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Starkey: Taylor’s type fading away

By Joe Starkey
There goes another one. Another unique sports character. Ike Taylor’s retirement further sanitizes the professional sports locker room, which, over time, has been all but purged of original material. The free spirits have been tamed, locally and nationally. Call it a win for control-freak coaches. Modern athletes arrive at the big time polished ...

Starkey: At minimum, Pens must Max out

By Joe Starkey
On paper, it’s a mismatch. The New York Rangers should beat the battered Penguins in four or five games. I might have the opposite opinion ...

Starkey: Polamalu waged the good fight

By Joe Starkey
It won’t be the absurd acts of athleticism I’ll remember most about Troy Polamalu, although I will say this: If I’d pay to watch one ...

Starkey: Penguins playing near cliff’s edge

By Joe Starkey
Though still only 28, Evgeni Malkin has been around for a bit. Seen a few things. But he did not hesitate when asked Thursday if ...

Starkey: Pirates and predictions don’t mix

By Joe Starkey
Despite the rapid advancement of analytics — the intelligent use of which has helped organizations such as the Pirates get ahead — baseball can be ...

Starkey: Penguins’ season impressive so far

By Joe Starkey
It seems we’ve reached the point where a six-month,  82-game regular season means nothing around here. Who has time for such triviality? Hurry up and ...

Starkey: Next frontier for Steelers offense

By Joe Starkey
Early in his tenure as Steelers coach, Mike Tomlin was asked to describe his ideal offense. What would it look like? Tomlin referenced the New England Patriots. He said he wanted an offense that could morph into whatever it needed ...

Starkey: Look out for N.C. State

By Joe Starkey
Fresh from a magical weekend in Pittsburgh — one of his favorite cities, as it turns out — N.C. State director of player development Dereck ...

Starkey: NHL GMs have heads in sand

By Joe Starkey
Scanning the Internet for news from the NHL general managers’ meetings in Boca Raton, Fla., I came across a pathetic little story on I ...

Starkey: Penguins have problems

By Joe Starkey
Coming off a bizarre weekend, the Penguins faced one old problem and two new ones when they reconvened Monday at Southpointe. The new problems were ...

Starkey: The fall of Pitt basketball

By Joe Starkey
As a charter member of the Jamie Dixon Apologist Society, it pains me to say this. But it’s true. The Pitt basketball program has become ...

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