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Starkey: Bring back the Brawl!

By Joe Starkey
Sounds like there’s newfound desire to resurrect the Backyard Brawl. Pitt athletic director Scott Barnes and West Virginia AD Shane Lyons seem more than open to the idea. The trick will be turning openness into urgency, talk into action. Rivalries make sports great, and you won’t find many this side of ...

Starkey: Rutherford hits jackpot with Kessel

By Joe Starkey
Assuming he stays healthy — and he hasn’t missed a game in five years, playing all 483 of them, including playoffs — Penguins winger Phil ...

Starkey: Cervelli’s inspiration

By Joe Starkey
It shouldn’t be surprising that the Chinese characters on Francisco Cervelli’s tattoos — the ones on his left shoulder — are translated as such: “Mother. ...

Starkey: Pirates awash in All-Star candidates

By Joe Starkey
I asked Josh Harrison, at his baseball camp in the North Hills on Wednesday, to pick the top all-star candidates among his Pirates teammates. “Wow,” ...

Starkey: Kessel worth Penguins’ inquiry

By Joe Starkey
Set aside the obvious impediments, for just a moment, and acknowledge an obvious truth: Phil Kessel on the Penguins would be an unbelievable spectacle. In ...

Starkey: Amodio dropped ball at Duquesne

By Joe Starkey
He fired his basketball coach after a winning season. That could work as a punch line, certainly, considering the school in question is Duquesne, ...

Starkey: Could LeBron take talents to NFL?

By Joe Starkey
It’s not a new topic. Still, I couldn’t help but think of the possibilities of LeBron James as a football player when he made that late-game pick ...

Starkey: Dellavedova eclipses MJ as greatest ever

By Joe Starkey
One was built like a god, his legend launched on a shot that won the NCAA title. He captured six NBA Championships, averaged 30.1 points ...

Starkey: Mario’s mission fulfilled

By Joe Starkey
The critical takeaway from the Penguins announcing they have hired the financial firm Morgan Stanley — the franchise’s first association with something named Stanley in ...

Starkey: Big Ben’s evolution

By Joe Starkey
Ben Roethlisberger has said he wants Sinatra’s “My Way” to accompany his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That would be an appropriate ...

Starkey: NHL playoffs suddenly sublime

By Joe Starkey
The NHL’s conference finals have been an absolute revelation. Both series prove that winning hockey and entertaining hockey need not be mutually exclusive pursuits. Skill ...

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