Who is the real Bob Casey?

| Friday, Sept. 8, 2006

If a political campaign is an extension of the candidate, then Senate candidate Bob Casey Jr. is alarmingly duplicitous or astonishingly oblivious about Team Casey soiling his good name. Controversies touching on sex, money, secret meetings, supporting the New World Order, hypocrisy -- and lots of it -- should cause Pennsylvanians to ask who is the real Bob Casey Jr.

Mr. Casey, the Pennsylvania treasurer, is the Democrats' nominee challenging Republican U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum. Carl Romanelli is the Green Party Senate candidate.

Opinion polls once suggested Casey had a double-digit lead over Mr. Santorum. But recent polls have Casey leading by only a few percentage points, less than two months before Election Day.

Given the stunning ineptitude of Team Casey, did Santorum close the gap or did Casey•

Sex advice columnist Dan Savage, an openly gay man who believes gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to marry, despises Santorum. So much so that Mr. Savage -- whose explicit carnal counseling would make Hugh Hefner blush -- donated $2,100 to the Casey campaign.

Wrote Savage: "The Casey campaign was grateful for my support. The day my check arrived ... I was personally invited to come meet Casey and get my picture taken with the candidate."

But then Jake Perry, Casey finance director, told Savage the money would be returned. Wink-wink.

Mr. Perry suggested other anti-Santorum groups that could use the money. "That way Casey could benefit from my money without having to, you know, associate himself with the likes of me," Savage wrote.

Shortly after a Trib editorial challenged Mr. Casey to be forthcoming about a $5,000 donation from the ultra-leftist Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS), Casey's campaign returned the money. Thank Cliff Kincaid, president of America's Survival Inc., for alerting the public to the donation.

Presumably returning the money was preferable to disclosing what Casey had promised the globalists in that private interview. Other candidates simply answered a questionnaire about their support for the new world order. Those answers are on the CGS Web site.

Said the CGS: "We have endorsed candidate Bob Casey to our members. His campaign chose to return our PAC contribution. We have nothing more to say on this subject. If you want more information, I suggest you contact Mr. Casey's campaign."

Contacting is easy. Getting a straight answer is anything but.

So what did Casey say?

"Bob tells people behind closed doors the same thing he says publicly," wrote Casey spokesman Larry Smar. And then Mr. Smar would not say what Casey told Citizens for Global Solutions behind closed doors to earn his $5,000.

Yet CGS still endorses Casey.

Smar even refused to confirm that a foreign political operative, Kenny Young, chairman of Scottish Labour Students, has been assisting the Casey campaign. Even though Mr. Young divulged his affiliation with the Scottish Labour Party when a nebby columnist asked why a Scotsman was answering Casey's phones.

"I really don't see how someone stuffing envelopes is of any interest to anyone. I'm not going to provide biographical information on our volunteers," Smar wrote.

Mr. Casey's beloved father ran as "the real Bob Casey" when elected governor of Pennsylvania in 1986.

But who is this Bob Casey?

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