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Rossi: Rutherford shines as old boss pouts

By Rob Rossi
It’s called a record. And the goalie in Jim Rutherford probably would have battled to defend it Wednesday. The Goalie has a job: stop shots. ...

Rossi: Wild Wednesday proves Steelers rule

By Rob Rossi
Once the Penguins’ newest nifty sniper hits the city side coming from the Fort Pitt Tunnel, he’ll probably go the way of Pops, Mean Joe ...

Rossi: Bettman boo birds miss big picture

By Rob Rossi
SUNRISE, Fla. Fans in South Florida brought the heat Friday night, doing their presumed duty and echoing boos throughout BB&T Center when the NHL commissioner ...

Rossi: Penguins didn’t land winger, but it’s no time to panic

By Rob Rossi
SUNRISE, Fla. The NHL Entry Draft is less about bringing in new blood than it is opening hockey’s Silly Season for moves made by general managers with mandates to remake their clubs. Jim Rutherford may have just pulled one over ...

Rossi: Gonchar is what Pens need

By Rob Rossi
SUNRISE, Fla. — Nobody from the Penguins was in their hotel lobby when Sergei Gonchar showed up to greet members of his inner circle Friday ...

Rossi: Moats looks to make a splash with Steelers

By Rob Rossi
Arthur Moats is looking to be seen. He’s looking for Steelers’ coaches to see him as a starter. He’s looking for his younger teammates to ...

Rossi: How Pittsburgh can make MLS work

By Rob Rossi
You often see Pittsburgh like it was Wednesday night, only on a bigger scale, and for other sports. And that’s the point. For a weeknight ...

Rossi: Hacking scandal not about cheating

By Rob Rossi
You couldn’t build a better Pittsburgh sports fan than Kevin Colbert. In fact, given our conversations over the years, I couldn’t tell you if the ...

Rossi: Help needed to catch Cardinals

By Rob Rossi
The baseball sounded like “trouble” to Pirates general manager Neal Huntington as it sailed toward the Heinz ketchup decal on the right-center field wall at ...

Rossi: Narduzzi may have ‘right’ stuff

By Rob Rossi
The new football coach at Pittsburgh’s university has to win games, certainly more than he loses. Definitely more than for just one season. And probably, ...

Rossi: Safety nets obstruct baseball’s beauty

By Rob Rossi
Three hours taking in a view like no other is worth two round-trip hours in a car. Slippery Rock’s Chris Benninger gladly makes that trade ...

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