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Brad Bumsted is a state Capitol reporter for the Trib. Brad Bumsted can be reached via e-mail or at 717-787-1405

State Senate GOP moving forward on pension reform

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG — With taxpayers’ costs soaring $1 billion for public pensions next year, Senate Republicans would lower benefits for current state and school workers, based ...

Pennsylvania lawmakers push for open public-sector union bargaining

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG — With billions of dollars at stake in upcoming state union negotiations, key lawmakers say they will look closely at legislation that would require public-sector union negotiating sessions to be open to taxpayers. “Secrecy breeds distrust,” said Sen. Ryan Aument, ...

Lawmaker says Pa. should study Internet gaming, sports betting

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG — To remain competitive with other states in garnering gambling revenue, Pennsylvania needs to look at legalizing Internet gaming and fantasy sports betting, the ...

Union pacts a big question mark in Pennsylvania budget

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG — Raises for unionized state employees, who receive pay and benefits totaling billions of dollars, are a huge unknown factor in trying to craft ...

Former lawmaker Ramaley joins Pa. Department of Labor and Industry

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG — Former state Rep. Sean Ramaley, acquitted of six felonies in a 2009 corruption trial, began work as a deputy secretary at the Department ...

Kane investigation began with letter from former top state prosecutors on suspected leaks

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG — For almost six months, it remained a mystery how a statewide grand jury investigation of Attorney General Kathleen Kane began. Special prosecutor Thomas Carluccio unceremoniously provided the answer in a document filed last month with the state Supreme ...

Scenarios don’t let Kane off hook, even if state high court tosses criminal case

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG — Even if the state Supreme Court throws out a grand jury’s criminal case against Attorney General Kathleen Kane, legal experts say she might not be in the clear. Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman could independently investigate ...

Pennsylvania AG Kane fights to have grand jury presentment thrown out

By Brad Bumsted
PHILADELPHIA — The lawyer in a dark blazer, wearing a string of pearls, sat in the back row of the courtroom listening intently to five ...

2 Pa. lawmakers, former House member arrested on corruption charges

By Brad Bumsted
PHILADELPHIA — An influence-peddling case that Attorney General Kathleen Kane rejected has netted six arrests of public officials on bribery charges and the Philadelphia district ...

AG Kane talks Medicaid fraud at budget hearing with friendly lawmakers

By Brad Bumsted
Attorney General Kathleen Kane accepted praise from lawmakers who largely avoided her personal legal problems Tuesday as she talked about Medicaid fraud and drug crimes to justify a  $97.5 million budget request for her office. Kane appeared relaxed and amiable ...

Fiscal Office director puts Pa. budget deficit well below Wolf’s estimate

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG — Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is pushing “a gigantic tax increase” that hits the middle class and picks winners and losers among school districts ...