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I give up. It doesn’t matter what stupid thing President Trump does or says or how many times he lies. His supporters don’t care. They love this inventor of fake news. So, I have an idea.

Let’s get rid of Congress. Why? When the Republicans are in charge of the House and Senate, they do nothing and blame everything on the Democrats. When the Democrats are in charge, all they want to do is get back at the Republicans, and again nothing gets done. So, what do we need them for?

Do away with elections altogether. Let’s make Trump the “Supreme Ruler” of the United States. That’s what he wants, and he is the best president we’ve ever had. If you don’t believe me, just ask Trump.

He could compare notes with his buddies Kim, Putin, the Saudi prince and others on how they screwed over their own people. While they laugh all the way to the bank.

Boy, am I glad Trump made it OK to lie.

Carl Mochak

Buffalo Township

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