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Joe is a freelance sports columnist for the Tribune-Review. Joe Starkey can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7848

Starkey: LeBeau not about to simplify defense

By Joe Starkey
“Tackle by Shazier.” By the end of the first quarter Saturday, the Heinz Field press box announcer had uttered that phrase so many times, the rest of us might hear it in our heads for about a week. The guy …

Starkey: Roethlisberger rooting for ‘bud’ Jim Kelly

By Joe Starkey
The Steelers and Buffalo Bills are sharing practice fields this week in Latrobe. But for franchises separated by just 220 miles, they have shared precious …

Starkey: Who is ‘team to beat’ in AFC North?

By Joe Starkey
Steelers tackle Marcus Gilbert was having a great training camp until just before dinner Thursday. That’s when I asked him to identify a “team to …

Starkey: Cutch’s injury underscores bogus ‘code’

By Joe Starkey
I’m going with the conspiracy theory. Call me crazy, but I believe the rib injury Andrew McCutchen sustained Sunday very well might have been related …

Starkey: The stupidest rule in sports

By Joe Starkey
I hate Rule 7.13. It’s the silliest rule in sports. Sillier than allowing a timeout amid a loose-ball scrum in basketball, assessing an extra penalty …

Starkey: Would one big move kill Pirates’ future?

By Joe Starkey
Let’s explore the ridiculous notion that going “all in” — trading choice prospects for a short-term player this year, next year or any year — …

Starkey: Goodell’s gutless ruling sign of times

By Joe Starkey
You see the headlines from other countries and shake your head … • “Pregnant Woman Sentenced to Death in Sudan For Her Religion.” — Amnesty …

Starkey: Pirates, Burnett could work again

By Joe Starkey
The question isn’t whether the Pirates should pursue A.J. Burnett at any cost. It’s whether they should pursue him at all. It’s whether they should …

Starkey: Steelers on the run (again)

By Joe Starkey 1:50 p.m.
Steelers training camp, which opens Friday, never fails to produce surprises. But there are two things you can count on year after year: 1. It will be held in Latrobe. 2. There will be talk of exhuming a long-deceased running …

Starkey: Polanco and absurd expectations

By Joe Starkey
It’s just not that easy. Gregory Polanco is learning as much. The rest of us should have known better. There was palpable discontent when Polanco, …

Starkey: The oldest living Pirate

By Joe Starkey
This might be my “Field of Dreams” encounter. Mike Sandlock is my Shoeless Joe Jackson. By that, I mean Sandlock is my fleeting link to …

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