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Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren proposes to forgive up to $50,000 of student loan debt per student depending on the person’s income. This is a lot of “free stuff” money. On the campaign trail, I wonder how Warren would reply to a person who did not attend college and asked the following question:

“I did not go to college because I could not afford it and I did not want to mire myself in heavy debt. I went to work at income levels below what a college graduate would make. I accumulated home, car and other debt along the way that I am still paying back. What debt forgiveness or government help should I and others like me expect to receive if student debt is forgiven? We all knew what we were doing when we took on debt.

“You complain a lot about income inequality, yet you advocate a policy that gives a huge financial break to the college-educated whose degrees give them a better chance to have a higher income than those who have no degree. This is hypocritical and unfair.”

Scott Brown


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