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Starkey: Flashback Friday for Pitt

By Joe Starkey
Pat Narduzzi’s first words at his postgame media session were almost unbelievable. “Well, another great football game for the fans, I guess,” he said. Huh? Another great football game? Is that what we’re calling Pitt’s 29-24 loss to Miami? Maybe the finish was mildly ...

Starkey: Artie Rowell’s incredible odyssey

By Joe Starkey
A Pitt official sat down with me in advance of Friday’s regular-season finale and mapped out where each of the Panthers’ 11 seniors falls on ...

Starkey: Farewell to NHL fighting

By Joe Starkey
The judges’ scorecards from our featured bout — Sanity vs. NHL Fighting — are unanimous. Sanity’s way ahead on all three. It might yet win ...

Starkey: The Landry Jones pick pans out

By Joe Starkey
You weren’t the only one who wondered as recently as, oh, 40 days ago whether Landry Jones could play in the NFL. Jones wondered, too. ...

Starkey: Johnston will pay if Penguins don’t score

By Joe Starkey
Ray Shero sprang to mind the other day, and not just because I figured he was the happiest man in Newark on Saturday watching his ...

Starkey: Weirdly optimistic about Steelers

By Joe Starkey
This Steelers season, in which all things remain possible, has a surreal quality to it. Mostly because Mike Vick and Landry Jones won games. I ...

Starkey: Heat-seeking Mitchell owes no apologies

By Joe Starkey
In your opinion, perhaps, he celebrates too much. Sometimes inappropriately. Sometimes when the ball’s on the ground. Is that all you got on Mike Mitchell? ’Cause ...

Starkey: Pitt’s Biggest Game? Notre Dame

By Joe Starkey
With all due respect to the ACC’s Coastal Division and the other teams left on Pitt’s schedule, the biggest game of the season is Saturday ...

Starkey: Will Le’Veon Bell ever get paid?

By Joe Starkey
Many have profited, emotionally or financially, from Le’Veon Bell’s talent and work ethic. But what about Bell? Will he ever see his big payday? I ...

Starkey: Wait, Sid doesn’t need a winger?

By Joe Starkey 11:06 a.m.
The sacred document arrived early Tuesday morning. I had never seen anything like it. Shane Endicott appeared within its pages. So did Nils Ekman. Bob ...

Starkey: Is Pitt ready for prime time?

By Joe Starkey
It depends on your perspective. Put Pitt’s resume on a team that started the season in the top 10 — say, Michigan State or Baylor ...

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