ObamaCare's 1-year toll

| Sunday, March 27, 2011

ObamaCare -- aka the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act -- won't take full effect until 2014, but the results of its first year show that it's not worth its staggering, tax-hiking costs.

The Heritage Foundation ( heritage.org ) neatly sums up the law's downsides to date in a new "One-Year Checkup" report. Those downsides clearly outweigh "benefits" that ObamaCare supporters tout.

Health insurance is more costly and child-only policies have largely vanished because of ObamaCare's insurance mandates. And President Obama's promise that Americans would be able to keep their existing coverage• ObamaCare regulations make that impossible to fulfill.

Those regulations run to more than 6,500 pages . And the 1,000-and-counting waivers granted to exempt various entities from compliance prove that ObamaCare increases government control -- and that the Obama White House knows it can't work.

Higher premiums, higher taxes, fewer choices, more government control and reduced competition -- all in just one year -- should give Congress more than enough reasons to change course. Further disaster come 2014 must be averted by scrapping ObamaCare in favor of reforms that put consumers and patients first and rein in health care entitlements.

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