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Starkey: Pirates, Burnett could work again

By Joe Starkey
The question isn’t whether the Pirates should pursue A.J. Burnett at any cost. It’s whether they should pursue him at all. It’s whether they should be open to the idea of reclaiming him. The answer, to any rational thinker, would …

Starkey: Steelers on the run (again)

By Joe Starkey
Steelers training camp, which opens Friday, never fails to produce surprises. But there are two things you can count on year after year: 1. It will be held in Latrobe. 2. There will be talk of exhuming a long-deceased running …

Starkey: Polanco and absurd expectations

By Joe Starkey
It’s just not that easy. Gregory Polanco is learning as much. The rest of us should have known better. There was palpable discontent when Polanco, …

Starkey: The oldest living Pirate

By Joe Starkey
This might be my “Field of Dreams” encounter. Mike Sandlock is my Shoeless Joe Jackson. By that, I mean Sandlock is my fleeting link to …

Starkey: Pirates must prioritize keeping Russell Martin

By Joe Starkey
The Pirates stepped out of character to sign Russell Martin once. They must do so again. Or at least make a good-faith attempt. ASAP. One …

Starkey: Orpik was one of a kind

By Joe Starkey
On the weirdness-in-Washington scale, nothing could top Jaromir Jagr in a Capitals jersey. That was downright frightening. Brooks Orpik wearing Capitals “44” will come close, …

Starkey: NHL goes mad

By Joe Starkey
What a day. What a bizarre, entertaining and wholly unprecedented day. It wasn’t the first time NHL general managers lost their minds on the first …

Starkey: ‘Vanimal’ act scores with Pirates

By Joe Starkey
After a year in hibernation, “The Vanimal” is back. This time on the other side of Pennsylvania. Three years ago, Vance Worley crashed an icon-laden …

Starkey: ‘Now’ or never for Pirates

By Joe Starkey
Clint Hurdle came into the season peddling the catchphrase “now.” The Pirates had to take care of the “now,” or there might not be a …

Starkey: Bradshaw-Noll a complicated combo

By Joe Starkey
It was a classic love-loathe relationship. It was explosive. It was historically productive, too, culminating in four Super Bowl wins. And like so many famous coach-quarterback combinations, Chuck Noll-Terry Bradshaw never failed to fascinate, even to the aftermath of Noll’s …

Starkey: Noll touched ’em all

By Joe Starkey
The ditch digger working the grounds of St. Paul Cathedral had a Chuck Noll story to tell. So did the UPS guy sweating buckets as …

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