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Kentucky county clerk Davis jailed for stand on same-sex marriage licenses

By The Washington Post
ASHLAND, Ky. — For a moment there, it looked as though Kim Davis might stay out of jail. The 49-year-old Kentucky county clerk, who grabbed the national spotlight by refusing in the face of multiple court orders to begin issuing marriage ...

Gay couple receives marriage license from controversial Ky. clerk’s office

By The Associated Press
MOREHEAD, Ky. — A gay couple emerged from a Kentucky county clerk’s office with a marriage license in hand Friday morning, embracing and crying as ...

Clinton aides pressed former State worker Pagliano to testify on use of email

By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON — Aides to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton urged a former State Department employee who helped set up her private email server to appear before a House investigative panel, but he has said he will assert his constitutional right ...

Warrant required to track cellphones, Justice Department’s new policy states

By The Washington Post
WASHINGTON — The Justice Department on Thursday instituted a policy that will require its law enforcement agencies to obtain a warrant to deploy cellphone-tracking devices in criminal investigations and inform judges when they plan to use them. The department’s new policy, ...

9 military labs halted amid fears over toxins

By USA Today
The discovery of live anthrax outside a containment area at a military lab in Utah has prompted officials to order an immediate freeze on operations at nine biodefense laboratories that work with dangerous viruses, toxins and bacteria, the Pentagon announced ...

Former firefighter guilty of estranged wife’s murder

By The Associated Press
LAS VEGAS — A former Las Vegas firefighter and Military Academy graduate was found guilty Thursday of hiring a homeless ex-convict to hide in an apartment and kill his estranged wife with a claw hammer nearly three years ago. George Miguel ...

Virginia cop indicted in man’s slaying

By The Associated Press
PORTSMOUTH, Va. — A Virginia police officer who shot and killed a man in a Wal-Mart parking lot was indicted Thursday on charges of first-degree murder and using a gun in a felony. Portsmouth Circuit Court records show a grand jury ...

Video may provide clues in manhunt for officer’s killers in Illinois

By USA Today
CHICAGO — Law enforcement officials searching for three suspects in connection with the fatal shooting of a police officer in Fox Lake, Ill., say they ...

Former Corinthian College students seek relief

By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON — More than 3,000 former Corinthian College students will have their college loans erased, the first wave of debt relief tied to the collapse of the for-profit higher education chain. The potential cost to taxpayers if all Corinthian students ...

Gitmo terror recidivism rate increases

By Reuters
WASHINGTON — The number of detainees freed from the Guantanamo detention camp who are suspected of “re-engaging” with terrorist groups overseas increased over the first ...

Percentage of vets hired for federal jobs hits 5-year high

By The Washington Post
The share of federal jobs going to veterans is at its highest level in five years, statistics show, with former service members making up almost half of full-time hires in the past fiscal year. In government, one worker in three is ...

World News

Ayatollah: Iran won’t settle for ‘suspension’

Wire Reports
TEHRAN — Iran’s supreme leader said Thursday “there will be no deal” if world powers insist on suspending rather than lifting sanctions as part of a landmark nuclear agreement, and said it is up to Iran’s parliament, and not him, ...

Middle East

Syrian tomb towers latest cultural icons to be wiped out in terrorist rampage

By The Associated Press 6:36 p.m.
DAMASCUS — Islamic State terrorists destroyed three ancient tower tombs in the central city of Palmyra in the last few days, a Syrian government official said Friday. Tower tombs, built on high grounds, are a unique feature of the Roman-era …

Betsy Hiel

Egypt terrorism law rattles journalists

By Betsy Hiel
CAIRO — A counterterrorism law will put Egyptians, particularly journalists, in its crosshairs by effectively enforcing “self-censorship,” critics fear. Reporters could be imprisoned and their publications ...