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A tip for the trail and other outdoor extras

Everybody Adventures | Bob Frye

Gear of the week

Gear name: Throwdown

Company: Ameristep (everybodyshops.com/ameristep-throwdown-hunting-blind.html)

Gear type: Hunting blind

Product description: Concealment is key in so many hunting situations, whether it be chasing spring gobblers, calling in wily predators or sitting for white-tailed deer. But what if you’re a public-land hunter, without the ability to set up a permanent blind? Portable varieties are the answer as they let you move from spot to spot quickly and easily while still providing plenty of hiding power when you get where you’re going. And the Throwdown is a good one. Big enough to conceal two hunters, it can be set up in less than 30 seconds. A hub design helps each panel keep its shape, while the built-in stakes make anchoring it securely to the ground fast and easy. It features non-shiny fabric with 3-D, leafy die cuts to give it a bit of extra realism.

Available options: This comes in a Realtree Xtra camo print. It’s 87 inches long and 29 inches high.

Suggested retail price: $39.99.

Notable: For as big as it is, this blind packs down rally small. In fact, it fits inside the pockets of most turkey hunting vests. An integrated strap keeps it closed in your pocket, too.

Tip of the week

Fall is coming, but it’s not here yet. First, we’ve almost assuredly got several weeks of potentially hot weather to get through. If you hike or backpack, that means you need to pay attention to hydration. But that means more than just water. If you tend to sweat a lot, you also need to replace electrolytes like sodium and potassium. You can do so using supplements available as gels, powders and chews. The powders are especially easy to use as you add them to your water, something that can mask the taste of less-than-stellar water and make it easy to keep track of your intake.

Recipe of the week

Omelets in a bag


• 2 eggs

• Ham or bacon

• Cheddar cheese

• Onions, chopped

• Green peppers, chopped

• Resealable plastic sandwich bags


Here’s an old scouting breakfast standby that’s as good to eat as it is funky to make. Kids really love them.

Crack open two eggs and put them in the bag. Add the other ingredients — cheese, peppers, onions, even mushrooms or chunky salsa if you prefer — and press out most of the air, then seal the bag.

Squeeze the bag in your hands, effectively scrambling the eggs. Drop the bag into boiling water and let the eggs go for roughly 12 minutes or until they are done.

Remove them from the water and carefully open the bag. The omelet should roll onto your plate ready to eat.

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