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Starkey: Court-storming stupidity must stop

By Joe Starkey 12:10 a.m.
I’m not sure when profanity-laced chants became an accepted part of the college-basketball experience, but as embarrassing as they are, they’re not dangerous. Court storming is another matter. It’s out of control. It’s stupid. It’s hazardous. And it needs to ...

Starkey: Penguins still forging identity

By Joe Starkey
Same old Penguins. Blow ’em up. They might not even make the playoffs! We heard it all last week. It’s what happens when you have ...

Starkey: The All-Zygote football team

By Tribune-Review
It reads like something from The Onion, a satirical website that runs stories under headlines such as, “Health experts recommend standing up at desk, leaving ...

Starkey: Who’s the NHL’s best player?

By Joe Starkey
Patric Hornqvist wanted no part of the question. Mike Johnston wanted less. Alex Ovechkin was torn. Who’s the best hockey player in the world? It seemed like ...

Starkey: Admiring Rutherford’s work

By Joe Starkey
Even a blown three-goal lead at Ottawa could not alter the significance of the Penguins’ 4-1 victory over the Detroit Red Wings a night earlier. ...

Starkey: ‘Hi, Joe. It’s Jim Boeheim’

By Joe Starkey
Got a call from the ‘3-1-5’ on Monday. Couldn’t pick up. Figured it was an irate Syracuse alum or maybe a school rep calling to ...

Starkey: Boeheim, Jeter big stories from Pitt win

By Joe Starkey
Is there a stat for second-chance quotes? If so, credit Syracuse basketball coach Jim Belichick — er, Boeheim — with a beauty after his team’s ...

Starkey: Bradshaw’s legacy underappreciated

By Joe Starkey
Maybe it’s because he decided to become a professional buffoon after his playing days. Maybe it’s because many in these parts regard him as a ...

Starkey: Pitt needs this version of James Robinson

By Joe Starkey
Felt like old times at The Pete on Saturday. Pitt positively rocked the joint with an intense, offensively masterful performance in upsetting No. 8 Notre ...

Starkey: What are Penguins, Pirates up to?

By Joe Starkey
The worst time to judge a trade is the immediate aftermath as reaction normally runs hard in one of two directions: 1. Greatest thing that ...

Starkey: Rinaldo doesn’t belong in NHL

By Joe Starkey
In a just hockey world, Zac Rinaldo’s phone call Monday with the NHL’s department of player safety would go something like this: NHL: Given your ...

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