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Data transfer in mergers tall task for chief information officer for Peoples Gas

By Katelyn Ferral
Ruth DeLost-Wylie is a veteran of comprehensive data transfers associated with the purchase of one commercial electric provider by another. As the chief information officer ...

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Natural gas consultant says tapping Burket shale faces challenges
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Fuel Gauge

Average gallon of gas in Western Pennsylvania:
$2.97 (↓ 0.5 cents)

Cheap Spots

The lowest gas prices in town, via

Where the rigs are

The latest shale wells drilled in Pennsylvania.
6/29/2015ChevronDunkard, Greene CountyHENDRICKSON
6/22/2015Southwestern EnergyClifford, Susquehanna CountyBERNSTEIN PRICE
6/22/2015Southwestern EnergyClifford, Susquehanna CountyBERNSTEIN PRICE
6/19/2015Seneca ResourcesShippen, Cameron CountySRC WT 2353 (3 wells)
6/18/2015XTOSummit, Butler CountySALVATORA (2 wells)
6/18/2015EQTWashington Twp., Greene CountySHIPMAN
6/17/2015XTODonegal, Butler CountyMOURER B
6/17/2015Seneca ResourcesShippen, Cameron CountySRC WT 2353 (2 wells)
6/16/2015EQTMorgan, Greene CountyHILDEBRAND (2 wells)
6/16/2015Apex EnergyPenn, Westmoreland CountyQUEST REALTY CENTRAL (2 wells)
6/15/2015Seneca ResourcesShippen, Cameron CountySRC WT 2353 (2 wells)
6/13/2015Southwestern EnergyNew Milford, Susquehanna CountySCARLET OAK (2 wells)
6/13/2015Range ResourcesSouth Strabane, Washington CountyBAUMEL
6/12/2015Seneca ResourcesShippen, Cameron CountySRC WT 2353 (4 wells)
6/11/2015Range ResourcesSouth Strabane, Washington CountyBAUMEL (5 wells)
6/10/2015Southwestern EnergyNew Milford, Susquehanna CountySCARLET OAK (4 wells)
6/9/2015Rex EnergyMiddlesex, Butler CountyGEYER (3 wells)
6/8/2015Range ResourcesNottingham, Washington CountyMALACHOSKY EDWARD
6/8/2015Rex EnergyMiddlesex, Butler CountyGEYER (3 wells)
6/6/2015PennEnergy ResourcesNew Sewickley, Beaver CountyBEAVER
6/4/2015Rex EnergyCenter Twp., Butler CountyGRAY (4 wells)
6/4/2015XTO EnergySummit, Butler CountyKOZIK BROTHERS
6/3/2015Range ResourcesHanover, Washington CountyHARMON CREEK ‘B’ (4 wells)
6/2/2015Chesapeake EnergyTuscarora, Bradford CountyHATTIE
6/1/2015ChesapeakeTuscarora, Bradford County FOLTA (4 wells)
5/29/2015Range Resources Snow Shoe, Centre CountyGULF USA
5/28/2015Range Resources Gallagher, Clinton CountyMOHAWK LODGE ( 2 wells)
5/28/2015Cabot Oil & GasHarford, Susquehanna CountyCHAMBERS (4 wells)
5/26/2015Southwestern EnergyOakland, Susquehanna County OAK RIDGE
5/26/2015Seneca ResourcesJones, Elk CountyCOP WT 2661 (4 wells)
5/23/2015EQTCarroll, Washington CountyHAYWOOD
5/21/2015Range ResourcesSomerset Twp., Washington CountyEAKIN, SANDRA (4 wells)
5/19/2015Cabot Oil & GasDimock, Susquehanna CountyH PETERSEN (2 wells)
5/19/2015EQTCarroll, Washington CountyR SMITH
5/16/2015EQTWashington Twp., Greene CountyBIG SKY (7 wells)
5/13/2015Rex EnergyLittle Beaver, Lawrence CountyPATTERSON
5/13/2015EQTCarroll, Washington CountyHAYWOOD
5/12/2015Cabot Oil & GasHarford, Susquehanna CountyDECKER T (5 wells)
5/12/2015Range ResourcesJefferson Twp., Washington CountyGALARAN (7 wells)
5/11/2015Southwestern EnergyNew Milford, Susquehanna CountyTNT LIMITED PARTNERSHIP (5 wells)
5/10/2015Seneca ResourcesSaint Marys, Elk CountySGL 25
5/10/2015ChevronGerman, Fayette CountyZALAC (2 wells)
5/7/2015XTO EnergyDonegal, Butler CountyMOURER A
5/7/2015Seneca ResourcesSaint Marys, Elk CountySGL 25
5/7/2015ChevronGerman, Fayette CountyZALAC (5 wells)
5/7/2015Rice EnergySomerset Twp., Washington CountyRUMPELSTILTSKIN (4 wells)
5/6/2015Rice EnergyWest Pike Run, Washington CountyWIGGIN OUT (5 wells)
5/2/2015Hilcorp EnergyLackawannock, Mercer CountyLACKAWANNOCK WENGERD (3 wells)
5/1/2015Chesapeake EnergyOverton, Bradford CountyBACORN
5/1/2015Chesapeake EnergyOverton, Bradford CountyHARLAN (2 wells)


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