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Dillon Carr

Monroeville council wants more road work to be done this year.

Council members on March 12 unanimously approved the addition of $500,000 from the fund balance to its road work program, bringing the total amount to be earmarked for paving and other road repairs to $1.5 million.

The original resolution called for $1 million.

Councilman Ron Harvey made the suggestion to add more money to the program.

“We need to keep going forward like we did last year,” he said.

Council allocated $1.8 million to road work in 2018. The municipality’s fund balance heading into 2019 was $8.1 million.

Code officer and engineer Paul Hugus and Manager Tim Little have said the municipality is behind with maintaining its 110 miles of roads and 34 parking lots.

Immediately after Harvey made the suggestion, deputy mayor Greg Erosenko asked council to consider adding another $1 million to the road work program, which would have brought the total to $2 million. Other council members said that would be too much.

“I’ll go with the majority. I’m just throwing that out there, just for the fact that everybody sitting up here and watching on TV and here in this audience knows, we have a lot of road repair to get done,” Erosenko said. He eventually conceded to the $500,000 addition.

Councilman Steve Duncan said he was concerned with the hasty decision.

“I don’t understand the way it’s being presented. It should have been brought up at budget time, or whatever. But all of a sudden, we come down to a vote for $1 million and now we want to make it $1.5 million,” he said.

The same 50 roads and one parking lot on a municipal list from the engineer’s office will receive repairs, but the additional money will provide for more work. Little said he did not know how many more miles the money will cover.

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