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The Tribune-Review is a multi-platform news organization with newsrooms in Pittsburgh, Greensburg and Tarentum. We welcome your suggestions and comments.

Susan K. McFarland, Executive Editor
Luis Fábregas, Pittsburgh Editor/Valley News Dispatch Editor
Jim Borden, Managing Editor, Greensburg
Kevin Smith, Executive Sports Editor
Bob Pellegrino, Editorial Page Editor
Susan Jones, Features Editor

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The Trib's digital team manages The site is updated continuously with breaking news from Western Pennsylvania. The eEdition of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is free. To sign up for this edition and get news about Allegheny County, Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, click here. The Pittsburgh newsroom is located in the D.L. Clark Building on the North Shore.

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Luis Fábregas, Editor, Pittsburgh/Digital
Jeremy Boren, Digital Managing Editor
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The Greensburg Trib is the leading news source in Westmoreland County. The newsroom is located at 622 Cabin Hill Drive in Greensburg.

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Jim Borden, Managing Editor
Gloria Ruane, Deputy Managing Editor
Susan Jones, Features Editor
Jason Cato, Assistant News Editor
Rebecca Poole, Assistant News Editor
Rob Amen, Digital Content Leader
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The Valley News Dispatch serves residents of the Alle-Kiski Valley in Allegheny County. The newsroom is located at 210 E. Fourth Avenue in Tarentum.

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Luis Fábregas, Editor
Matt Provenzo, City Editor
Dave Williams, Assistant City Editor
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Kevin Smith, Executive Sports Editor
Bill Hartlep, Assistant Sports Editor
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Sean Stipp, Director of Visuals
Bob Pellegrino, Editorial Page Editor
Alan Wallace, Assistant Editorial Page Editor
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Jeff Domenick, Managing Editor, Gateway
Jeffrey Savitskie, Local Editor, Gateway
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Digital Producer, 412-380-5645

Reporter, 412-320-7986

Reporter, 412-765-2312

Managing Editor, 412-320-7935

Digital Producer, 412-380-8511

Reporter, 412-380-5669

Editor, 412-320-7998

Reporter, 412-320-7847

Reporter, 412-380-8519

Digital Producer, 412-320-7845

Reporter, 412-380-8514

Digital Producer, 412-320-7937


Reporter, 412-320-7991


Reporter, 412-380-5676

Digital Content Leader, 412-320-7982

Reporter, 412-325-4301

Reporter, 724-850-1298

Assistant News Editor, 412-320-7936

Reporter, 724-830-6293

Deputy Managing Editor, 412-380-5657

Reporter, 412-320-7996

Features Reporter, 412-320-7889


Reporter, 724-850-1280

Features Editor, 724-850-1272

Assistant Copy Desk Chief, 412-380-5618

Reporter, 724-850-2867

Executive Editor, 724-853-1158

Reporter, 724-836-5750

Reporter, 724-836-5252

Reporter, 724-850-2860

Editorial Page Editor, 724-838-5152

Reporter, 724-836-5401

Assistant News Editor, 724-838-5146

Assistant News Editor, 412-320-7827

Editorial Page Assitant, 724-850-1219

Deputy Managing Editor, 724-838-5143

Reporter, 412-380-5625

Reporter, 724-837-5374


Director of Visuals, 724-838-5147

News Assistant, 724-836-4970

Reporter, 724-836-6646

Features News Assistant, 724-837-4050

Staff Reporter, 412-871-8627

Assistant Editorial Page Editor, 412-871-2321

Reporter, 724-850-2856

Reporter, 412-871-2369

Reporter, 724-226-4711

Reporter, 412-320-7822

Editor, 412-320-7998

Photographer, 412-320-7851

Business Reporter, 412-380-5606

Reporter, 724-226-4675

Supervisor, Editorial Support Staff, 724-226-4662

City Editor, 724-226-4666

Reporter, 724-226-4701


Reporter, 724-226-4691

Assistant City Editor, 724-226-4667

Steelers Reporter

High School Sports Reporter, 724-224-2696

Pirates Reporter

Penguins Reporter

Pitt Reporter, 412-320-7997

Outdoors Reporter, 724-838-5148


High School Sports Reporter, 412-388-5830

High School Sports Reporter

Assistant Sports Editor, 412-320-7934


High School Sports Reporter, 412-856-7400 x8632


Steelers Reporter

High School Sports Reporter, 724-853-2109

Executive Sports Editor, 412-320-7848

Managing Editor, 412-871-2324
(Oakmont, Plum)

Local Editor, 412-871-2311

Staff Reporter, 412-871-2367

News Editor, 724-772-6362
(Aspinwall, Fox Chapel, Blawnox, Indiana Township, O’Hara, Sharpsburg)

Local Editor, 412-871-2311

Staff Reporter, 412-782-2121 x1512

Assistant News Editor, 724-838-5146

Staff Reporter, 412-871-8627
(Bradford Woods, Franklin Park, Marshall, McCandless, Ross, West View)

News Editor, 724-772-6362

Staff Reporter, 724-772-6368

Assistant News Editor, 724-838-5146

Reporter, 724-836-5252

Local Editor, 412-871-2311

Digital Producer, 412-320-7845

Assistant News Editor, 724-838-5146
(Pine, Richland)

News Editor, 724-772-6362
(Aleppo, Bell Acres, Edgeworth, Glenfield, Glen Osborne, Haysville, Leet, Leetsdale, Sewickley, Sewickley Heights, Sewickley Hills)

News Editor, 412-324-1408

Staff Reporter, 412-324-1405
(Shaler, Reserve)

News Editor, 724-772-6362
(Carnegie, Heidelberg, Rosslyn Farms, Scott, Bridgeville, Collier, South Fayette)

News Editor, 412-324-1408
(Baldwin, Baldwin Township, Brentwood, Jefferson Hills, Pleasant Hills, Whitehall)

News Editor, 412-324-1408

Staff Reporter, 412-388-5805
(Monroeville, Pitcairn)

Local Editor, 412-871-2311