Ex-coal exec pleads not guilty in W.Va. mine blast

By The Associated Press
BECKLEY, W.Va. — Ex-coal company chief executive Don Blankenship pleaded not guilty Thursday to conspiracy and other charges in the deadliest U.S. mine accident in ...

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Coal exec’s image looms in deadly blast case


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Where the rigs are

The latest shale wells drilled in Pennsylvania.
11/24/2014XTO Energy Clearfield, Butler County BERGBIGLER B
11/23/2014Seneca Resources Shippen, Cameron Coutny SRC WT 2354
11/20/2014Southwestern EnergyNew Milford, Susquehanna CountyDRANN
11/19/2014Seneca Resources Shippen, Cameron County SRC WT 2354
11/17/2014Cabot Oil & Gas Ararat, Susquehanna CountyLERNER (3 wells)
11/17/2014Southwestern EnergyGreat Bend, Susquehanna CountyHUGHES SOUTH
11/14/2014Range Resources Mount Pleasant, Washington CountyTOWARD (5 wells)
11/14/2014Rice DrillingWest Pike Run, Washington CountyCAPTAIN JACK SPARROW (4 wells)
11/13/2014EQTMorgan, Greene CountyBEAZER
11/11/2014Talisman EnergyOrwell, Bradford CountyCOOLEY (3 wells)
11/11/2014Range Resources Lewis, Lycoming CountyGOODWILL
11/11/2014Cabot Oil and GasHarford, Susquehanna CountySTRAUSS (5 wells)
11/8/2014Range ResourcesSnow Shoe, Centre CountyGULF USA
11/8/2014EQTFox, Elk CountyTOBY VALLEY (2 wells)
11/8/2014Hilcorp EnergyNeshannock, Lanwrence CountyNESHANNOCK LCED
11/7/2014Talisman EnergyColumbia, Bradford CountyFEUSNER (4 wells)
11/7/2014EQTWashington Twp., Jefferson CountyCHRISTOFF (4 wells)
11/6/2014Samson EnergyShippen, Cameron CountyPARDEE & CURTIN LUMBER CO (2 wells)
11/6/2014Chief Oil & GasSpringville, Susquehanna CountyCLARK
11/5/2014Talisman EnergyColumbia, Bradford CountyFEUSNER
11/5/2014EQTMorgan, Greene CountyBEAZER
11/5/2014Southwestern EnergyJackson, Susquehanna CountyKARMAZIN
11/4/2014Chief Oil & GasSpringville, Susquehanna CountyCLARK (4 wells)
11/3/2014EQTForward, Allegheny CountyOLIVER EAST
11/3/2014Talisman EnergyColumbia, Bradford CountyVANBLARCOM
10/31/2014Range ResourcesRobinson, Washington CountyKENDALL (5 wells)
10/28/2014EQTWashington Twp., Greene CountyBIG SKY (8 wells)
10/28/2014Hilcorp EnergyMahoning, Lawrence CountyMAHONING SIEGEL
10/28/2014Range ResourcesAmwell, Washington CountyWAGERS (4 wells)
10/27/2014Noble EnergyWest Finley, Washington CountyWFN10 (5 wells)
10/27/2014Chesapeake EnergyWashington Twp., Wyoming CountyGARRISON WYO (4 wells)
10/26/2014Range ResourcesCogan House, Lycoming CountyLAUREL HILL (2 wells)
10/26/2014EQTMorgan, Greene CountyBEAZER (3 wells)
10/25/2014Range ResourcesLewis, Lycoming CountyCORNWALL (4 wells)
10/24/2014Campbell Oil & GasDerry, Westmoreland CountyDUFF
10/22/2014Hilcorp EnergyMahoning, Lawrence CountyMAHONING SEIGEL
10/22/2014Range ResourcesCogan House, Lycoming CountyLAUREL HILL (4 wells)
10/22/2014Southwestern EnergyNew Milford, Susquehanna CountyKOZIOL (2 wells)
10/21/2014Range ResourcesAnthony, Lycoming CountySECHRIST MARK
10/21/2014AnadarkoCummings, Lycoming CountyCOP
10/19/2014Chief Oil & GasElkland, Sullivan CountyKUZIAK (2 wells)
10/18/2014EQTMorgan, Greene CountyBEAZER (3 wells)
10/18/2014Consol EnergyMorris, Greene CountyHYDE (2 wells)
10/18/2014Chief Oil & GasElkland, Sullivan CountyKUZIAK (2 wells)
10/17/2014Vantage EnergyFranklin Twp., Greene CountyPATTON
10/17/2014Inflection EnergyEldred, Lycoming CountyTLC (4 wells)
10/16/2014Chief Oil & GasElkland, Sullivan CountyKUZIAK (2 wells)
10/16/2014Chief Oil & GasElkland, Sullivan CountyREIBSON EAST
10/16/2014Southwestern EnergyJackson, Susquehanna CountyFOLKVARD
10/15/2014EQTMorris, Greene CountySCOTTS RUN
10/14/2014Vantage EnergyFranklin Twp., Greene CountyPATTON (3 wells)
10/14/2014Southwestern EnergyJackson, Susquehanna CountyDROPP
10/14/2014Range ResourcesNorth Strabane, Washington CountyBIER ALBERT (5 wells)
10/13/2014Chesapeake Monroe Twp., Bradford CountyLUCY N BRA
10/13/2014Rice EnergyAleppo, Greene CountyCHARLES BEHM (3 wells)
10/13/2014Inflection EnergyEldred, Lycoming CountyWINTER (2 wells)
10/13/2014Chief Oil & GasElkland, Sullivan CountyREIBSON
10/13/2014Southwestern EnergyJackson, Susquehanna CountyLEONARD
10/9/2014Cabot Oil & GasBrooklyn, Susquehanna CountyDIAZ FAMILY (2 wells)
10/8/2014Snyder BrosEast Franklin Twp., Armstrong CountyAMBROSE
10/8/2014EQTMorgan, Greene CountyBEAZER (2 wells)
10/8/2014AnadarkoCummings, Lycoming CountyCOP TRACT 356
10/8/2014Southwestern EnergyNew Milford, Susquehanna CountyCOLWELL WEST
10/8/2014Range ResourcesChartiers, Washington CountyA & D FERGUSON DEV (2 wells)
10/7/2014Southwestern EnergyOakland, Susquehanna CountyCOLWELL NORTH
10/7/2014ChesapeakeMeshoppen, Wyoming CountyLASHER SW SUS (2 wells)
10/7/2014ChesapeakeMeshoppen, Wyoming CountyMCDONOUGH WYO
10/6/2014Snyder BrosEast Franklin Twp., Armstrong CountyAMBROSE (2 wells)
10/6/2014Range ResourcesSnow Shoe, Centre CountyGULF USA
10/6/2014Range ResourcesChartiers, Washington CountyA&D FERGUSON DEV (3 wells)
10/5/2014Range ResourcesRobinson, Washington CountyPAREES (2 wells)
10/4/2014XTO EnergyClearfield Twp. Butler CountyBERGBIGLER (5 wells)
10/4/2014Range ResourcesAnthony, Lycoming CountySECHRIST MARK
10/3/2014ChesapeakeAuburn, Susquehanna CountyDAVIS
10/3/2014ChesapeakeAuburn, Susquehanna CountyKIPAR (3 wells)
10/3/2014Consol EnergyEast Finley, Washington CountyCONSOL (10 wells)
10/2/2014Talisman EnergyArmenia Twp., Bradford CountyKLEIN (4 wells)
10/1/2014Vantage EnergyWashington TwpHABE (7 wells)
10/1/2014Hilcorp EnergyMahoning, Lawrence CountyMAHONING SIEGEL (2 wells)
10/1/2014AnadarkoCogan House Twp., Lycoming CountyKURT H HAUFLER (3 wells)
9/30/2014Range ResourcesRobinson, Washington CountyPAREES (5 wells)
9/29/2014Rex EnergyConnoquenessing Twp., Butler CountyBLOOM (3 wells)
9/26/2014EQTWashington Twp., Jefferson CountyWEED (4 wells)
9/24/2014Cabot Oil & Gas Brooklyn, Susquehanna CountyFOLTZ
9/24/2014Campbell Oil & GasDerry Twp., Westmoreland CountyDUFF


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