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How sanctimoniously disingenuous are those politically correct gun-control dogmatists who believe this one issue is the end-all and be-all to mass casualty shootings, failing to recognize the primordial cause. Most sensible individuals can see through their puerile thought.

Foremost, the mental heath laws demand change. Several years ago the New England Journal of Medicine ran a comprehensive three-part series outlining the brokenness of the system with suggestions for substantive changes.

Doctors and nurses working in mental health provide one example after another authenticating the system’s brokenness. I once had a mental health nurse tell me, “I could have a delusional patient wielding a knife in the middle of a waiting room but until they plunged it into someone, I couldn’t get them (psychiatrically) committed.” Obviously this is a hyperbolic comment. However, the grounding of this statement comes from utter frustration with obsolete, impotent jurisprudence of the past 50 years.

Mental health laws must be changed, enacting fresh new legislation protecting society from delusional individuals harboring thoughts of homicide and suicide, possibility following through on their delusions. This includes legal proceedings to confiscate the patient’s gun(s).

The individuals shrieking for gun control are like people who claim they scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef, while they have only soaked in a shallow blue kiddie pool. Talk about ridiculous. Nonetheless, many in the media blindly follow them, confusing the kiddie pool with the Great Barrier Reef. I’ve never seen a shark in a little blue kiddie pool. Have you?

The Rev. James Holland

West Deer

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