Wrestling mailbag: TV show makes Divas more interesting

| Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013, 10:18 p.m.

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@2reel4you #TribWRESTLING is it safe to say the show total divas has saved the division? Ppl actually care (more) about the matches now

I don't know if I would say “saved.” It wasn't in any danger of going anywhere and the show doesn't make the quality of the performers who are bad any better.

Yes, the show has elevated the relevancy of the Divas division. No doubt about it, there are more tweets, article, columns and conversations about the Divas than I can recall. The show is entertaining to me. It does allow me to care more about some of the girls I see on there because you're following them around.

The most important thing is the show has turned a whole new set of eyes to WWE. A lot of females who may have never given WWE any interest are now finding themselves interested to some degree due to this show on E!.

I think the Total Divas reality show is here to stay. I think it's very possible it could spawn into an eventual spin-off of a show following some of the male talent around.

Fans love to look behind the curtain, and WWE loves mainstream attention. This satisfies both sides and their cravings.

‏@richbelloAny shot @JohnCena turns on Sunday? Give Bryan and Punk that huge push as babies #TribWRESTLING

Yes, another question about John Cena turning heel. I'll answer this though because WWE did give us a logical tease of a heel turn with him standing with The Authority over Randy Orton to end RAW.

It was an interesting tease, but it won't happen. I'll put it to you like this, if WWE didn't feel Bryan was a big enough star to get one full day with the WWE Championship in his chase a few months ago, I see no way to believe it thinks he's a big enough star to balance things out if they turned Cena heel.

@chicorican: If IC belt becomes #2 belt will WWE use it to elevate Langston or will he lose quickly to an Upper carder #TribWRESTLING

This is a great topic. I tweeted about this earlier in the week. If there ends up being one world title after this Sunday's pay-per-view, it would make the Intercontinental title become the second most prestigious title again in the company.

I think this will be great for Big E. Langston who is the current IC title holder. WWE lacks depth in the middle of the card where guys would normally be competing for the IC title. The depth of who is in IC title matches ultimately decides how it will be viewed.

Langston is great, but if he beats the same guys repeatedly, it won't feel like the second-most important title. WWE is going to have to start positioning guys on its roster, some who may be former World Heavyweight Champion title holders to be involved in an IC title feud.

WWE should install a stipulation with the IC title. Something that guarantees the IC title holder to get a world title shot in their future. In the old days, that's how it was. It was an unwritten rule. Everyone knew that if you had success with the IC title, you would be in the world title picture within the next 18 months. Today with WWE's schedule, 18 months is an eternity. It's the equivalent of six to eight months.

If WWE created a similar Money in the Bank type stipulation to the IC title, you have immediate impact. I know this because the MITB briefcase over the past six years has been more significant than the IC title.

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