In North Dakota, wind energy closes the gap on coal

By Minot Daily News
MINOT, N.D. — While coal-powered mines will probably be the No. 1 source for producing electricity in North Dakota, wind energy is slowly closing the gap. At Basin Electric Cooperative, the co-op members asked Basin to produce 10 percent of its energy through renewable resources, primarily wind and hydro power. Within ...


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Where the rigs are

The latest shale wells drilled in Pennsylvania.
12/15/2014Chevron Appalacia Luzerne, Fayette CountyBAILY UNIT
12/15/2014Rice Drilling Aleppo, Greene CountyJOHN BRIGGS
12/15/2014Anadarko Cogan House, LycomingKENMAR HC (2 wells)
12/14/2014Range ResourcesBlaine, Washington CountyPA GAME COMMISSION (3 wells)
12/13/2014Chevron Luzerne, Fayette CountyBAILY
12/13/2014Anadarko Cogan House, Lycoming CountyKENMAR HC ( 2 wells)
12/13/2014Seneca Resources Norwich, McKean CountySRC WT 2720
12/13/2014Chief Oil & GasFox, Sullivan CountyPA WOODLANDS UNIT
12/12/2014CNX Gas Co.Washington, Westmoreland CountyGAUT 4IHSU
12/11/2014EM Energy Oakland, Butler CountyURSA MINOR (8 wells)
12/11/2014Chevron Luzerne, Fayette CountyBAILY
12/11/2014Seneca Resources Norwich, McKean CountySRC WT 2720
12/11/2014Hilcorp EnergyJefferson, Mercer CountyJEFFERSON ZIGO
12/10/2014ShellDelmar, Tioga CountyMILLER
12/9/2014Chevron Luzerne, Fayette CountyBAILY
12/9/2014Seneca Resources Norwich, McKean CountySRC WT 2720
12/7/2014Seneca ResourcesJones, Elk CountyCOP WT
12/6/2014Rice EnergyWest Pike Run, Washington CountyCAPTAIN JACK SPARROW
12/6/2014Warren E & PWashington Twp., Wyoming CountyMIRABELLI (3 wells)
12/5/2014Rice EnergyAleppo, Greene CountyROGER PARRY (3 wells)
12/5/2014EQTMorris, Greene CountyJOHNSTON (19 wells)
12/5/2014Chief Oil & GasLathrop, Susquehanna CountyPHELPS (2 wells)
12/5/2014Range ResourcesNorth Strabane, Washington CountyJEFFRIES ELISABETH (5 wells)
12/4/2014Seneca ResourcesJones, Elk CountyCOP WT (4 wells)
12/4/2014Southwestern EnergyJackson, Susquehanna CountyWHITEHEAD (2 wells)
12/2/2014Rex EnergyCenter Twp., Butler CountyRENICK (2 wells)
12/2/2014Chief Oil & GasMcNett, Lycoming CountyWISSLER SOUTH
12/1/2014Cabot Oil & GasGibson, Susquehanna CountySTELLITANO (7 wells)
12/1/2014Inflection EnergyEldred, Lycoming CountyREITZ (4 wells)
12/1/2014Chief Oil & Gas Lathrop, Susquehanna CountyPHELPS
11/27/2014Rice EnergyWest Pike Run, Washington CountyCAPTAIN JACK SPARROW
11/26/2014Rice EnergyAleppo, Greene CountyCHARLES BEHM
11/26/2014Hilcorp EnergyNeshannock, Lawrence CountyNESHANNOCK
11/26/2014Range ResourcesIndependence, Washington CountyKRAEER (4 wells)
11/25/2014Chief Oil & Gas Harford, Susquehanna CountyHERBERT
11/25/2014Range ResourcesCanton, Washington County KOPKO MICHAEL (4 wells)
11/24/2014XTO Energy Clearfield, Butler County BERGBIGLER B
11/23/2014Seneca Resources Shippen, Cameron Coutny SRC WT 2354
11/20/2014Southwestern EnergyNew Milford, Susquehanna CountyDRANN
11/19/2014Seneca Resources Shippen, Cameron County SRC WT 2354
11/17/2014Cabot Oil & Gas Ararat, Susquehanna CountyLERNER (3 wells)
11/17/2014Southwestern EnergyGreat Bend, Susquehanna CountyHUGHES SOUTH
11/14/2014Range Resources Mount Pleasant, Washington CountyTOWARD (5 wells)
11/14/2014Rice EnergyWest Pike Run, Washington CountyCAPTAIN JACK SPARROW (4 wells)


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