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Energy Spotlight: Matt Stepp

By Katelyn Ferral
Matt Stepp wants to steer the conversation about Pennsylvania’s renewable energy prospects toward their potential economic impact. “We really don’t often hear the impact that the ...

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Energy Spotlight: Jaime Johnson
Seneca marketing manager knows gas industry cycles
Energy Spotlight: Ryan T. Purpura
Energy Spotlight: Lauren Parker

Fuel Gauge

Average gallon of gas in Western Pennsylvania:
$2.93 (↑3.6 cents)

Cheap Spots

The lowest gas prices in town, via

Where the rigs are

The latest shale wells drilled in Pennsylvania.
5/26/2015Seneca ResourcesJones, Elk CountyCOP WT 2661 (4 wells)
5/23/2015EQTCarroll, Washington CountyHAYWOOD
5/21/2015Range ResourcesSomerset Twp., Washington CountyEAKIN, SANDRA (4 wells)
5/19/2015Cabot Oil & GasDimock, Susquehanna CountyH PETERSEN (2 wells)
5/19/2015EQTCarroll, Washington CountyR SMITH
5/16/2015EQTWashington Twp., Greene CountyBIG SKY (7 wells)
5/13/2015Rex EnergyLittle Beaver, Lawrence CountyPATTERSON
5/13/2015EQTCarroll, Washington CountyHAYWOOD
5/12/2015Cabot Oil & GasHarford, Susquehanna CountyDECKER T (5 wells)
5/12/2015Range ResourcesJefferson Twp., Washington CountyGALARAN (7 wells)
5/11/2015Southwestern EnergyNew Milford, Susquehanna CountyTNT LIMITED PARTNERSHIP (5 wells)
5/10/2015Seneca ResourcesSaint Marys, Elk CountySGL 25
5/10/2015ChevronGerman, Fayette CountyZALAC (2 wells)
5/7/2015XTO EnergyDonegal, Butler CountyMOURER A
5/7/2015Seneca ResourcesSaint Marys, Elk CountySGL 25
5/7/2015ChevronGerman, Fayette CountyZALAC (5 wells)
5/7/2015Rice EnergySomerset Twp., Washington CountyRUMPELSTILTSKIN (4 wells)
5/6/2015Rice EnergyWest Pike Run, Washington CountyWIGGIN OUT (5 wells)
5/2/2015Hilcorp EnergyLackawannock, Mercer CountyLACKAWANNOCK WENGERD (3 wells)
5/1/2015Chesapeake EnergyOverton, Bradford CountyBACORN
5/1/2015Chesapeake EnergyOverton, Bradford CountyHARLAN (2 wells)
4/30/2015Hilcorp EnergyLackawannock, Mercer CountyLACKAWANNOCK-WENGERD (2 wells)
4/29/2015PA Land ResourcesFranklin Twp., Greene CountyTHROCKMORTON (2 wells)
4/28/2015Southwestern EnergyNew Milford, Susquehanna CountyBAC REALTY (3 wells)
4/26/2015Southwestern EnergyJackson, Susquehanna CountyFREITAG
4/25/2015Hilcorp Energy Lackawannock, Mercer CountyLACKAWANNOCK WENGERD (6 wells)
4/25/2015EQT Amwell, Washington CountyGALLAGHER (3 wells)
4/24/2015Southwestern Energy Jackson, Susquehanna CountyFREITAG (4 wells)
4/24/2015Talisman EnergyMiddletown, Susquehanna CountyCAMP COMFORT
4/24/2015Range ResourcesNottingham, Washington CountyMALACHOSKY EDWARD (4 wells)
4/23/2015Hilcorp Energy Lackawannock, Mercer CountyLACKAWANNOCK-WENGERD (2 wells)
4/22/2015Southwestern Energy Jackson, Susquehanna CountyFREITAG
4/21/2015Seneca ResourcesNorwich, McKean CountySGL 30 WT (2 wells)
4/21/2015Cabot Oil & GasDimock, Susquehanna CountyBLAISURE (2 wells)
4/20/2015Southwestern EnergyNew Milford, Susquehanna CountyBAC REALTY (3 wells)
4/19/2015Talisman EnergyStevens, Bradford CountyBENNETT
4/19/2015EQTMorgan, Greene CountyCHRISTEN (3 wells)
4/19/2015Seneca ResourcesNorwich, McKean CountySGL 30 WT 2721
4/19/2015EQTCarroll, Washington CountyR SMITH (4 wells)
4/18/2015Rex EnergyCenter, Butler CountyFLEEGER (2 wells)
4/18/2015Range ResourcesClinton Twp., Butler CountyKANE WILLIAM (5 wells)
4/17/2015Seneca ResourcesNorwich, McKean CountySGL 30 WT 2721
4/17/2015Talsiman EnergyMiddletown, Susquehanna CountyCAMP COMFORT (2 wells)
4/16/2015Rex EnergyCenter, Butler CountyFLEEGER (2 wells)
4/16/2015Consol EnergyCenter, Greene CountyCONSOL
4/15/2015Talisman EnergyMiddletown, Susquehanna CountyCAMP COMFORT (5 wells)
4/14/2015Seneca ResourcesNorwich, McKean CountySGL 30 WT 2721 (4 wells)
4/13/2015Rice EnergyFallowfield, Washington CountyWOLVERINE (3 wells)
4/9/2015EQT Washington Twp., Greene CountyPETTIT
4/9/2015Energy Corp. of AmericaWhiteley TwpBARNES - A J MORRIS (2 wells)
4/8/2015EQTKittanning Twp, Armstrong CountyBLANEY
4/8/2015Rex EnergyMuddycreek, Butler CountyDUNMIRE
4/8/2015EQTNottingham, Washington CountyHARBISON (2 wells)
4/7/2015Energy Corp. of AmericaWhiteley, Greene CountyBARNES - A J MORRIS (2 wells)
4/7/2015Southwestern EnergyOakland, Susquehanna CountyBUCKHORN (2 wells)
4/6/2015Rex EnergyMuddycreek, Butler CountyDUNMIRE (2 wells)


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