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Observers mixed on grid backup amid carbon rules, natural gas uncertainty

By David Conti
If the electrical grid that powers the United States encounters a supply problem, the easiest solution takes five years. That’s the minimum time it takes to build a large, natural gas-fired generation station, from siting to lining up investors, permitting …

Construction of $500M power plant in South Huntingdon stalled

By Rich Cholodofsky
The enormous cost of building gas-fired power plants, coupled with regulatory complexities, may mean only one in five proposed plants ever will be built, says the regional grid operator that moves wholesale electricity in all or parts of 13 states …

Home sellers are able to remain mum about violent crimes committed there

By Adam Brandolph
Soon after Laura Smiley submitted an offer to buy her Squirrel Hill home, she began hearing about the grisly events that unfolded inside. The stories …

Pennsylvania Resources Council puts hazardous materials in their place

By Rick Wills
People have turned in more than 4 million pounds of hazardous chemicals since the Pennsylvania Resources Council began collecting them 11 years ago. “What they are doing is tremendous. It is a great public service,” said John Poister, a spokesman …

More patients take on in-home dialysis due to compensation, yearly savings

By Adam Smeltz
Brad Davern could commute for his dialysis treatments, like about 400,000 Americans who depend on clinics to filter their blood. But going to a clinic …

Lawmakers say answering Census survey should be voluntary

By Brian Bowling
With little fanfare, Congress is debating whether a Census Bureau program is worth the aggravation it causes some constituents. That debate resulted in two House votes — one in 2012 to pass a bill that would end the American Community …

Pennsylvania near top of list for teacher impropriety

By Megan Harris
Claims of inappropriate relationships, sex abuse and misconduct filed against Pennsylvania school teachers are on track to double in less than a year, state officials say. Second only to Texas, Pennsylvania and California each logged at least 24 cases of …

As $50B pension debt weighs on Pennsylvania, other states have embraced retirement overhauls

By Debra Erdley
The future of public pensions has become a bone of contention in this year’s Pennsylvania gubernatorial race, and public employees fear they’re the ones who will get bitten. Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, who is trailing in the polls, insists underfunded …

Son: Joe Paterno feared wrongly accusing Sandusky

By The Associated Press
HARRISBURG — Former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno told his son the day after his firing that he hadn’t informed the coaching staff about allegations Jerry Sandusky might be a child molester because he was unsure whether they were …

Wolf: Wealthy should pay more to cut school taxes

By The Associated Press
PHILADELPHIA — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf would make a centerpiece of his first budget proposal an increase in income taxes on Pennsylvania’s higher-earners to …

Federal judge denies Spanier bid to halt criminal case

By The Associated Press
HARRISBURG — A federal judge in Pennsylvania said Friday she will not halt the criminal case against former Penn State president Graham Spanier, who is accused of a criminal cover-up of child sex abuse complaints against former assistant football coach …

Salena Zito Reporting

Shot-down Malaysian airliner ‘is terrible blow,’ British envoy tells Trib

By Salena Zito
WASHINGTON — If Russia supplied missiles to separatists to shoot down a Malaysian Airlines passenger plane carrying 298 people, “the Russians have a substantial number …

Brad Bumsted

Corbett’s chances at holding Pa. governor job tied to GOP nest egg

By Brad Bumsted
HARRISBURG — As he works to shore up his GOP base, Gov. Tom Corbett needs to improve polling numbers to keep money flowing from the Republican Governors Association, a group …