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Life insurance is a scary, but often necessary topic

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Death is a difficult topic to discuss.

Take it a step further. When confronted with thoughts of our own mortality, or that of our loved ones, it becomes even more challenging — especially given the prospect of entering into a conversation with a stranger regarding planning around the topic. Such dialogue is often something that people tend to shy away from due to anxiety or apprehension, but according to Gregg Rudolph of the locally based Rudolph Group of American Income Life, those perfectly natural feelings should not prevent us from having a discussion with a qualified expert.

Safety and security are tremendous motivational forces for all of us. They are also the chief reasons we don’t think twice about securing insurance on valuable things in our lives like our homes and vehicles. We understand that life is highly unpredictable and the things we care about most need to be protected. There is obviously nothing more valuable than a human life. But why do we approach the concept of life insurance differently? The answer may be found within large misconceptions surrounding the industry.

Life insurance is not about placing a dollar value on a human life. It’s also not about diminishing someone’s anguish over the loss of a loved one with monetary gains.

Instead, a good life insurance policy is about providing financial stability and protection to our loved ones.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can feel impossible at times. The last thing anyone needs when going through this unfortunate process is worrying about finances. Life insurance allows us to focus on what we should when a loved one passes away; mourning our loss without the additional stress of worrying about money in the form of unpaid debt or yet-to-be paid expenses such as mortgage, unpaid bills, funeral costs, etc…

Yes, life insurance can be scary and cause apprehension. Plus, there are so many unknowns to the average person such as the difference between Whole and Term, what costs need to potentially be covered, how long the policy lasts, price of the investment along with a myriad of others.

Everyone’s situation is unique. This is why it’s imperative to find a reputable expert who can transparently answer all of your hard questions, free of charge.

Gregg and his staff at the Rudolph Group of American Income Life are on hand to provide you with the knowledge you are seeking or may have curiosities about.

The Rudolph Group’s goal is to ease your anxiety around the topic of life insurance, educate you on the various components of what a policy could look like and give you the peace of mind to make the best decision for the situation that is unique to you. Please feel free to reach Gregg and his team by accessing the contact form below or by calling 412-609-1576.

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