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Ted DiBiase leaving WWE; could Paul Heyman have saved him?

WWE - Ted DiBiase Jr., stands with his father, Ted, who was also a professional wrestler.
<div style='float:right;width:100%;' align='right'><em>WWE</em></div>Ted DiBiase Jr., stands with his father, Ted, who was also a professional wrestler.
WWE - The best decision Ted DiBiase Jr., is making is to leave pro wrestling on his own terms. If he does that, he has the control.
<div style='float:right;width:100%;' align='right'><em>WWE</em></div>The best decision Ted DiBiase Jr., is making is to leave pro wrestling on his own terms. If he does that, he has the control.

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Friday, Aug. 30, 2013, 12:01 a.m.

Wrestling fans can submit questions on Twitter by using the hashtag #TribWrestling or email me during my radio show Tuesdays at 3 p.m. on TribLIVE sports radio.

@lilkid3161 Could Ted Dibiase Jr. become a Paul Heyman Guy? #TribWRESTLING

Well, obviously, he can't now because he's announced he's leaving.

If you're asking could he have prior to the announcement and would that have saved his career ― the answer is no.

The tag of being a “Paul Heyman guy” is only significant if it remains an exclusive club. If too many people start being labeled as a “Paul Heyman guy,” that title loses its rub.

Paul Heyman already is on a salvage mission with Curtis Axel, another son of a prominent wrestler from the past. DiBiase being labeled a Heyman guy would have looked like a bad rip off of something WWE's already trying to do elsewhere.

Also, DiBiase had a lot of health issues in the past two years. He isn't the only one and it's not entirely his fault, but it's reality. Repeat health problems can make it hard to position a character anywhere or find the right character for someone.

The best decision DiBiase is making is to leave on his own terms. If he does that, he has the control. He holds the cards. It will make him more attractive and a better possibility to return in the future.

The Bella Twins did the same thing. They left on their own terms and then had a door opened for them to return. Of course who they were each dating probably helped them out. Maybe DiBiase should find a powerful female in the company to start dating. I hear it worked out for others.

@ShanePowellTWY #TribWRESTLING What NXT star do you see having the most successful WWE career?

These are always tough to answer because so many variables are involved. If I have to give an answer today, I'd go with Sami Zayn.

He was formerly known as El Generico on the independent scene and competed around the world. If you've never seen a match of his, go find some on YouTube. A charismatic Canadian playing a Mexican wrestler with a mask — fun stuff!

His body of work thus far is what has me picking him. I'm sure others currently in NXT, especially those who can develop a character and have more traditional WWE size, will have good careers.

However, answering the question today, Zayn is far above anybody else currently in NXT. I think he's going to bypass a lot of people in line and get to WWE's main roster sooner rather than later.

Honorable mentions: check out Corey Graves, CJ Parker and Adrian Neville.

@original_guiido #TribWRESTLING When do you think we will see DB as the official face of the WWE? DB is a strong enough face, will Cena turn?

I think we're seeing it now.

John Cena being out for no less than four months rehabbing an injury leaves the position of being the face of the company to be filled. Daniel Bryan has been groomed through the summer and is now filling that spot.

It's still early, but I have no reason to think based on Bryan's talents, he won't be successful. The only fault I could see is if WWE powers to be truly believe what the story says and doesn't allow him to succeed to the highest point.

For the record, I'm banking on WWE realizing how much money Bryan is worth and pushing him all the way to the bank.

Cena doesn't have to turn heel for Bryan to be the face of the company. Would it help? Sure. But it's no necessary.

These next four to six months are critical. If Bryan cements his status as a top guy, nothing can erase that. Not even Cena's return.

@Beckylynne78 What do you think is next for CM Punk after night of champions? #TribWRESTLING”

I hope nothing with Paul Heyman.

Their feud has been incredible. Some of the best work ever. All the more reason I don't want to see it continue past Night of Champions. It's always best to go out on top. Better to leave an hour early than stay an hour late.

I don't want Punk and Heyman's rivalry to continue with too many repeats or lose momentum. Right now, Heyman getting his butt kicked by Punk is the end payoff. We're heading to that when Heyman will be in a ring with Punk.

It will be a handicap match and I can imagine Punk handcuffing Curtis Axel to isolate Heyman.

So, the night after Night of Champions, if Punk's next opponent is revealed then, I say the Wyatt Family.

Punk needs to stay as far away from Daniel Bryan's storyline in order not to overshadow him. So, what worthy heel can Punk work with that he hasn't already? I think Bray Wyatt and company fit the bill perfectly.

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