First call: Le’Veon Bell gets Jets bobblehead; top-seeded Flames on the ropes |
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Tim Benz

Thursday’s “First Call” features NFL schedule-reveal creativity. The Le’Veon Bell bobblehead. And a Major League Baseball statistic you’ve never seen before.

Bell bobblehead

Well, it’s official now.

It wasn’t before. But it is now.

Le’Veon Bell is no longer a Pittsburgh Steeler. He is a New York Jet.

Why is it official now? He has his own Jets bobblehead.

That’s why. That’s what matters.

If they really wanted to make the bobblehead lifelike, there should’ve been a mini Adisa Bakari bobblehead on Bell’s right shoulder whispering bad contract advice in his ear.

Could it happen twice?

The Eastern Conference top-seeded Tampa Bay Lightning got eliminated in four games by the Blue Jackets.

Could another No. 8 seed win?

It sure looks that way. Because the Avalanche now have a 3-1 series lead on the Flames. Mikko Rantanen scored in overtime last night to push Calgary to the brink of elimination.

Game 5 is Friday in Calgary.

Speaking of the Lightning

Whoa! I know that sweep was rough. But it seems the Lightning team Twitter account is taking things hard.

Yikes! Come back from the ledge.

Actually, come to think of it, there’s another Eastern Conference team that could’ve posted those same words and felt justified in doing so.

This can’t possibly be right

Can it?

Here is your totally obscure MLB stat of the year. And it is only April.

A few questions on this.

Who was in charge of figuring that out? Is that a record? That feels like something Tony Gwynn or Ted Williams may have done, too. How is that possible for a left-handed hitter?

Here’s how it looked.

You just watched history, folks! Exciting, right?


Every team Twitter account in the NFL did a Twitter schedule release montage.

Props to the Chargers for creativity. They announced their team schedule with bad stock footage attached to every team.

Kudos for coming up with something for “Titans.” The Falcons jumped on the “Game of Thrones” bandwagon.

Naturally, the Steelers channeled Mr. Rogers with a little help from Bill Hillgrove.

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