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Gas producers partner with utilities to extend public water lines

By David Conti
Seven years ago, officials at Pennsylvania American Water debated whether the company should provide water to the new shale gas industry taking hold in the state. “In the early days, there were a lot of issues around water quality and water quantity,” Senior Vice President Kathy Pape said last week during ...


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Faces in Energy

CMU professor’s battery could help make renewables more affordable

By Tory N. Parrish
The falling price of renewable energy systems, such as solar panels, bodes well for consumers, the environment and manufacturers, said Jay Whitacre, founder of a ...

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Cheap Spots

The lowest gas prices in town, via

Where the rigs are

The latest shale wells drilled in Pennsylvania.
9/28/2015EQTMorris, Greene CountyHARDEN FARMS
9/28/2015Southwestern EnergyJackson, Susquehanna CountyMULLOY
9/24/2015Apex EnergyHempfield, Westmoreland CountyWEITZ SOUTH (2 wells)
9/23/2015XTO EnergyJefferson, Butler CountyCHRISTENSEN
9/21/2015Talisman EnergyColumbia, Bradford CountyALDERFER (3 wells)
9/21/2015Apex EnergyHempfield, Westmoreland CountyWEITZ SOUTH
9/20/2015Seneca ResourcesSergeant, McKean CountyCOP WT 2314 (5 wells)
9/18/2015Talisman EnergyColumbia, Bradford CountyALDERFER (6 wells)
9/15/2015Seneca ResourcesSergeant, McKean CountyCOP WT 2314 (4 wells)
9/14/2015Rice EnergyRichhill, Greene CountyDENNIS CHOLAK (2 wells)
9/14/2015Southwestern EnergyGreat Bend, Susquehanna CountyDAYTON (2 wells)
9/13/2015ChevronGreene Twp., Greene CountyCOMMONWEALTH (6 wells)
9/8/2015Southwestern EnergyJackson, Susquehanna CountySWOPE (4 wells)
9/8/2015Rice EnergyNorth Strabane, Washington CountyBAZOOKA JOE (6 wells)
9/4/2015Cabot Oil & GasGibson, Susquehanna CountyLAMBERT (9 wells)
9/2/2015ChevronDunkard, Greene CountyHENDRICKSON
9/1/2015ChevronLuzerne, Fayette CountySTEWART (6 wells)
9/1/2015Cabot Oil & GasHarford, Susquehanna CountyFERGUSON (6 wells)
8/31/2015Cabot Oil & GasGibson, Susquehanna CountyBOLCATO
8/28/2015Southwestern EnergyFranklin Twp., Susquehanna CountyKING SOUTHEAST
8/28/2015JKLM EnergySweden TwpREESE HOLLOW (3 wells)
8/28/2015Range ResourcesDonegal, Washington CountyDMC PROPERTIES
8/25/2015Range ResourcesFawn, Allegheny CountyBELLO CHARLES (6 wells)
8/25/2015Rice EnergyNorth Bethlehem, Washington CountyIRON MAN (4 wells)
8/21/2015Southwestern EnergyFranklin, Susquehanna CountyKING NORTH (3 wells)
8/21/2015Southwestern EnergyFranklin, Susquehanna CountyKING SOUTHEAST (3 wells)
8/19/2015EQTAmwell, Washington CountyF I MONINGER (5 wells)
8/15/2015Southwestern EnergyOakland, Susquehanna CountyWALKER DIEHL (2 wells)
8/14/2015Chesapeake EnergyTuscarora, Bradford CountyRAMBLINROSE BRA
8/13/2015XTO EnergyButler Twp., Butler CountyBRISTON
8/12/2015Southwestern EnergyOrwell, Bradford CountyCOOLEY
8/12/2015Vantage EnergyWashington Twp., Greene CountyGOOD (3 wells)
8/11/2015EQTWashington Twp., Greene CountyPETTIT
8/10/2015Chesapeake EnergyWindham, Wyoming CountyROSALIE S WYO
8/9/2015Southwestern EnergyHerrick, Bradford CountyHOWLAND LENT
8/5/2015Southwestern EnergyStevens, Bradford CountySWISHER
8/5/2015Vantage EnergyCenter Twp., Greene CountySHUMAKER (3 wells)
8/3/2015Range ResourcesJefferson TwpWALASIK, TERRY (7 wells)


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