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Here’s why I love President Trump. Do I believe he would:

Speak and tweet without thinking? Yes

Chased and was a dog with women? Yes

Used every legal means to pay lower taxes? Yes

Whisper to enemies: “Tell Vladimir I’ll have more flexibility after the election”? No

Ignore pleadings for troops from ambassadors to save lives? No

Have sex in the Oval Office? No

Collude with Russians? No

Choose Supreme Court justices who read and believe in the Constitution? Yes

Cut unreasonable regulations that kill growth? Yes

Create great prosperity, jobs and higher GDP than ever? Yes

Make the world respect us after eight years of Obama bowing? Yes

Eliminate cattle so that we have no beef, milk, butter or cheese? No

Eradicate cars, planes and overseas vacations? No

Render my A/C, appliances and TV non-operable to save fossil fuels? No

Change my employer-based health care to Medicaid for everyone? No

See color, age or gender when hiring or promoting? No

Allow all religions and people to pray as they choose? Yes

Believes a child in the womb should be born — especially in later stages? Yes

Protect me by building a wall to keep illegal aliens out? Yes

He is a 72-year-old billionaire who loves America beyond life and health.

Julia Keller

North Huntingdon

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