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Sniffer lets PixController detect methane gas leaks

By David Conti
PixController has been providing remote eyes to companies, outdoorsmen and government agencies with its Web-based and cellular-enabled surveillance cameras for more than a decade. The Murrysville-based ...

Shale gas violations down as DEP steps up inspections
Gas boom brings successes, struggles to W.Va. communities
Clean Air Council challenges Sunoco Pipeline’s public utility status
Regulators expect lawsuit over oil, gas rules process
Fracking next step at Penn Township drill site


Pa. utility regulators set new rules for gas heating bills

By Tribune-Review
Pennsylvanians who heat their homes with natural gas supplied by a company other than their standard utility will soon see changes on their monthly bills. The state Public Utility Commission on Thursday approved rules that require certain standardized information on the bills, which are issued by utilities. Customers will see the ...


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Faces in Energy

Energy Spotlight: Summerly Kulik

By Tory N. Parrish
The lawyers who help keep the oil and gas industry running do much of their work behind the scenes, Summerly Kulik says. “The legal field is ...

‘O’ Ring CEO Beatty says compressed natural gas catching on as vehicle fuel
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Energy spotlight: Larry Schweiger
Deep Well Services president discusses recruiting, hiring in downturn
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Cheap Spots

The lowest gas prices in town, via

Where the rigs are

The latest shale wells drilled in Pennsylvania.
8/31/2015Cabot Oil & GasGibson, Susquehanna CountyBOLCATO
8/28/2015JKLM EnergySweden TwpREESE HOLLOW (3 wells)
8/28/2015Range ResourcesDonegal, Washington CountyDMC PROPERTIES
8/25/2015Range ResourcesFawn, Allegheny CountyBELLO CHARLES (6 wells)
8/25/2015Rice EnergyNorth Bethlehem, Washington CountyIRON MAN (4 wells)
8/21/2015Southwestern EnergyFranklin, Susquehanna CountyKING NORTH (3 wells)
8/21/2015Southwestern EnergyFranklin, Susquehanna CountyKING SOUTHEAST (3 wells)
8/19/2015EQTAmwell, Washington CountyF I MONINGER (5 wells)
8/15/2015Southwestern EnergyOakland, Susquehanna CountyWALKER DIEHL (2 wells)
8/14/2015Chesapeake EnergyTuscarora, Bradford CountyRAMBLINROSE BRA
8/13/2015XTO EnergyButler Twp., Butler CountyBRISTON
8/12/2015Southwestern EnergyOrwell, Bradford CountyCOOLEY
8/12/2015Vantage EnergyWashington Twp., Greene CountyGOOD (3 wells)
8/11/2015EQTWashington Twp., Greene CountyPETTIT
8/10/2015Chesapeake EnergyWindham, Wyoming CountyROSALIE S WYO
8/9/2015Southwestern EnergyHerrick, Bradford CountyHOWLAND LENT
8/5/2015Southwestern EnergyStevens, Bradford CountySWISHER
8/5/2015Vantage EnergyCenter Twp., Greene CountySHUMAKER (3 wells)
8/3/2015Range ResourcesJefferson TwpWALASIK, TERRY (7 wells)
7/31/2015Seneca ResourcesJones TwpCOP WT 2591 (2 wells)
7/30/2015Southwestern EnergyHerrick, Bradford CountyWHIPPLE
7/29/2015Vantage EnergyJackson, Greene CountyJAMES RICE (2 wells)
7/29/2015Seneca ResourcesJones, Elk CountyCOP WT 2591 (2 wells)
7/27/2015XTO EnergyClearfield Twp., Butler CountyGALAN (3 wells)
7/26/2015Seneca ResourcesJones, Elk CountyCOP WT 2591 (2 wells)
7/24/2015Chesapeake EnergyMehoopany, Wyoming CountyFOX WYO
7/23/2015Cabot Oil & GasBridgewater, Susquehanna CountyWARRINER (4 wells)
7/21/2015Cabot Oil & GasBridgewater, Susquehanna CountyHALLIDAY (5 wells)
7/20/2015Talisman EnergyOrwell, Bradford CountyAYERS (4 wells)
7/18/2015Apex EnergyPenn, Westmoreland CountyQUEST REALTY CENTRAL
7/17/2015Range ResourcesFrazer, Allegheny CountyGULICK (5 wells)
7/17/2015Seneca ResourcesJones, Elk CountyCOP WT 2624 (6 wells)
7/14/2015EdgeMarc EnergyOakland, Butler CountyPOLARIS (3 wells)
7/13/2015Southwestern EnergyJackson, Susquehanna CountyMULLOY (4 wells)
7/11/2015EgdeMarc EnergyOakland, Butler CountyPOLARIS (5 wells)
7/10/2015Chesapeake EnergyMonroe Twp., Bradford CountyJOHNSON BRA (2 wells)
7/10/2015Range ResourcesSomerset Twp., Washington CountyEAKIN, SANDRA
7/7/2015EQTMorgan, Greene CountyWHITE (6 wells)
7/7/2015Cabot Oil & GasGibson, Susquehanna CountyBOLCATO (3 wells)
7/7/2015Rice EnergyAmwell, Washington CountyCP (2 wells)
7/7/2015EQTFallowfield, Washington CountyKEVECH
7/6/2015EQTMorris, Greene CountyHARDEN FARMS (21 wells)
7/3/2015Rex EnergyClay, Butler CountyFLEEGER (4 wells)
7/2/2015ChevronDunkard, Greene CountyHENDRICKSON (3 wells)
7/2/2015Cabot Oil & GasGibson, Susquehanna CountyBOLCATO
7/1/2015Southwestern EnergyClifford, Susquehanna CountyBERNSTEIN PRICE
6/29/2015ChevronDunkard, Greene CountyHENDRICKSON (3 wells)
6/22/2015Southwestern EnergyClifford, Susquehanna CountyBERNSTEIN PRICE
6/22/2015Southwestern EnergyClifford, Susquehanna CountyBERNSTEIN PRICE
6/19/2015Seneca ResourcesShippen, Cameron CountySRC WT 2353 (3 wells)
6/18/2015XTOSummit, Butler CountySALVATORA (2 wells)
6/18/2015EQTWashington Twp., Greene CountySHIPMAN
6/17/2015XTODonegal, Butler CountyMOURER B
6/17/2015Seneca ResourcesShippen, Cameron CountySRC WT 2353 (2 wells)
6/16/2015EQTMorgan, Greene CountyHILDEBRAND (2 wells)
6/16/2015Apex EnergyPenn, Westmoreland CountyQUEST REALTY CENTRAL (2 wells)
6/15/2015Seneca ResourcesShippen, Cameron CountySRC WT 2353 (2 wells)


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