Santorum's economics: A poor record

| Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The entreaties of the desperate are getting embarrassing when it comes to Rick Santorum's doomed quest for the Republican nomination for president. One conservative commentator actually claims "the media is hiding the fact that Rick is a champion of economic freedom."

But Mr. Santorum has a poor record on economic freedom.

As the Club for Growth notes, Santorum supported the massive new Medicare drug entitlement "that now costs taxpayers over $60 billion a year and has almost $16 trillion in unfunded liabilities."

In the 2003-04 session of Congress, Santorum sponsored or co-sponsored 51 bills to raise spending but not one spending-cut proposal. In the next session of Congress, "he had one of the biggest spending agendas of any Republican," says the pro-growth group.

And Santorum was downright "duplicitous" regarding the jobs-killing minimum wage. As the Club for Growth documents, "on the same day he voted no in 2005, he sponsored an amendment that would increase the minimum wage," then boasted about it in a piece of campaign literature the next year.

"Economic freedom" through wealth redistribution and increased government spending• Better living through greater conscription of your money?

Hardly. That's a record of promotion of the dependent state.

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