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To better understand how we descended into this era of hate politics and partisan warfare, it is telling to compare the last two American presidents.

One was likable, charismatic; the other outspoken, abrasive. One, a smooth-talking politician; the other, a direct-speaking businessman.

One, the media’s darling; the other, the media’s target.

One’s policies favored big government and socialism; the other, individual opportunity and capitalism.

One, in eight years, was a well-liked but ineffective president; the other, a highly ridiculed but very effective president (in three years, he reduced taxes, created record employment and a dynamic economy, and improved security).

All these differences have led to this era of hate politics, sparked by the loss of the presidential election, loss of power and dislike of the president.

Whatever happened to our balanced, objective news media and the inclusive Democratic Party of Jack Kennedy? Today’s Democrats spend all their time and energy investigating and trying to impeach President Trump, and proposing all kinds of politically advantageous but economically destructive, socialistic give-away programs that our country can’t afford.

Look at Venezuela, with its once oil-rich economy. About 40,000 Venezuelans, under their socialistic regime, are leaving by foot each day to neighboring Colombia because they lack food, jobs, medicine and safety.

Democrats should get over their hate for Trump and start working with him for the good of the country. And our biased, liberal media should present all side of political issues.

Ron Raymond

Buffalo Township

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