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Outdoors Xtras, including Pistol Pete, egg bait and a dry stew

Everybody Adventures | Bob Frye
Pistol Pete

Lure of the week

Lure name: Pistol Pete

Company: Pistol Pete Flies (pistolpeteflies.com)

Lure type: Fly

Sizes and colors: Available in two sizes — #6 and #10 — in dozens of colors, from black, last supper, chartreuse and egg sucking to green, red, renegade and mafia Pete

Target species: Trout and panfish.

Technique: Some flies are meant to mimic specific insects or other creatures. Not so Pistol Pete flies. They’re a sort of generalist presentation. What makes them unique is there’s a small propeller on the front of each one. The propeller spins when the fly is put in motion, creating vibration and sounds that entice fish to strike.

Sugg. retail price: $4.99 to $5.29, depending on size.

Notable: Use of Pistol Pete flies isn’t limited to fly-fishing gear alone. With appropriate weight or casting bubbles, essentially bobbers, these can be fished on spinning gear, too. It’s even possible to troll them. They’re tied on Eagle Claw hooks.

Tip of the week

Salmon eggs are a traditional and effective bait for trout, particularly hatchery fish. But the key is fishing them correctly. To start, be sure to use egg hooks. They’re rounder than traditional bait hooks and hold eggs on better. Next, add a split shot or two to the line about 12 to 18 inches above the egg. Finally, put a bobber another 12 inches or so above that. The weight will get the bait down but still allow the egg to float off the bottom.

Recipe of the week

Campfire stew


1 pound sirloin

4 red potatoes

1 red onion

3 tablespoons butter

1 teaspoon salt

1-2 cups vegetables

1 teaspoon black pepper


This is a dry “stew” you can make over the hot coals of a campfire or, in a pinch, your grill.

Lay two to three sheets of aluminum foil, each about two feet long, out, one on top of the other.

Place the meat, cut into small chunks, on the foil. Top with the potatoes, also cut into small chunks, then the onion and vegetables of your choice. Sprinkle everything with the salt and pepper. Top with butter.

Fold the foil sheets to make a square around the contents, being sure to fold over and seal the edges.

Put the foil pack on the coals or grill and cook for about 40 minutes, turning occasionally.

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