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Starkey: Patriots’ legacy forever stained

By Joe Starkey
You know what we didn’t hear in Robert Kraft’s statement the other day? The same thing we didn’t see in the 19,318-word report the New England Patriots released a week earlier: a clear declaration of innocence. Kraft, the Patriots’ longtime ...

Starkey: NFL’s extra-point ‘debate’ a farce

By Joe Starkey
All this commotion over extra points. What’s next, a scandal over deflated footballs? The NFL’s 32 owners opened their annual meetings Tuesday in San Francisco. ...

Starkey: Clayton, Steelers and ‘Shouldergate’

By Joe Starkey
The New England Recidivists are getting what they deserve. Be sure of that. But let’s not forget that outside of Foxborough, Mass., there are 31 ...

Starkey: Beware the Patriots

By Joe Starkey
A New England Patriots-related item from a New York tabloid caught my eye the other day — and no, it wasn’t the epic Daily News ...

Starkey: Pens made right call on Babcock

By Joe Starkey
If Joel Quenneville or Darryl Sutter miraculously became available, we’d have a different conversation. They’ve each won multiple Stanley Cups in the past five years. ...

Starkey: Brady should be suspended

By Joe Starkey
Something tells me you won’t be seeing any of those cute Tom Brady vacation videos on Facebook for a while, such as the one of ...

Starkey: Pirates’ trade of Snider still reeks

By Joe Starkey
It might seem pointless to bring up the dead horse that is the Travis Snider trade. Problem is, that horse keeps jolting to life ...

Starkey: Red flags or not, Steelers need players

By Joe Starkey
Caution flags? Race through ’em. That’s my advice to the Steelers, who are positively starving for defensive talent as the NFL Draft opens Thursday. Seriously, ...

Starkey: The Penguins’ perpetual question

By Joe Starkey
It’s like a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces. Like an elaborate mathematical equation that cannot be solved. It is the Penguins’ eternal question. Who’s gonna play ...

Starkey: Tracing the Penguins’ demise

By Joe Starkey
Gentlemen, start your golf carts. The Penguins are a loss away from a sixth consecutive early postseason exit. How did they find themselves in such ...

Starkey: Vanilla Mike too polite on officiating

By Joe Starkey
Sure, Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford went a bit overboard in what should forever be known as “The Ice Cream Rant” after Game 3 on ...

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