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Some dislike President Trump’s abrasive style and long for the days of Mitt Romney and the Bushes, when Republican candidates respectfully faced unfair and relentless attacks from Democrats without fighting back.

Over the past 60 years, Democrats have befuddled Republicans with aggressive tactics invented by Chicago activist Saul Alinsky in his book “Rules for Radicals,” where he defined aggressive confrontation and intimidation tactics to shut down conservative opposition or to force businesses to meet their outrageous demands.

Republican leaders have politely taken insults, lies and intimidation from rude and aggressive opponents and protesters without pushing back. As a result, the radical left, which is in the minority, has imposed on the rest of us outrageous regulations, taxes, unfair guilt and unwanted cultural changes.

The reason our borders are out of control, so much money is being spent on climate change, hordes of homeless are infesting our major cities, and historic statues are being torn down is because we the majority have cowardly caved to the brazen intimidators from the left.

Although Trump’s style is sometimes not pretty, his behavior effectively counters the hostile tactics of the radical left which have thwarted Republican leaders of the past.

Trump is indeed the man for our time, doing what needs done.

Dave Majernik


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