LaBar: Options WWE is considering for world title

| Thursday, May 22, 2014, 11:42 p.m.

WWE told us tune into RAW in England for a decision to be made on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. RAW in England came, they said tune in next week for the decision.

WWE still isn't sure what to do and is still gathering information on how long Daniel Bryan will be out of action after his neck surgery.

I've talked to a lot of people in WWE this week who work in all different areas with the company. Talent, production, promotions — all expressing the same verdict behind the scenes with WWE. The new top babyface in Bryan going down, combined with the business woes on Wall Street, has made Stamford chaos central.

Some ideas that have been floating around presented to me range from CM Punk returning to Dolph Ziggler getting involved in the title picture.

Yes, one idea has been have Kane fight an opponent of Bryan's choice at Payback for the title. The person of choice has ranged from Punk returning in front of his home crowd to the popular Ziggler getting the call.

The Ziggler option is process of elimination because every other realistic babyface is involved in other storylines.

The Punk option is wanted, but he turned the company down for a return at RAW in Chicago months ago, turned them down on a WrestleMania return (where they did have an audible planned involving him if he showed up), so there isn't much belief he would return now.

Vince McMahon spent time over a weekend with Punk in Chicago back when Punk first walked out. McMahon has been trying since then to get Punk to return. Punk hasn't been enticed to this point and McMahon's ego is bruised in some fashion. I think it could be until Royal Rumble next year until this saga is behind us.

But if we look at what happen this past week on RAW, I think the answer is right in front of us regarding what WWE is considering and could likely pull the trigger on.

Evolution will take on The Shield at Payback. If you notice, the match is an elimination match where it will leave one man standing out of the six competitors.

This would fit perfectly into a situation of a vacated world title being put on the line in this six-man match where the person who survives is the champion.

This storyline is the top storyline in the company with solid momentum behind it. The last battle at Extreme Rules was nothing short of a great fight. Adding the title in an elimination format would be the perfect stipulation to keep things moving forward and up.

I said last week I thought Triple H was the best option to be the world champion while Bryan is out. He would garner so much heat from becoming champion while Bryan is injured. The fans would cry more about how he always puts himself over and buries people ... even though he has more losses than wins at WrestleMania and put Bryan over at WrestleMania.

Triple H becomes champion. This causes a rift between he and Batista. This cues Batista's exit to go play Hollywood movie star. Randy Orton must remain a heel so perhaps he defends the title for Triple H at live events so the title has a presence because the boss doesn't have time to work Friday and Saturday nights on the road.

Shield versus Evolution is top draw right now. Keep the belt on the top of the card.

Justin LaBar is a staff writer for Trib Total Media. He can be reached at 412-320-7949 or

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