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Best Halloween Costumes for 2017

| Friday, Oct. 6, 2017, 12:01 p.m.

All year, you think of clever Halloween costumes. Then the calendar turns to October and your mind goes blank.

Don't worry.

The best Halloween costumes for 2017 are easier to find than you probably think.

Wonder Woman

For the fearless female.

"Wonder Woman" crushed the summer box office, and just about every female found a new favorite superhero. Ladies can your their inner badass with help from a shield and sword to go as the biggest onscreen siren of 2017.

"This year, we're seeing a lot more girl power with Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn," says Kristin Poppa-Rosel, Executive Director of Halloween Dreams to Screams costumes store .

"A lot more women and girls are starting to get into superheroes instead of just princesses."


For the Halloween prankster.

The newly released remake of Steven King's 1980s book and the 1990s TV movie , "It" makes 2017 the perfect time to dress and Pennywise the clown and scare the hell out of people.

"Everyone, from babies to adults wants to be the new Pennywise clown this year," says Poppa-Rosel. "'It' has really made scary clowns the costume of the year."

Put your own scary twist on the traditional clown costume with blood and cobwebs. If looking for official Pennywise apparel, be patient. A hold-up with the manufacturer means that licensed Pennywise costumes won't be arriving in stores until the first week or two of October.

Star Wars

For the family.

"The Force Awakens" has inspired a new generation of kids to kick butt. Rey, Fin and BB-8 are cool, modern costume options for children whose parents stick to the classic Leia and Hans Solo outfits . And is there anything cuter than a baby Ewok or dressing the Yorkie as Yoda? (Bonus: take the whole family to theaters on Dec. 15, when "The Last Jedi" is released, and wear these costumes again.)

Mario Kart

For the group.

Everything from the 1980s and 1990s is cool again. So, groups of children and adults alike are choosing to form packs inspired by "Pac-Man" and "Mario Kart" video games.

"'The Wizard of Oz' is always a favorite, too," says Poppa-Rosel. "We've had people come in and want to do a box of crayons where everyone dresses as their favorite color. Going as the different seasons is a cool group costume, too."

Need a group costume for a larger group?

"There's an oddly high number of food costumes: bacon, limes, tortilla chips, cupcakes, salsa, donuts, salt and pepper," says Poppa-Rosel. "You could all dress up as food and give yourselves black eyes with make-up and go as a food fight ."

Pittsburgh Dad

For the Pittsburgh fan.

Social-media sensation Pittsburgh Dad is everyone's favorite frustrated, blue-collar father. Just pick up a pair of big glasses, wear your best thrift-shop shirt, and work on perfecting that thick Pittsburghese dialect.


For the pets.

Furry companions can be part of the fun, too.

"The biggest trend in pet costumes this year, again, is Minions ," says Poppa-Rosel.

"Unicorns costumes for dogs are also really popular."

'La La Land'

For the couples.

One of 2016's most heralded movies produced one of modern cinema's cherished couples.

Mia and Sebastian from "La La Land" will make trick-or-treaters feel like young lovers.

For Mia, wear a yellow swingy dress, tap shoes and a red wig. For Sebastian, go with black pants with a white shirt and tie.

For the final touch, brush up on those fancy dance moves. Stretch first, though.


For the girls.

Released only a few months ago, "Descedents 2" won many fans among girls - especially the character of Evie.

"It's a Disney TV movie starring characters who are the children of Disney's famous villains like Uma, daughter of Ursula of 'The Little Mermaid' and Evie, daughter of Snow White's Evil Queen," says Poppa-Rosel.


For the boys.

His words are few, but Drax from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movies is a superhero boys and parents will like. He's ready to fight, but for the right reasons.

"For the boys it's always superheros," says Poppa-Rosel. "There are 14 superhero movies coming out between this year and 2018, so the category is huge this year.

"But we're seeing a spike in zombies, skeletons, mummies and gory characters for boys, too."

'Paw Patrol'

For the toddlers.

If there's one thing the preschool set can agree on, it's that "Paw Patrol" is the coolest show on TV.

"They all want to be Ryder, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma or Skye for Halloween," says Poppa-Rosel.

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