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National Guard reinforcements contain damage in Ferguson

By The Associated Press
FERGUSON, Mo. — National Guard reinforcements helped contain the latest protests in Ferguson, preventing a second night of the chaos that led to arson and looting after a grand jury decided not to indict the white police officer who killed ...

Surge in small drones making airline pilots nervous

By The Washington Post
WASHINGTON — Pilots across the United States have reported a surge in near-collisions and other dangerous encounters with small drones in the past six months at a time when the Federal Aviation Administration is gradually opening the nation’s skies to ...

In Ferguson, demonstrations over black youth’s slaying by police officer peter out

By The Associated Press
FERGUSON, Mo. — Business owners and residents boarded up windows and cleared away debris Wednesday as Ferguson sought a tentative return to normal after two nights of unrest over the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown slaying case. Protesters continued ...

Rookie Cleveland police officer acted within 2 seconds to shoot 12-year-old boy

By The Associated Press
CLEVELAND — The police officer who fatally shot a 12-year-old boy carrying a pellet gun fired within 1½ to 2 seconds of pulling up in his cruiser, police said Wednesday. During those few moments, he ordered the youngster three times ...

Fissures begin to emerge among Dems

By Reuters
WASHINGTON — Criticism of President Obama’s signature health care law by a top Senate Democrat this week laid bare post-election tensions that could pose challenges ...

Obama administration announces plan to limit smog-forming ozone

By The Los Angeles Times
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration’s long-awaited announcement Wednesday that it wants to toughen limits on smog-forming ozone immediately generated questions about whether the plan can survive the current political climate and how much its cost will factor in reaching the ...

House ethics panel defers campaign finance investigation of New York Rep. Grimm

By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON — Rep. Michael Grimm of New York won re-election this month, but he awaits a criminal investigation into possible campaign finance violations, as well as a 20-count indictment on tax fraud and other charges. The House ethics committee said Wednesday ...

Obama’s immigration actions neglect business pleas

By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON — President Obama’s executive actions on immigration left out some of the business community’s top priorities, disappointing business leaders who might have stepped up to defend his policies in the face of Republican attacks. Months of lobbying by high-tech ...

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg has stent placed in heart artery

By The Los Angeles Times
WASHINGTON — Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who vowed this year to stay on the Supreme Court as long as she could go “full steam,” announced Wednesday that she had undergone a “coronary catheterization procedure” to place a stent in her ...

Many older people silently harbor gene mutation that could start them on the path to blood cancer

By The Associated Press
Many older people silently harbor a blood “pre-cancer” — a gene mutation acquired during their lifetime that could start them on the path to leukemia, lymphoma or other blood disease, scientists have discovered. It opens a frontier on early detection ...

Ferguson testimony filled with variations

By The Associated Press
FERGUSON, Mo. — Some witnesses said Michael Brown had been shot in the back. Another said he was lying face-down when police Officer Darren Wilson finished him off. Still others acknowledged changing their stories to fit published details about the ...

World News

Rare Shakespeare folio discovered in French town

By The Associated Press
PARIS — An accidental discovery in a northern French library of an original first folio of Shakespeare’s plays — one of the rarest books in ...

Middle East

Israelis get eyes in sky for Jerusalem patrols

By The Associated Press
JERUSALEM — Israeli police are watching from above in their attempts to keep control in Jerusalem in the face of the city’s worst wave of violence in nearly a decade. Police have been flying surveillance balloons over the city’s eastern sector ...

Betsy Hiel

Egypt’s beleaguered tourism industry bounces back

By Betsy Hiel
GIZA, Egypt — In front of the Giza Plateau’s Great Pyramids and Sphinx, tourists ride colorfully decorated camels or horses led by Egyptian boys. Tour buses ...