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Local company offers new and easy-to-use technology for aging parents

| Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 4:00 p.m.
Tom and Carol Trent, co-owners of Senior Helpers, Greensburg have developed Senior Helpers Connect.
Tom and Carol Trent, co-owners of Senior Helpers, Greensburg have developed Senior Helpers Connect.

Imagine this: It's 2:00 on a Wednesday, and you just sat down for a quick lunch break. You are trying to figure out how you will get Johnny to his baseball game by 5:30 with the work-load that still follows, then all of a sudden you realize you never called Mom at noon to remind her to take her heart medicine. Life has taken a fast turn, you're doing all you can to hold on, but it's getting harder to stay on the track. Does this sound familiar?

More than 40 million Americans care for older parents, spouses, children and adults with disabilities or other loved ones, helping them to live independently in their homes and communities where they want to be, according to AARP. In Westmoreland County, caring for an older family member is very common as there are 77,341 residents age 65 and older according to—that's 21.8 percent of the population.

How would you feel if you could get through the day with less worry, knowing that your aging parents will not only receive daily reminders on their TV, but will also get to see their grandson hit that home-run with a click of the remote? Senior Helpers Connect is now making that possible.

Tom and Carol Trent, co-owners of Senior Helpers, Greensburg have developed Senior Helpers Connect—a service offering independence and socialization for older adults as well as peace of mind to caregivers. Best of all, the service is easy to use and works on a technology older adults are already familiar with—their TV.

You'll no longer have to set your own daily reminders just to remind Mom to take her medicine. Senior Helpers Connect can be programmed for multiple functions such as reminders for medication, appointments, eating, even feeding the cat. When the reminder goes off, the older adult must click YES when prompted on their TV or an alert is sent off to family members or the Senior Helpers Connect Care Team.

“This service can be a way to catch something before it becomes a big problem or major concern,” Tom Trent said. “There is also a tool where family members connected to the app or website can share updates with each other. Everyone in the family is in the know with a simple click and care is easily coordinated among family members and the professional care team.”

Imagine now: It's 5:25, you are rushing to get Johnny to his baseball game, but in your mind thinking about how you can't believe you didn't get a chance to call Mom today. You feel guilty. You feel guilty about not having enough time, and you feel guilty that she would do anything to see Johnny in the game but struggles to walk the distance to the field. You plan on calling her later to fill her in, but is that enough?

What if you could send a text message to Mom's TV letting her know you are thinking of her and continue to update her on Johnny's at bats and the score? How about sending pictures of their celebration after a big win rather than trying to explain it? You can, with Senior Helpers Connect. Loved ones can receive photos, text messages, videos, or a live video call all on their TV. You could also easily stream live game action directly to their TV from your phone.

“Older adults often have trouble with smart phones and tablets, but Senior Helpers Connect is easy to use since it utilizes their TV and a simple remote control. Their television is a lot bigger, they know how to use it, and they can see it better,” said Carol Trent.

This service will not replace in-person assistance, but it will help to relieve some of the guilt and stress family members are all too familiar with when taking care of a loved one. It will also provide independence and socialization for older adults who want to stay more connected to their family but are unable to do so.

“Senior Helpers Connect does more than you can imagine,” Tom Trent said. “And we are here to help every step of the way. We talk with families and learn about their needs so we can customize the service for what they want. We have specialized in providing care for older adults since 2007, and this is a new, innovative way to do that. It is a brand new tool; one we believe can change people's lives.”

Senior Helpers Greensburg is located at 4000 Hempfield Plaza Blvd., Suite 918, Greensburg

Details: 724-834-5720 or,

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