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Samson X Horne

Here we go again.

Is the dress blue or white? Is the voice saying “yanny” or “laurel”?

Another question is plaguing mankind.

Scientist Dan Quintana shared an optical illusion video on Twitter last week that went viral while simultaneously sending many users ranting “raven” and down the rabbit hole trying to figure out if what they saw was a cuddly mammal or a common bird known for munching on carcasses.

“Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose,” the researcher said.

But is it a rabbit? Or was a “mad scientist” simply throwing out the chum.

Turns out a raven went viral for looking like a rabbit.

Interestingly enough, ravens are known for mimicking other species, but in a different way. In fact, MentalFloss.com wrote: “Ravens can mimic many noises and have been known to imitate wolves or foxes to attract them to carcasses that the raven isn’t capable of breaking open.”

Also, some can talk…

How did the scientist leave that out?

Even the not-so-politically correct crowd got into the discussion.

Quintana says the footage was not originally from him and he shared from another source.

What did you think the animal was when you first saw the video?

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