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What if we were to expand the definition of terrorist organizations beyond those that practice or promote terrorism to include any organization that works to obstruct all effort to eliminate or lessen that terror? If that were to happen I would nominate the National Rifle Association to be foremost among them.

The NRA’s perennial effort to thwart meaningful gun control legislation — even after repeated mass killings — is a national disgrace. The NRA could likewise be considered a terrorist organization for holding virtually all Republican legislators hostage to its political lobbying power — that is, unless they are struck with “Stockholm Syndrome” (where the victims of abduction come to agree with and empathize with their abductors).

The singular constant in all these too-frequent mass shootings is — surprise! — guns, specifically automatic weapons. Concentrating on banning assault-style weapons alone would seem to eventually have a salubrious effect. But in every case after a mass shooting the NRA calls the shots (pun intended) and nothing is done. Leader Wayne LaPierre appears and utters the NRA’s tired and worn rationale, i.e. the slippery slope argument (recently parroted by Donald Trump) that anyone who proposes sensible gun control wants to destroy the Second Amendment and take away everybody’s hunting rifle.

Next to engaging in widespread voter suppression and thus attacking a bedrock principle of our democracy, caving in to the NRA is the most despicable and cowardly thing Republican legislators do. What a spineless bunch of so-called public servants.

Robert Jedrzejewski


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