Pa. Gas & Electric agrees to $6.8 million settlement of polar vortex claims

By David Conti
One of five retail electricity providers accused by Pennsylvania officials of unfair billing practices and boosting prices last year agreed to pay more than $6.8 million in refunds to customers and stop offering variable rate plans for 18 months. The proposed settlement to resolve a case brought in June by the ...


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Where the rigs are

The latest shale wells drilled in Pennsylvania.
3/23/2015EQTWest Franklin, Armstrong CountyCENTURY HILL
3/23/2015Inflection EnergyHepburn, Lycoming CountyHANNAN (2 wells)
3/23/2015Southwestern EnergyOakland, Susquehanna CountyCOLEMAN EAST
3/21/2015EdgeMarc EnergyConcord, Butler CountyLYNX (8 wells)
3/20/2015Seneca ResourcesShippen, Cameron CountySRC WT 5034
3/19/2015XTO EnergyClearfield Twp., Butler CountyBOYLE A
3/19/2015Range ResourcesRobinson, Washington CountyMOORE PARK (2 wells)
3/18/2015Talisman EnergyStevens, Bradford CountyBENNETT (4 wells)
3/18/2015Cabot Oil & GasDimock, Susquehanna CountyKING D (5 wells)
3/18/2015Range ResourcesDonegal, Washington CountyCLAYSVILLE SPORTSMANS
3/16/2015Range ResourcesClinton Twp., Butler CountyGOLDSCHEITTER (4 wells)
3/11/2015Snyder Bros.East Franklin Twp., Armstrong CountyAMBROSE (3 wells)
3/11/2015Seneca ResourcesShippen, Cameron CountySRC WT 5034 (4 wells)
3/11/2015Hilcorp EnergyLackawannock, Mercer CountyLACKAWANNOCK JAMES (6 wells)
3/10/2015Range ResourcesRobinson, Washington CountyMOORE PARK (2 wells)
3/9/2015Hilcorp EnergyLackawannock, Mercer CountyLACKAWANNOCK JAMES (2 wells)
3/9/2015Range ResourcesLewis, Lycoming CountyCORNWALL (3 wells)
3/6/2015Seneca Resources Shippen, Cameron CountySRC WT 5034 (4 wells)
3/5/2015Hilcorp EnergyShenango, Mercer CountySHENANGO WEISER
3/5/2015Southwestern EnergyJackson, Susquehanna CountyBLUE BECK (3 wells)
3/2/2015Warren E&PWashington Twp., Wyoming CountyRUARK EAST
3/2/2015Rex EnergyPenn, Butler CountySHARLOW (2 wells)
2/26/2015XTO EnergySummit, Butler CountyGEIBEL
2/26/2015EQT Morris, Greene CountyJOHNSTON
2/24/2015Northeast Natural EnergyToby, Clarion CountyRADAKER
2/23/2015Range ResourcesCross Creek, Washington CountyPARIS ALEX (4 wells)
2/21/2015Rice EnergySouth Strabane, Washington CountyWATERBOY (4 wells)
2/19/2015Range ResourcesRobinson, Washington CountyPANGERSIS FAMILY (3 wells)
2/18/2015Pennsylvania General EnergyKeating, Potter CountyHANCOCK
2/16/2015Cabot Oil & GasBridgewater, Susquehanna CountyWRIGHT (4 wells)
2/16/2015Rice EnergyNorth Bethlehem, Washington CountyGOLDEN GOOSE (4 wells)
2/14/2015ShellRutland, Tioga CountyKREITZER
2/13/2015Southwestern Energy Donegal, Washington CountyJAMES BIRD WAS (2 wells)
2/12/2015Hilcorp EnergyShenango, Mercer CountySHENANGO WEISER (2 wells)
2/12/2015Southwestern Energy New Milford, Susquehana CountySALT LICK HUNTING (2 wells)
2/11/2015ShellSullivan, Tioga CountyDELANEY J (2 wells)
2/9/2015Cabot Oil & Gas Bridgewater, Susquehana CountyWRIGHT (4 wells)
2/5/2015Talisman EnergyPike Twp., Bradford CountyUPHAM (3 wells)
2/4/2015Southwestern EnergyNew Milford, Susquehanna CountyTONYA WEST (3 wells)
2/3/2015Chief Oil & GasOverton, Bradford CountyS A WILSON


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