out from exhaustion. We want …

Starkey: Chryst missed his only shot

By Joe Starkey
Wearing their old-school “script” helmets Saturday, the Pitt Panthers undoubtedly hoped to evoke memories of the first Johnny Majors era, the glorious one that featured …

Starkey: Century mark beckons for Ben

By Joe Starkey
Mike Tomlin calls his quarterback “a sick competitor.” The description seemed especially apt Monday night at Heinz Field, where Ben Roethlisberger pretty much lost his …

Starkey: Ward’s comments hit hard, but were they accurate?

By Joe Starkey
To say Ben Roethlisberger was displeased with ex-teammate Hines Ward’s recent critique is an understatement. A radical one. Roethlisberger, standing at his locker after practice …

Starkey: No harm putting Pitt’s Conner on defense

By Joe Starkey
Man, could this town use a feel-good football moment. The Steelers stink. Pitt’s in the pits. The Panthers have dropped three straight, including an all-time …

Starkey: Steelers must win, should win

By Joe Starkey
Butter up the Cleveland Browns all you like — goodness knows, the Steelers have tried — they’re still the Cleveland Browns until further notice. Granted, …

Starkey: Penguins turn the page

By Joe Starkey
No matter how you or I or anyone else feels about the Penguins’ offseason changes, let’s admit two things: 1. Things had grown a bit …

Starkey: Harrison, Steelers `D’ search for mojo

By Joe Starkey
Flower, gleam and glow Let your powers shine Make the clock reverse Bring back what once was mine Heal what has been hurt Change the …

Starkey: Pirates’ priorities should be obvious

By Joe Starkey
Looks from here like the Pirates should be set at seven positions next season. Not just set but potentially stacked. The positions are left field …

Starkey: Slapstick Steelers deserved to lose

By Joe Starkey
If you looked hard enough Sunday evening, you could practically see Heinz Field blushing in shame. Has there been a more embarrassing football weekend in …

Starkey: Pirates know best

By Joe Starkey
The Pirates are back in the playoffs, even if they did not take the path some would have preferred. They did not throw tens of …

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