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I want to thank James Kvitkovich for his response (“Capitalism & taxes,” May 23, TribLIVE) to my letter on fairness in taxation (“Fairness in taxation,” May 2, TribLIVE). He calculated an average tax payment of $10,299 per taxpayer for 2015, claiming how draconian a capitalistic approach is to taxation, in which each taxpayer is responsible for an equal share of the nation’s tax burden. 

However, what I see as draconian is the $10,299 per taxpayer representing the actual cost of the government’s tax burden. Since over the past 100 years our nation has embraced a more communistic approach to income taxation (from each according to his ability to each according to his needs), the cost of the tax burden is buffered by the higher-income taxpayers carrying most of it.

Imagine if the same concept were carried over to one’s car payments or house mortgage. Would it be right to ask your wealthy neighbor to pay for those costs also — since they have more wealth and could afford to do so? (Some would say yes — we call those people thieves.)

Unlike their taxes, most people shop around for homes and cars that will fit their budget. If the average taxpayer were faced with the real equal cost of $10,299 per year, they would most likely choose to elect different legislators to cut taxes and unnecessary government expenses.

Joel Last


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