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Joe is a freelance sports columnist for the Tribune-Review. Joe Starkey can be reached via e-mail or at 412-320-7848

Starkey: Two amazing Pirates fans

By Joe Starkey
As the sports world explodes around us, let’s go to a good place. Let’s go to Section 139 at PNC Park, behind and slightly to the left of center fielder Andrew McCutchen. Here, something ordinary and extraordinary is happening as …

Starkey: Pens coach Mr. Anonymous … for now

By Joe Starkey
This will all change soon. Very soon. For better or worse, Mike Johnston will be recognized everywhere he goes. For now, the new Penguins coach …

Starkey: Gay’s message important, troubling

By Joe Starkey
Ray Rice should be in jail. It sickens me that a man could do what he did, have it captured on video and possibly escape …

Starkey: Must-win opener for Steelers

By Joe Starkey
Is it ridiculous to label any season opener a must-win? No sir. Not when you’re hosting the Cleveland Browns with a trip to Baltimore looming …

Starkey: Army vet earns instant respect with Steelers

By Joe Starkey
A remarkable man has taken up residence in the Steelers locker room just a few stalls down from Ben Roethlisberger. His name is Alejandro Villanueva, …

Starkey: Pitt does its duty

By Joe Starkey
This is what you’re supposed to do when a team as bad as Dreadful Delaware comes to town. You’re supposed to tear it apart, limb …

Starkey: Bucs still battlin’

By Joe Starkey
Clint Hurdle has become a limping metaphor for this Pirates season. He moves around slowly, painfully, because of a bad hip. But he gets there. …

Starkey: ‘Next level’ remains elusive for Pitt

By Joe Starkey
The good news, I suppose, is that Pitt football makes everyone a prophet. It works like this: Somebody asks how Pitt’s going to be in a given season, you say, “OK,” and you’re right. Guaranteed. Last year, for example, I …

Starkey: Stupid Steelers

By Joe Starkey
Maybe Ryan Clark was right about some former Steelers teammates smoking pot. I arrived at PNC Park on Wednesday prepared to write about the Pirates …

Starkey: LeBeau not about to simplify defense

By Joe Starkey
“Tackle by Shazier.” By the end of the first quarter Saturday, the Heinz Field press box announcer had uttered that phrase so many times, the …

Starkey: Roethlisberger rooting for ‘bud’ Jim Kelly

By Joe Starkey
The Steelers and Buffalo Bills are sharing practice fields this week in Latrobe. But for franchises separated by just 220 miles, they have shared precious …

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