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Starkey: Fleury’s future at stake

By Joe Starkey
Marc-Andre Fleury’s career with the Penguins has reached a crossroads. Fleury turns 30 in November (we’re all gettin’ old). He has one year left on his contract. His postseason performance, beginning Wednesday against the Columbus Blue Jackets, figures to dictate …

Starkey: Letang back in form

By Joe Starkey
On Wednesday, Kris Letang returned to the Penguins’ lineup. On Saturday, he returned to form — thanks to a visit from the Philadelphia Flyers. “It was good for me to play a team like that,” Letang said after what some …

Starkey: Flyers, Jackets or Wings?

By Joe Starkey
As of early Tuesday evening, the leading candidates to open the Stanley Cup playoffs in Pittsburgh were the Detroit Red Wings, Columbus Blue Jackets and …

Starkey: Sports, love and dad

By Joe Starkey
BUFFALO, N.Y. — I’m here. He’s here. That’s enough. I’m sitting in my father’s hospital room getting ready to watch the Final Four. My dad almost died last weekend. It’s a miracle he didn’t. A Chevy Suburban T-boned his Subaru. …

Starkey: Penguins’ ‘malaise’ a charade

By Joe Starkey
As far as I’m concerned, Dan Bylsma made his best move of the season Wednesday: He canceled practice and banned media from an “off-ice workout” …

Starkey: Blackhawks have what Penguins want

By Joe Starkey
As anyone from the early 1990s Penguins will tell you, dynasties are hard to come by. Hold your thumb and index finger an inch apart. Those Penguins missed one by that much. When the NHL instituted a salary cap in …

Starkey: Season’s been a hockey miracle at Robert Morris

By Joe Starkey
Great moments are born from great opportunity. The Robert Morris hockey team has just such an opportunity this weekend, and on its way to Xcel …

Starkey: James Harrison, come on down!

By Joe Starkey
Are the Steelers really desperate enough to bring James Harrison back? We both know the answer to that question. If this team had any semblance of depth at outside linebacker — that is, an oxygen-exchanging humanoid other than Chris Carter …

Starkey: Letang, Neal and hard decisions

By Joe Starkey 11:37 p.m.
When Penguins general manager Ray Shero answered his phone Feb. 1, team physician Dharmesh Vyas was on the other end with a question nobody wants …

Starkey: Steelers offseason rates an ‘A’ so far

By Joe Starkey
Admit it: The Steelers have surprised you this offseason. I know they’ve surprised me. I’d rate their work an “A” so far. That hardly means …

Starkey: No shame for Robert Morris

By Joe Starkey
It might have been the most emotional post-game scene — any sport — I’ve witnessed since the Pitt football team beat West Virginia, 13-9, and …

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