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Another biased and ill-informed letter from Robert Jedrzejewski (“NRA’s terroristic ways”) — on 9/11 no less. We of the NRA use the organization to lobby just like unions, businesses and other organizations. We don’t have to agree, just express our wishes. It would be nice if people checked facts instead of being confused by them.

The “terrorist” NRA provides training for our military and law enforcement — terrifying, isn’t it? The “hostages” it holds are also held by anti-gun groups, education unions and myriad others. Has anyone made a threat against your life? It has happened to some of our members, and that is a terroristic threat — which can be a felony.

Automatic weapons have been restricted since the 1930s. AR rifles are not military assault weapons; in fact, they were developed as semiautomatics for civilians and modified and adopted by our military.

The Second Amendment is not about hunting but is a means to protect ourselves and the Constitution, including the First Amendment Jedrzejewski likes to exercise. I spent nine years helping to defend those rights even though I disagreed with some of them. So please, if you want to express your opinion, get properly informed.

Allen Clark


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