New campaign slogans

| Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011

More than a few Pennsylvania Republicans -- and most Democrats -- have expressed vociferous opposition to a GOP legislative plan to go from the winner-take-all system of awarding the Keystone State's Electoral College votes to a proportional system, based on the winners of the commonwealth's respective congressional districts.

But guess what the national Republican Party has done• It has "quietly adopted a new rule" designed to extend the nominating process this presidential election cycle, reports The Associated Press. "The rule limits the ability of candidates to win large numbers of delegates in early primaries and caucuses -- those held before April -- because delegates must be awarded in proportion to the votes a candidate receives."

"A proportional system for me but not for thee" is not a very flattering campaign slogan. ...

Tim Murphy continually slathers makeup on his record (ahem) in an attempt to make the case that "Golly, gee, I really am a conservative Republican, Wally!" The "record," of course, says otherwise.

The Club for Growth ranked the 18th District congressman of Upper St. Clair as the fifth-most liberal Republican in the U.S. House (and, man, that's a BIG house) in 2010, reminds PoliticsPA. It also notes how the AFL-CIO ranks the Republicrat/Demolican as the fifth-most pro-labor GOPer in the country.

The website references are made in reporting that Mr. Murphy likely will face a primary challenge next year from Evan Feinberg, 26, a Peters Township native, who, until last week, had been on the Washington staff of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

And for supposedly not being very concerned about Mr. Feinberg's prospective candidacy, a Murphy-orchestrated smear campaign appears to be already up and running. Spokeswoman Susan Mosychuk is trying to paint Feinberg as a carpetbagger. Never mind, as critics remind, that Murphy was born in Cleveland.

And PoliticsPA quotes some anonymous but quite obvious Murphy political strumpet belittling Feinberg's age and experience while discounting Murphy's vulnerability.

But vulnerable Murphy is. After all, it's why the party is expected to "gift" him with an even more Republican redistricted 18th to help political nature take its course.

Can't wait for Feinberg to target Murphy with a few clever campaign lines. An early favorite should be "In your heart you know he's not right."

Only in Pittsburgh would city "leaders" and their favored, taxpayer-subsidized developers cast aspersions on someone who has the audacity to offer to pay market value for real estate -- 10 times the favored rate to recidivist teat sucklers -- and the utter temerity to also propose spending up to $50 million to develop that real estate with no public subsidies. Here's a campaign motto: "North Shore development -- No Subsidy, No Service." ...

The Allegheny County Regional Asset District has increased its taxpayer subsidy to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh by $362,000. Its new total from RAD will be $18.5 million. But the RAD board should have eliminated all taxpayer underwriting until the library opens every board meeting, not just one, to the public. It's the same reason city voters should, next month, reject a ballot measure to raise property taxes to help fund the system. "Up Yours!" sure is a funny fundraising campaign slogan.

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