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Rob Rossi is a sports columnist for the Tribune-Review. Rob Rossi can be reached via e-mail or at 412-380-5635

Rossi: Hurdle needs better players, not blame

By Rob Rossi
Possession being nine-tenths of the law, whoever actually has that baseball Pedro Alvarez bombed into a boat should probably be allowed to keep it. But ...

Rossi: Choosing scorers over Cup playoffs

By Rob Rossi
On Sunday afternoon, hockey fans had to choose between viewing the most anticipated series of the Stanley Cup playoffs and an international championship match involving ...

Rossi: In Coates, a great catch by Steelers

By Rob Rossi
Sammie Coates can fly on the football field. He soars off it. Pittsburgh will be a better place sooner than later even if it takes ...

Rossi: Finding hockey at ‘Linebacker U’

By Rob Rossi
Winning works, and Guy Gadowsky seems to have figured out that part. But there are other ways for Gadowsky to pull hockey from the large ...

Rossi: Not too early to go with Kang

By Rob Rossi
Even while granting that a baseball club cannot be judged, let alone dismissed, as a pennant contender before contesting many more than the 26th of ...

Rossi: Pittsburgh could show NFL a draft party

By Rob Rossi
Let’s draft a new plan for the NFL Draft. And let’s start here. Bring it to Pittsburgh, Roger Goodell. And make it a week of partying instead of just three days of picking. I’m envisioning Gateway Clipper rides along the Mon ...

Rossi: Steelers’ need also was a pass rusher

By Rob Rossi
This Bud’s a “freakish athlete with a chiseled frame.” At least, that was the first thing that caught my eye while checking out’s analysis ...

Rossi: Steelers should corner the market at NFL Draft

By Rob Rossi
The corners are good. Those outside linebackers, though, are exceptional. For all the thoughts offered and any of the questions answered by Steelers GM Kevin Colbert ...

Rossi: Penguins’ best bet is on Martin

By Rob Rossi
Let’s talk hockey. You might have heard of it. Played on ice. The athletes wear skates and use sticks. Frozen, vulcanized rubber pucks, blue and red lines, dashers. Hockey. It’s what the Penguins want the talk to be about. So while we might ...

Rossi: Crosby, Malkin didn’t sign on for this

By Rob Rossi
NEW YORK — Promises get broken. So do hockey franchises. When those happenings coincide, something has to change. So even though the Penguins don’t want to end ...

Rossi: This type of hockey is a serious problem

By Rob Rossi
We’ve seen a lot of playoff hockey in these parts during the Sidney Crosby era. What we’re watching right now is barely hockey at all. ...

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