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Let me get this straight. The left thinks President Trump is dangerous and crazy, the right thinks Pelosi and Schumer are dangerous and crazy, both groups think Bernie is dangerous and crazy, and everybody thinks Ocasio-Cortez is dangerous and crazy. Put this all together and it proves that Americans are more united in our thinking than believed. So what do we do with all this newfound like-minded political thought?

Perhaps this might be a good time to propose a new third party. With a few minor tweaks, the Dangerous and Crazy Party (DAC) could achieve great and speedy success. All it would take is for people to realize that no matter whom you vote for, they are (in your fellow Americans’ eyes) “dangerous and crazy.” It’s going to be someone, so why not our guy or gal?

Imagine, the mascot is Daffy Duck, the party logo is a mushroom cloud, the convention could be at Guantanamo Bay, and our “in the pocket” media lapdog could be the Cartoon Network. “WINNING!”

If Teddy Roosevelt could have the Bull Moose Party, Henry Clay the Whigs and Strom Thurmond the Dixiecrats, why not the DAC? Who says we Americans can’t come together politically?

Tim Kaczmarek

Natrona Heights

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