Fans pick new Steelers slogan

| Sunday, Sept. 24, 2006

It's a "Blitz for Six."

The Steeler Nation has spoken, dubbing the Steelers' chase for an unprecedented sixth Super Bowl ring "Blitz for Six" in a Tribune-Review online poll.

Chris Todd, 35, a Bethel Park native now living in Greenfield, Wis., was the first of several fans to submit the winning slogan and wins a pair of tickets to the Dec. 7 game between the Steelers and Browns.

"Sweet," he said after learning his catchphrase was chosen by readers. "I've been a part of the Steeler Nation since I was a kid. My dad's a season ticket holder. ... It's pretty neat to be recognized as part of it."

Todd's slogan far outpaced other contenders, receiving 34.5 percent of the thousands of votes cast.

The distant nine, with the first person to suggest the slogans and the percentage of votes received, were:

"Sixburgh," by Ryan Blair, 35, of Irwin, with 13.9 percent

"Don't stop there, the other hand's bare," from Steve Sokol, 38, of Harmar, with 13.1 percent

"Going for a six pack," by Pete Camarda, 49, of Shaler, with 11.9 percent

"Quest for Sixcess," by Jason Ruffing, of West Palm Beach, Fla., with 8.0 percent

"A band for the other hand," from Joe Lamatrice, 29, North Side, with 7.4 percent

"Fixed on 6," from Phil Hobbins, 22, of Greensburg, with 5.4 percent

"Six appeal," by Phil Smith, of Upper St. Clair, with 2.9 percent

"Chase for seis," from Sam "Steeler Sam" Sachs, 38, of Portland, Ore., with 2.3 percent

"Playing for the bling of a sixth ring," also from Ruffing, with .6 percent

Seven Trib employees picked the top 10 from more than 100 reader-submitted suggestions, ranging from the creative to the simple to the nonsensical. One fan submitted a poem, another, a song.

"6 in '06" was suggested repeatedly. While it's a great one if the Steelers win this season, fans chanted, sang and begged the last slogan -- "One for the thumb -- for 26 long years.

Like any habit, some Steelers fans are having trouble letting go, calling for "One for the other thumb," even though the preview to the poll clearly gave that uncreative phrase a thumbs down.

We know Pittsburgh fans are proud of their opposable thumbs, but it's time to talk about something else.

Also rejected quickly were would-be slogans that needed to be explained, like "2x3=6" or "Two for the new," or those that were tied to an individual player, coach or even the late Mayor Bob O'Connor -- "Big Ben strikes 6," "Rings around the Cowher" or "Honor for O'Connor."

Some proposed slogans made little sense or had some unintended double meanings:

"Big Nasty D hits, clears path for ring No. 6," sounds like a stop at the free clinic is needed.

"The Vie to Apply No. 6," sounds like we're chasing an ointment, not a ring.

This surprising entry, "Six not sex," left us puzzled.

A few trash-talking Cincinnati Bengals fans e-mailed their own suggestions, all about as clever as their own slogan: "Who Dey?"

"Who Dey?" all you want, you ring-less Bengals. You, like everyone else, have long known who the Steelers are.

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