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535media offers cutting edge content, media services

535 media

In the evolving technological hub that is Pittsburgh , a digital media agency is evolving as well and delivering content for a global audience.

535media, LLC provides the digital marketing strategies you would expect from an agency including website design, app development, SEO, targeted display, email marketing, social media management and virtual business tours. However, the addition of content production helps set 535media, LLC apart from its competitors.

“535media is helping brands find their way in this ever-changing digital space,” said Jennifer Bertetto, President & CEO of 535media. “Our portfolio of services includes digital marketing solutions along with content production to serve businesses across a variety of verticals.”

535media staffs an in-house content studio of professional writers, editors and designers who provide original content for Everybody Gardens , Everybody Craves and Everybody Adventures . This content is available at no cost to publishers through 535media's Mediarack. Mediarack also offers publishers the opportunity to purchase customized, paid-display advertising and native/SEO content through its Ad Creation and Sponsored Advertising Content services.

Trib Total Media utilizes 535media, LLC's services and expertise to create content for the Partner News section of TribLIVE.com . Partner News is a form of native advertising that blends traditional advertising with content helping tell an advertiser's story in a unique way and enabling the advertiser to connect with their audience.

“Partner News is a new digital marketing opportunity that delivers engaging, highly shareable content,” said Joe Lawrence, 535media General Manager. “The stories are relevant to the audience and presented in a way that does not disrupt the user experience.”

It's no longer enough to run traditional banner ads and hope for the best. According to AdWeek , 70% of consumers would rather learn about products through content than traditional advertising and nearly 63% of consumers are more willing to click on sponsored content compared to 33% who are more willing to click on a banner ad. Furthermore, consumers who click on native ads have higher purchase intent than those who click on banner ads.

Partner News is educational, informative and authentic. It increases consumer engagement, generates brand awareness and delivers lasting value but it is not designed to deliver a hard sell. It attempts to establish a relationship that will build trust and loyalty among your audience. Every positive interaction with a current, potential or past customer increases the likelihood of a conversion.

Studies have shown that 62% of online publishers are already using/offering native advertising, 66% of advertising agencies, and 64% of marketers, intend to spend money on native ads in the next six months. Seventy-four percent of brands plan to increase their native ad spend this year. Shouldn't you be one of them?

“Content is most important,” says Meghan Rodgers 535media MediaRack Manager. “Nobody — not publishers, not businesses, not consumers — can find enough unique content to satisfy the digital audience. That's where we can help.”

Created in 2016, 535media, LLC is an affiliate of Trib Total Media , which publishes several Western Pennsylvania newspapers, including the Tribune-Review. Visit 535Mediallc.com to learn more about this groundbreaking digital media agency.

mediaRack is a digital content provider owned by 535media.