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Why does nothing get done in Congress? Why is the immigration crisis not being addressed?

Let’s start with the Democratic-controlled House. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team see the border crisis as a source for Democratic voters. No one will admit this, but it is the best way for the Dems to regain power in Washington.

The Democratic strategy of resist and investigate the president is a sad ruse. Sen. Chuck Schumer and his team are in lock-step with Pelosi. The Republicans are no better. Trump has upset their establishment apple cart. The fact is, Sen. Mitch McConnell, the RINOs, the never-Trumpers, the Chamber of Commerce Republicans, etc. have a strong Republican president they do not support.

The best solution for both the Senate and House is term limits. Sadly, the corrupt Republicans and Democrats will never pass term limits. We the people must pass term limits. How? My answer is simple. Your vote counts. When you go to vote, never, never vote for an incumbent. Congress thinks you are too stupid to do this, but you are not. Only you can fix this corrupt Congress. Vote.

Paul Carrick

North Huntingdon

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