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Starkey: What are Penguins, Pirates up to?

By Joe Starkey
The worst time to judge a trade is the immediate aftermath as reaction normally runs hard in one of two directions: 1. Greatest thing that ever happened. 2. Worst thing that ever happened. I get it. It’s a TRADE, after all. It’s ...

Starkey: Rinaldo doesn’t belong in NHL

By Joe Starkey
In a just hockey world, Zac Rinaldo’s phone call Monday with the NHL’s department of player safety would go something like this: NHL: Given your ...

Starkey: Suspend ‘Beli-cheat,’ now or later

By Joe Starkey
Steelers president Art Rooney II apparently doesn’t believe “Deflate-gate” is a big deal, telling reporters Wednesday, “I wouldn’t put it on the scale of serious.” ...

Starkey: Pitt takes right step by ponying up

By Joe Starkey
At some point in the sadly distorted world of college athletics, every institution faces a choice. And it’s not a pretty one: Pony up, or essentially give up. Thankfully for its fan base, Pitt appears to be leaning toward the ...

Starkey: Players will make or break Steelers’ new coordinator

By Joe Starkey
How do you say goodbye to a legend? It’s one of those awkward dilemmas in professional sports, and whether it’s an athlete, coach, executive or ...

Starkey: What Pitt football could be

By Joe Starkey
It’s time for a key substitution regarding Pitt football: Excuses out. Expectations in. Raise the bar already. Stop accepting triumphs in pixie portions. Demand a ...

Starkey: Steelers’ primary needs obvious

By Joe Starkey
Have they peeled Jason Worilds off the Heinz Field turf yet? To say the Steelers’ $9.754 million man was neutralized by Baltimore Ravens tackle Marshal ...

Starkey: Steelers-Ravens rivalry steeped in bitterness, respect

By Joe Starkey
Seven years ago, on a field at Baltimore Ravens training camp in Westminster, Md., I asked then-Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan about the Steelers. “I ...

Starkey: Tomlin/Colbert drafts deserve another look

By Joe Starkey
Lookie here: The Steelers, with a playoff spot clinched, tied for third most in the NFL with five players voted to the Pro Bowl and ...

Starkey: Steelers have only one goal

By Joe Starkey
We know the Steelers can lose to anyone, anywhere. That has been well-established. But unless the New York Jets or Tampa Bay Buccaneers suddenly materialize on the January calendar, there’s nothing to worry about there. The relevant question is this: ...

Starkey: Chryst a miserable failure at Pitt

By Joe Starkey
Not to be lost amid the upheaval in the Pitt athletic department: Paul Chryst did a lousy job here. Astoundingly, Chryst, upon his departure, ...

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