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The concrete tax: Wrong mix

When private businesses conspire with the government to fund the former’s promotion, customers inevitably pay the freight. It happened with the government-enforced “assessment” on Christmas trees to pay for research …

Saturday essay: Call of the garden

There were no first tomatoes by Independence Day this year. Heck, they weren’t even close to being ripe. But they’ll come soon enough. Many of the ’maters — some in …

Summertime blues: A little optimism helps in Armstrong County

Summertime, and the livin’ isn’t easy in the Armstrong County region. A hard winter and wet spring nearly kept strawberries from showing up in time at the Smicksburg festival held …

A race & a legacy

On Aug. 4, 1936, South Connellsville native John Woodruff earned the title of Olympic champion in the Berlin Olympics. In 1 minute, 52.9 seconds, Mr. Woodruff outdistanced some of the …

The IRS scandal: Is a shocking new email the smoking cannon?

Whether or not it is the smoking cannon of the IRS scandal remains to be seen. But new revelations, ones that keep coming out in dribs and drabs, suggest that …

Pittsburgh Laurels & Lances

Laurel: To goats. From our Department of Everything Old is New Again, a tip o’ the hat to Tree Pittsburgh. The nonprofit group employed a tribe of 30 goats to …

Letters to the Editor

Spinning the Supremes

I want to comment on the Supreme Court ruling that government cannot require corporations to …

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Richard Nixon’s lesson

By Pat Buchanan
One question I am asked while on tour for my new book, “The Greatest Comeback,” on the resurrection of Richard Nixon is: Does Nixon’s rise, from crushing defeats to capturing the White House and beginning a string of five victories …

Spending & morality

By Walter Williams
During last year’s budget negotiations, President Barack Obama told House Speaker John Boehner, “We don’t have a spending problem.” When Boehner responded with “But, Mr. President, we have a very serious spending problem,” Obama replied, “I’m getting tired of hearing …

Dems’ flawed ‘amendment’

By Byron York
While much of Washington grapples with international crises, chronic economic troubles and upcoming midterm elections, Senate Democrats are steadily pushing forward with what they hope will become the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Framed by Senate Majority Leader Harry …

Democrats’ next generation

By Diana West
There is one thing we can predict about the tens of thousands of “minor aliens” crashing our southern border. If permitted to stay in this country and gain citizenship, at least 8 in 10 of them will grow up to …

The VA’s culture of retaliation

By Melinda Henneberger
You know those four Veterans Affairs whistle-blowers who testified that they’d been harassed, humiliated, reassigned, investigated and painted as unstable? Their stories are not out of the ordinary, according to Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs …

The divided states of Obama

By Michael Gerson
WASHINGTON The headline “Poll: Obama Worst President Since World War II” was both provocative and misleading. The Quinnipiac survey did, indeed, place President Obama at the top of the worst since FDR. But this was largely a measure of partisan …

5 reasons China has no friends

By Ali Wyne
In 2010, then Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told a gathering of Asian countries that the United States “has a national interest in freedom of navigation, open access to Asia’s maritime commons, and respect for international law in the …

Dick Scaife’s most important legacy

By Rob Gleason
I first got the chance to meet Dick Scaife when I was a young candidate for the state’s 35th Senatorial District in 1980. He supported my candidacy then, and over the course of the following decades we developed a strong …

Colin McNickle

Colin McNickle
Dick Scaife’s greatest pleasure
“Colin, Dick Scaife!” For nearly 20 years, that’s how the Trib’s owner and publisher would greet me in his frequent …

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Salena Zito

Salena Zito
Century after WW I’s start, U.S. still on brink of change
BUFFALO, N.Y. Department store magnate John Sattler opened the doors of the majestic Sattler Theater as the world entered the …

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Brad Bumsted

Brad Bumsted
Welcome to Harrisburg, Tom Wolf
HARRISBURG A $29.1 billion state budget, taped together with more one-time fixes and raids on state funds than normal, would …

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Eric Heyl

Eric Heyl
Heyl: Animal kingdom could help Pittsburgh save money
Try to outdo Dr. Dolittle. Some people might think that suggestion to Pittsburgh officials would do little to solve the …

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Nafari Vanaski

Nafari Vanaski
Vanaski: It’s about the mark we leave
This week, I’ve been thinking about how people you don’t know — or barely know — can affect your life …

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Luis Fábregas

Luis Fábregas
Fabregas: Highmark-UPMC deal feels like a divorce
Now that the exasperating feud between Highmark and UPMC appears to be ending, we can agree on something: We feel …

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Q and A

Getting the right answer
Meterologist Joe Bastardi is the chief forecaster at WeatherBell Analytics and formerly the chief long-range forecaster at Accuweather. He spoke …

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Page of Books

How two unlikely allies scored win for same-sex unions
Along the path to same-sex marriage’s legalization in 19 states today was a California case decided by the U.S. Supreme …

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Joseph Sabino Mistick

The Civil Rights Act of 1964: When ideas trumped personal politics
Last week was marked by the confluence of Independence Day and the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s signing …

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Tom Purcell

The right to paid vacation?
Ah, summer is here. We all know what that means: The rights crowd will demand that our politicians pass new …

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Ralph R. Reiland

Poor, poor Hillary
The shenanigans in our political establishment have been especially bizarre and devious in recent weeks, even more dysfunctional than the …

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George F. Will

The Supreme Court played its indispensable role as constable last week
WASHINGTON Two 5-4 decisions last week on the final decision day of the Supreme Court’s term dealt with issues that …

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Donald J. Boudreaux

A taxing mistake
Suppose a charismatic new sports pundit shows up with blockbuster findings about a decades-long pattern of wins and losses of …

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Forbes recognizes conservative talkers’ power
Conservative talk-radio hosts are well-represented in the new edition of Forbes’ World’s Most Powerful Celebrities list, which was released on …

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