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State approves permits for gas-fueled electrical generating plant in South Huntingdon

By Joe Napsha
The state has approved permits for a Nebraska energy company to proceed with building a 950-megawatt, natural gas-fueled electrical generating plant in South Huntingdon, a project that sparked opposition from neighboring residents and environmental activists concerned about potential pollution. Tenaska Pennsylvania Partners LLP received approval last month from the state Department ...


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Faces in Energy

Weavertown Environmental’s female CEO doesn’t think in terms of gender

By Katelyn Ferral
Dawn Fuchs has led her company in an industry dominated by men for more than 30 years. The president and CEO of Carnegie-based Weavertown Environmental Group ...

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Cheap Spots

The lowest gas prices in town, via

Where the rigs are

The latest shale wells drilled in Pennsylvania.
5/2/2015Hilcorp EnergyLackawannock, Mercer CountyLACKAWANNOCK WENGERD (3 wells)
5/1/2015Chesapeake EnergyOverton, Bradford CountyBACORN
5/1/2015Chesapeake EnergyOverton, Bradford CountyHARLAN (2 wells)
4/30/2015Hilcorp EnergyLackawannock, Mercer CountyLACKAWANNOCK-WENGERD (2 wells)
4/29/2015PA Land ResourcesFranklin Twp., Greene CountyTHROCKMORTON (2 wells)
4/28/2015Southwestern EnergyNew Milford, Susquehanna CountyBAC REALTY (3 wells)
4/26/2015Southwestern EnergyJackson, Susquehanna CountyFREITAG
4/25/2015Hilcorp Energy Lackawannock, Mercer CountyLACKAWANNOCK WENGERD (6 wells)
4/25/2015EQT Amwell, Washington CountyGALLAGHER (3 wells)
4/24/2015Southwestern Energy Jackson, Susquehanna CountyFREITAG (4 wells)
4/24/2015Talisman EnergyMiddletown, Susquehanna CountyCAMP COMFORT
4/24/2015Range ResourcesNottingham, Washington CountyMALACHOSKY EDWARD (4 wells)
4/23/2015Hilcorp Energy Lackawannock, Mercer CountyLACKAWANNOCK-WENGERD (2 wells)
4/22/2015Southwestern Energy Jackson, Susquehanna CountyFREITAG
4/21/2015Seneca ResourcesNorwich, McKean CountySGL 30 WT (2 wells)
4/21/2015Cabot Oil & GasDimock, Susquehanna CountyBLAISURE (2 wells)
4/20/2015Southwestern EnergyNew Milford, Susquehanna CountyBAC REALTY (3 wells)
4/19/2015Talisman EnergyStevens, Bradford CountyBENNETT
4/19/2015EQTMorgan, Greene CountyCHRISTEN (3 wells)
4/19/2015Seneca ResourcesNorwich, McKean CountySGL 30 WT 2721
4/19/2015EQTCarroll, Washington CountyR SMITH (4 wells)
4/18/2015Rex EnergyCenter, Butler CountyFLEEGER (2 wells)
4/18/2015Range ResourcesClinton Twp., Butler CountyKANE WILLIAM (5 wells)
4/17/2015Seneca ResourcesNorwich, McKean CountySGL 30 WT 2721
4/17/2015Talsiman EnergyMiddletown, Susquehanna CountyCAMP COMFORT (2 wells)
4/16/2015Rex EnergyCenter, Butler CountyFLEEGER (2 wells)
4/16/2015Consol EnergyCenter, Greene CountyCONSOL
4/15/2015Talisman EnergyMiddletown, Susquehanna CountyCAMP COMFORT (5 wells)
4/14/2015Seneca ResourcesNorwich, McKean CountySGL 30 WT 2721 (4 wells)
4/13/2015Rice EnergyFallowfield, Washington CountyWOLVERINE (3 wells)
4/9/2015EQT Washington Twp., Greene CountyPETTIT
4/9/2015Energy Corp. of AmericaWhiteley TwpBARNES - A J MORRIS (2 wells)
4/8/2015EQTKittanning Twp, Armstrong CountyBLANEY
4/8/2015Rex EnergyMuddycreek, Butler CountyDUNMIRE
4/8/2015EQTNottingham, Washington CountyHARBISON (2 wells)
4/7/2015Energy Corp. of AmericaWhiteley, Greene CountyBARNES - A J MORRIS (2 wells)
4/7/2015Southwestern EnergyOakland, Susquehanna CountyBUCKHORN (2 wells)
4/6/2015Rex EnergyMuddycreek, Butler CountyDUNMIRE (2 wells)
3/31/2015Range ResourcesCummings, Lycoming CountySHOHOCKEN HUNT CLUB
3/30/2015Vantage EnergyCenter, Greene CountySOTLER
3/30/2015Range ResourcesCogan House, Lycoming CountyRED BEND (2 wells)
3/30/2015Rice EnergyFallowfield, Washington CountyWOLVERINE (2 wells)
3/27/2015XTO EnergyDonegal, Butler CountyANGERT (2 wells)
3/26/2015EQTWashington Twp., Greene CountyPETTIT (2 wells)
3/25/2015Chesapeake EnergyWilmot, Bradford CountyMAKAYLA (3 wells)
3/25/2015EdgeMarc EnergyConcord, Butler CountyLYNX (4 wells)
3/25/2015Cabot Oil & GasJackson, Susquehanna CountyCOLWELL A (3 wells)
3/24/2015Noble EnergyRichhill, Greene CountyRHL22 (8 wells)
3/23/2015EQTWest Franklin, Armstrong CountyCENTURY HILL
3/23/2015Inflection EnergyHepburn, Lycoming CountyHANNAN (4 wells)
3/23/2015Southwestern EnergyOakland, Susquehanna CountyCOLEMAN EAST
3/21/2015EdgeMarc EnergyConcord, Butler CountyLYNX (8 wells)
3/20/2015Seneca ResourcesShippen, Cameron CountySRC WT 5034
3/19/2015XTO EnergyClearfield Twp., Butler CountyBOYLE A
3/19/2015Range ResourcesRobinson, Washington CountyMOORE PARK (2 wells)
3/18/2015Talisman EnergyStevens, Bradford CountyBENNETT (4 wells)
3/18/2015Cabot Oil & GasDimock, Susquehanna CountyKING D (5 wells)
3/18/2015Range ResourcesDonegal, Washington CountyCLAYSVILLE SPORTSMANS
3/16/2015Range ResourcesClinton Twp., Butler CountyGOLDSCHEITTER (4 wells)


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