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Former Virginia Governor Gilmore joins 520 vying for presidency

By Salena Zito
If you think 17 Republicans running for president is absurd, consider this: When former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore jumped into the GOP primary contests Thursday, he became one of 521 people across the country seeking the job. That’s the number ...

Fetal parts in Planned Parenthood lab shown in 4th video

Wire Reports
An anti-abortion group that has said it has proof that Planned Parenthood “sells” fetal tissues for profit released a fourth video Thursday — this one featuring undercover footage of a Planned Parenthood employee discussing the details of fetal parts and ...

VA whistle-blowers aghast

By USA Today
WASHINGTON — Current and former Veterans Affairs employees who blew the whistle on poor health care at VA facilities came face-to-face with the agency’s new chief watchdog Thursday for the first time at a Senate hearing. The whistle-blowers were not impressed. “I ...

Pennsylvania Senator Casey pushes for railroad bridge inspectors

By Melissa Daniels
Spending as little as $1 million to double the federal government’s small, underfunded force of railroad bridge inspectors could go a long way toward preventing “catastrophic” derailments, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey said Thursday. The Federal Railroad Administration employs six bridge inspectors ...

Ex-Cincy cop pleads not guilty, posts bond

By Reuters
CINCINNATI — A former University of Cincinnati police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black man he had stopped for a missing license plate was released from jail on bond hours after an initial court ...

Highway bill on Obama’s desk extends funding 3 months

By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON — Congress sent President Obama a three-month bill to keep highway and transit money flowing to states Thursday, one day before the deadline for a cutoff of funds. Earlier in the day, the Senate passed a sweeping, long-term transportation bill, ...

McClatchy: Emails on Clinton’s private server contain Benghazi information

By Tribune News Service
WASHINGTON — The classified emails stored on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server contained information from five American intelligence agencies and included material related to the 2012 fatal attacks in Benghazi, Libya, McClatchy has learned. Of the five classified ...

Feds eye use of federal dollars for ads for for-profit colleges

By The Washington Post
WASHINGTON — With endless TV commercials, radio ads, mailings and billboards, the country’s largest for-profit universities have made themselves household names. But the marketing often doesn’t end there. Schools have been known to bombard people with calls, drive by their homes ...

Only 1 co-op health program, of 23, made money in 2014, report says

By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON — Fed up with the insurance industry, Democrats used the health care overhaul to establish nonprofit cooperatives that would compete with corporations. Now, a government audit finds co-ops are awash in red ink. Only one out of 23 — the ...

Wildfires force hundreds from homes in California

By The Associated Press
LOWER LAKE, Calif. — Triple-digit temperatures and gusty wind thrust Northern California into full-fledged wildfire season Thursday with several new blazes flaring up, forcing hundreds of people from their homes. California’s 14 large fires, mostly in the scorched northern half of ...

Minn. dentist laying low in slaying of lion

By The Washington Post
WASHINGTON — The Fish and Wildlife Service wants to talk to Walter Palmer. But it can’t find him. Investigators for the service have knocked on the front door of Palmer’s house, stopped by his dental office, called his telephone numbers and ...

World News

Surfer seriously injured in Australian shark attack

By The Associated Press
SYDNEY — A surfer was seriously injured as he fought a shark Friday off the Australian east coast, less than a week after a fatal attack, police said. The 52-year-old man sustained significant wounds to his left leg and hand in ...

Middle East

Defense secretary touts success of Kurdish fighters in war on ISIS

By Reuters
ERBIL, Iraq — Defense Secretary Ash Carter called Iraq’s Kurdish fighters a model for the kind of force needed to defeat the Islamic State as he made an unannounced visit Friday to the capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan region. While Iraq’s army ...

Betsy Hiel

Betsy Hiel: My meeting with Omar

By Betsy Hiel
One of the many delights of living in Cairo was a fortuitous meeting with international movie star Omar Sharif, who was as gracious and charming ...