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Rob Rossi is a sports columnist for the Tribune-Review. Rob Rossi can be reached via e-mail or at 412-380-5635

Rossi: Fitting in will be Kang’s biggest hurdle

By Rob Rossi
BRADENTON, Fla. Into the clubhouse walked the player every Pirate is watching, and Jung Ho Kang came bearing gifts in the form of packets of ...

Rossi: Pirates must pay for Mr. Right

By Rob Rossi
BRADENTON, Fla. — There are 12 pictures, all in black and white, that line the wall of a hallway leading from the clubhouse to the ...

Rossi: Pirates better with Maz on scene

By Rob Rossi
BRADENTON, Fla. That smile was missed. So was everything that goes into forming it, basically everything that makes Bill Mazeroski the man among ...

Rossi: Winnik nice, but not enough for Penguins

By Rob Rossi
Maybe loading up on third-line wingers will win the Penguins the Stanley Cup. But general manager Jim Rutherford is wrong if he’s betting on that ...

Rossi: As a fan, everything was (almost) awesome

By Rob Rossi
Some guy picked the wrong night to behave like a smug jerk. But I’ll get to him later. This one is for the 18,591 other ...

Rossi: The game for Crosby is to change his

By Rob Rossi
Sidney Crosby isn’t injured. That report comes from people within his inner circle. But even those folks cannot explain the diminishing returns provided this season ...

Rossi: NFL has some deeds worth celebrating

By Rob Rossi
The best drama on TV is “Scandal.” The highest rated TV show of this year is the Super Bowl. Well, that’s just about perfect ...

Rossi: Pitt, PSU need to get a grip

By Rob Rossi
With the exception of Jordan Whitehead, Penn State still can take pretty much whichever high school football studs Pitt wants. Post that to Twitter. No ...

Rossi: Ex-Steelers RB Blount morphs into perfect Patriot

By Rob Rossi
GLENDALE, Ariz. In attendance at this Super Bowl were the Steelers’ two iconic running backs, Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis, and perhaps Pittsburgh’s next ...

Rossi: Brady, Belichick become immortal

By Rob Rossi
GLENDALE, Ariz. They’re the best, and the worst. This is the truly tragic part about Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. That coach is smug and arrogant. That quarterback is annoying because he has the arm, the looks and the supermodel ...

Rossi: History beckons for Seattle’s Seahawks

By Rob Rossi
PHOENIX — Glenn, Jerry and their wives are back at the Super Bowl. This time they won’t overpay for better seats. This time they aren’t ...

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